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April 16, 2012 05:20 PM UTC

So Much For That, "Working Moms"

  • by: Colorado Pols

CNN reports today:

Discussing recent campaign headlines, Romney and his wife Ann characterized the critical comments from Democratic strategist and CNN contributor Hilary Rosen last week as a “gift” and “present.”

The former Massachusetts governor said the remark, in which Rosen said Ann had “never worked a day in her life,” allowed his campaign to show contrast with Democrats at the start of the general election with Obama…

Well folks, the Boston Globe yesterday evening made things rather complicated for Mitt Romney’s outrage over the disparagement of “stay-at-home moms” by meanie Democrats:

Mitt Romney last week declared his belief that “all moms are working moms,” but he insisted as recently as January that women on welfare need to get jobs, even if they have young children.

Romney defended his wife, Ann, a stay-at-home mother, on Friday after Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen said earlier in the week that Ann Romney is unqualified to speak for women’s economic concerns because she “has actually never worked a day in her life.”

Romney, himself, has said the “all moms are working moms” argument does not apply to mothers who accept welfare assistance.

“Even if you have a child two years of age, you need to go to work,” [Pols emphasis] Romney said at a Jan. 4 campaign stop in Manchester, N.H., describing his position as Massachusetts governor. “And people said, ‘Well that’s heartless,’ and I said ‘No, no, I’m willing to spend more giving daycare to allow those parents to go back to work. It’ll cost the state more providing that daycare, but I want the individuals to have the dignity of work.’ “

So, when is today’s Mitt Romney going to call out January’s Mitt Romney? Because by the standards applied by today’s Romney, January’s Romney owes every mother in America an apology. After all, if the mere act of raising children doesn’t impart “the dignity of work…”

Safe to say, it’s really hard to picture today’s Romney saying this!

It seems to us this could very quickly lead to questions about economic class, and you might soon after that start asking about how many domestic employees Ann Romney had raising her kids, compared to how many employees the economically average mother has, and realize all this fake outrage from Romney might have been more about deflecting something in the inartfully delivered throwaway remarks of Democratic consultant Hilary Rosen.

Something even worse for Romney than the “war on women.”


32 thoughts on “So Much For That, “Working Moms”

  1. and the Romneys are probably oblivious to their own wealth biases. Whenever their upper crust callousness toward the average American or those who are poor surfaces – which it does frequently (two Cadillacs, poor mothers need to work while rich mothers are allowed to call parenting work, etc, etc) – they just shrug it off, or shake the old Etch-A-Sketch.  

    It is the same bias that allows them to conclude that their low tax rate on their millions of non-earned income is fair, and placing millions of dollars overseas to avoid taxes is also fair.  IMO, Romney is the worst kind of person to run for President when so many Americans are suffering and going hungry.

  2. at turning a stupid statement by a single Dem with no connection to the Obama campaign, for which she has apologized and been criticized by tons of other Dems, into a Dem war on women.

    Rosen should not have said a stay at home mom has “never worked a day in her life”.  Mom’s work very hard and being a wise, good, loving, supportive parent is an invaluable contribution to one’s own family and society in general. The point she should have made is that few moms these days have that option and that Mrs. Mittens may not understand what life is like for most moms and families.

    There is no way the majority of women, including the majority of moms who do work outside the home, are going to see this “attack on women” as equal to the relentless attacks coming at all women, moms, non-moms, stay at home moms and working moms, from GOP majority legislatures and governors all over the country. This lame attempt to distract women from those GOP attacks won’t work.

    Besides, losing affordable access to health care and family planning and facing threats to medicare and medicaid are women’s economic issues. What percentage of women, for instance, with Mrs. Mittens’ MS and history of cancer would have access to health care at all without losing everything to bankruptcy first so they could qualify for medicaid? Most of top 1% couldn’t afford her healthcare bills.  Lucky for her they’re in the top .01%.

    These issues are economic issues, not distractions from them. Weighing real threats against one talking head’s foot in mouth moment is going to be a no brainer for most women.

      1. You act scared of your own shadow when ever you talk about the mighty Republicans and their message machine.  Everything they do is a winner according to you.  You are starting to sound like a concern troll.

        1. and since I have two non-comment days banked,  I’m going to make mine three today.  

          What evidence is there that they are successfully spinning this, dwyer?  So far Obama’s 19 point advantage says women care more about real legislation than GOP attempts to change the subject.  

