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April 14, 2012 03:02 PM UTC

Weekend Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“Does the prophet see the future or does he see a line of weakness, a fault or cleavage that he may shatter with words or decisions as a diamond-cutter shatters his gem?”

–From Frank Herbert’s Dune


48 thoughts on “Weekend Open Thread

    1. Before the terrible equitation made me unable to continue watching. Good grief. Doesn’t anyone in Russia ACTUALLY ride horses? Cowboys are only cute if they know what they’re doing. And none of the random things they’re doing with their horses make any sense. Nobody just puts a bunch of random horses in a pen and chases them in circles.  

        1. But if you eat too much icing when there’s no cake under it, you get a bellyache.

          I mean, sure, a guy who looks good in cowboy boots makes me swoon, but if I see him on a horse and he’s slumped over like a ninth-grader in algebra class and using the wrong bit, attraction over right then and there!

          1. on Block Island, Rhode Island, of all places. It is almost tragic how stupid and mean some people are. The horses were overworked, underfed, and when I walked up to the horse, there were five blankets under the saddle.

            The guys who ran that outfit were a far cry from cowboys. Some people shouldn’t be allowed to have animals.

            1. There oughta be a law….

              When I want to go riding on vacation, I always end up adjusting tack and helping the “wrangler” guide the ride. I used to guide dudes myself, and I just can’t see people and horses endangered by the incompetent kids these places tend to hire. Occasionally I’ll find a good place that actually believes me when I say I know what I’m doing and will give me one of the guide horses so I can have a little more fun.

              1. Could you please change your signature to something less ostentatious? It seriously makes it hard for me to read everything else, including your own comments.

                At some point I had pictures and animated gifs in my signature (Doug Bruce as the blobfish, and Tom Delay dancing respectively) and got yelled at by the regulars, so I know where you’re coming from, but also it’s my turn to complain about it.

                    1. Obama = Potter

                      Bin Laden = Voldemort

                      They’re dueling. Harry wins.

                      Of course, if you had to ask, you probably won’t