          I think all the rightie talking heads, e-mails and cartoons, such as the very stupid one that appeared in our daily the other day, will mainly be preaching to the choir.  

          I don’t think there are enough indie women who are silly enough to change their minds based on one commentator’s comment as opposed to all the very real and very well publicized anti-woman legislation and amendments pushed by actual GOP elected officials, their pet “citizen” group allies and official GOP spokespersons at every level all over the country. If I’m wrong, any day now we’ll see a poll where that 19 point advantage among women for Obama has shrunk to pre-2008 levels. I don’t think I am.

      2. television once in awhile. It’s this relatively new medium that gives you fairly up to date information.

        For example, The View (in addition to pretty much all of MSM) is covering the total hypocrisy of Romney’s camp leaping on the “stay at home moms” comment while simultaneously contradicting himself with his own words in January.

        Your version of “spinning and winning” smacks of Charlie Sheen.

        If Romney wanted to make this election about class warfare (you know, the hypothesis that all Republicans claim is a complete falsehood), he just succeeded. If you’re rich and stay home with your children, you should be honored. If you are poor and stay home with your children, you’re a slacker loser who needs to get off your dead ass and get a job.


    1. is the women I know are PISSED…and not at the Democrats or President Obama.

      The Neo-con “He-man Woman Haters Club” is digging its hole ever deeper by trying to lie their way out of this one. It doesn’t matter how much they try to “pivot and spin”…women also resent being taken for stupid.

      A man who cannot learn to treat a woman as his equal…isn’t much of a man.  

      1. I’ve been saying that the only thing more offensive than this assault on our bodies and choices is the RightWing thinking we are that stupid to buy this latest spin and attack that the real war on women is coming from Obama. Fuck them.

  3. Certainly Ann Romney had much help, such as maid, cook, driver, nanny, grounds keeper, etc.

    I doubt much is hard in the life of Ann Romney…

  4. It’s always ok to blame poor people for being poor and applying for public assistance.  Always.

    It’s never ok to question rich peoples’ lifestyle or elevators or staff or elevators for their cars.

  5. Let’s see if the 19 point gender gap in favor of Obama holds.

    As for my alarmist attitude, let me explain Kiddies, a long time ago…maybe while you all were still in diapers….there was a political  tsunami that swept over the country, it was called the Republican sweep…way back in 2010.

    I look to see what the dems are doing differently and I don’t see anything…..same old, same old.

    The registration drives are going strong…IF the people registered are actually able to vote at the polls and IF they vote democratic….this might be a strategy…

    @MOTR….THE VIEW?  THE VIEW!  Not to worry because the VIEW is backing Hillary…..The View????

    1. but Obama got 354 electoral votes in 2008.  Same ole same ole would marvelous this time around.

      What I know from my local party connections is that we have had an Obama organizer since last December who has taken a lot of training with the Obama for America organization and has already recruited a core of people around him that is separate from the local party races and they are concentrating on direct personal contacts in our county and then helping out with west Jefferson.  This kind of grass-roots organizing and training has been happening in every state and the Obama campaign expects to hire more field coordinators as time goes along.

      The Romney organization is just now opening up campaign offices in states that weren’t on the primary list.

      I doubt the Republicans can duplicate the wave of 2010.  The newness of the Tea Party and the disillusionment of Democrats on the left combined to invigorate Republicans and damper down Democrats.  The Occupy Movement arose in 2011 and is a new political force that has shifted attention towards corporate failings.  Obama has been a steady personality who doesn’t make big mistakes.  He isn’t going to suddenly go all impulsive and start saying rash things.  I see that as good same ole same ole.

      The 19 point gap won’t hold up but I know in my household that my wife who has not been political in the past is volunteering for Democratic activities and watching MSNBC almost every week night.  The intensity gap with progressive women is a lot higher than you give them credit for.

      1. 1) “same ole, same ole” refers to 2010 not 2008.

        2) I really find your comments about OFA very interesting.  OFA is definitely a national organization and is run independently of the local party organizations.  I think that is why the locals are so passive.  However, it will be interesting to see how this works out.  The repubs do have state based organizations, funded nationally, but they are heavily locked into the locals.  For example, the republican convention saw a challenge to Romney from the “conservatives” for delegates.  the republican base is energized.  Now this is the poll sci in me speaking…..

        I wonder which form of organizing will prove successful.

        OFA does not have a media voice – the “progressive voice” for the dems is pretty much MSNBC….and The View.  The repubs have FOX TV PLUS hundreds of thousand of radio air time.  

        The dems’ victory in Colorado in 2010 depended a whole hell of a lot on the repubs blowing it…the party was in disarray and Buck was confused.  Unless Dan Maes was a democratic mole, the party cannot take a lot of credit for the win. Down ticket was critical.  The dems are spending a lot of time, money, effort fighting

        Gessler, as well they should.  

        The AG (I don’t remember if the office was on the ticket in 2010) made Colorado party to the suit challenging Obamacare.  A majority (by one) of the states joined the suit challenging the constitutionality of Obamacare.

        One question I have is will the Supremes, when they consider how Obamacare impacts federalism…look at the number of states against it?  This is why the republican strategy of promoting states rights and organizing around that principle is important.

        The intensity gap with progressive women is a lot higher than you give them credit for.

         As for this quote, GG, I never mentioned the progressive women or their intensity…what I said was the republicans are spinning Hillary’s remarks well.

        Why do you guys insist that I am not doing a f*(& thing to support the dems or Obama????

        1. you insist on referring to the Affordable Healthcare Act as “Obamacare”. And your predisposition to channel “Chicken Little” may sway the opinion of the casual reader.

          I look to see what the dems are doing differently and I don’t see anything…..same old, same old.

          There is a difference I can discern. The Neo-Feudal Barons of Wall Street WERE able to mask their intentions with sufficient money to effectively fool the American people.

          Their move from covert treachery to overt bludgeoning of Americans’ rights and civil liberties has been noticed by the general public (Wisconsin…a case in point) who will reject the Corporate Aristocracy at the polls.

          The biggest challenge facing progressives is the unrestrained effort by the Gas and Oil Party to suppress voting in November.

          1. 1) My understanding is that the dems were beginning to say Obamacare because they did want the PResident associated with the Affordable Health Care Act. PLUS, it is one way of diffusing the slur that the repubs put on the term.

            2) “Chicken little”….this really pisses me off…..I cite the   republican strategies and tactics and their control of the radio airwaves..and the response is the “ostrich response” ….”if we refuse to look at it, then it doesn’t exist.”    Parents play “peek a boo” with babies to teach them that something still exists, even if they don’t see it.


            The biggest challenge facing progressives is the unrestrained effort by the Gas and Oil Party to suppress voting in November.

            You are absolutely right.  And how are  the G&O monies doing it?  Back in the day, 2010, while the dems were saying to each other “we are #1”, the repubs were busy organizing with that BIG MONEY to take control of state legislatures so that they could get laws passed to suppress the vote… well as attack traditional bases of Democratic support….Planned Parenthood, Unions…public and private….

            The dems are playing “catch up”…they are absolutely on the defensive….perpetually responding to republican initiatives.

            4) Wisconsin may prove the turning point…but it is not at all certain that Walker will be defeated…PLUS,,, if the dems were on the alert in 2010, walker never would have been elected.


              “Chicken little”….this really pisses me off…..

              I was merely using an expression to save words and chose poorly. I’m sorry i offended you.

              I have an absolutely different take on the momentum here, is all. From my point of view, we have the fuckers on their heels and this is the time to send them home to sulk. It isn’t particularly helpful to continue to focus on the past. 2010 is gone. Yes, they have money…but it won’t save them this time.

              Just my humble opinion.

              1. I think that we need to look at 2010 to see how that happened so it will not happen again.  To analyze what happened then is not to ignore the activities that are happening now.

                For example, I think that after Hillary Rosen made her remark.  The democratic response should have been aggressive and pervasive.  Discounting the prejudice in the Rosen remark, but using it as a platform to announce a Working Mothers Bill of Rights.  Such a announcement (okay, a la. “contract with america) would include the laws that a Democratic Congress has already passed

                Pregnancy Non-Discrimination

                -Family Medical Leave Act

                -Ledbetter Pay equity

                – And all the others…none of all of which come to my mind…all the more reason to announce and publicize

                the laws…Call it a Pledge…vow to protect and expand those laws.

                The fact of the matter is that most mothers are in and out of the labor force…that alone create problems….military spouses have particular problems…..Golden opportunity for platforms and discussion and grabbing the message and running with it….. Put the repubs on the defensive.  

                Ask Ann Romney if she supports the Family Medical Leave ACt….hell, ask her is she knows what it is….

                See, when Romney talks about big government over regulating…these are precisely some of the rules he is talking about….

                1. using it as a platform to announce a Working Mothers Bill of Rights.  Such a announcement (okay, a la. “contract with america) would include the laws that a Democratic Congress has already passed

                  Pregnancy Non-Discrimination

                  -Family Medical Leave Act

                  -Ledbetter Pay equity

                  – And all the others…none of all of which come to my mind…all the more reason to announce and publicize

                  the laws…Call it a Pledge…vow to protect and expand those laws.

                  This speaks to the Frank Luntz principle.

                  Get your terminology out early and be the one who defines the issue. The Dems need to be much better at this. The problem, I think, is the Dems are not as much a top down, everybody follow the leader kind of group, as is the GOP.

                  Maybe we just need to get organized…

        2. that Republicans are spinning Hillary’s remarks well.

          Says who?  You.  By what standard?

          Republicans leaped at the chance but it also exposed how shallow Ann Romney was and comparisons with Theresa Heinz and Cindy McCain are now a significant part of the Romney baggage.  When the smoke clears, Romney won’t have gained any women supporters out of this.  Stay at home Republican moms will still vote for him and it won’t matter to moderate women who want equal pay.

    2. Yep, sweetheart, The View. You know, the show that averages about four million viewers and is a show specifically targeted towards women. Yep, that show.  

      And in 2010, while you were sitting on your ass bitching and blogging and listening to talk radio, some of us were out volunteering our asses off to make sure we got a Democrat Senator elected. Some of us are volunteering for OFA right now. Some of us are even volunteering on CD campaigns at the same time we are volunteering for OFA. You’d be amazed at what some of us kiddies in diapers are capable of doing.  

    3. What I’ve thought about is this perception difference between words and deeds.

      If you just look at the words of Republicans, which is what dwyer follows, then it looks like Republicans have the upper hand but if you look at the deeds:

      1) Signed the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay act as his first bill

      2) Appointed TWO women to the Supreme Court

      3) Major Health Care Reform which included getting affordable health care for kids with pre-existing conditions

      4) Made contraception a standard part of preventive medicine and had it covered as a standard cost

      then Obama owns Romney on this issue just like security.

      I would rather our candidate had accomplishments to show his commitment to helping women than a mouthful of phony outrage.  dwyer faithfully listens to their words and is fearful, always fearful.  I look at Obama’s actions and I’m encouraged quite frankly at what he’s done.  Women know who is working on their behalf.  Don’t insult them by inferring that they don’t know BS when they encounter it and Romney’s 92% unemployment and “Obama insulted Ann” is pure bullshit.

    4. If you really see no difference in the Dem approach to messaging since the worst of the bad old please-don’t-hate-me-because-I’m-not-a-conservative-Republican days, you aren’t paying attention.  

      For instance, the old Dems would have been scared of the Buffet rule, fearing it would make them look like, horrors, class warriors. Today’s Dems give it enthusiastic support and have been successful enough with the message it sends to win huge public majority support for it. There’s also the success they’ve had taking advantage of the GOP pandering to the fringe by attacking women. The GOP is no longer winning every messaging war.

      In fact, polls show support by large margins for all kinds of Dem policies that Rs kill. That this hasn’t translated into better numbers for Obama and Dems at this point is not yet cause for despair. As we get closer to the real election season, all of this will be stressed in ads, debates, etc.  Most people, after all, don’t tune in until much later.

      None of this is to say that Dems have anything sewn up or can relax and stop worrying. It’s fine to be cautious, to criticize Dem weakness and missteps, to push for more improvement on messaging, but you really do go overboard refusing to acknowledge anything positive. It’s become quite the broken record. And there are positives.

      Too much gloom and doom doesn’t inspire people to work harder. It discourages them from seeing the effort as anything other than hopeless so why bother?

  6. Is that the Democratic message machine has developed a hyper aggressive response reflex, and in this instance, maybe over reacted. The Rosen quote was probably a one day story to everybody but die hard republican voters, but the Democrats actually gave it an extra two days with their response.

    But that’s ok, because Mrs. Mittens overplayed her “gift”, mittens himself gaffed……..again…….with his idiotic converstaion at a fat cat fundraiser about what Fed departments he’d close, and the two of them looked absolutely creepy in their arrogance during the Diane Sawyer interview.

    In the end, Hilary Rosen’s unfortunate line will be a big deal to the hard right, but not to anybody other than people that won’t vote for the President anyway.  

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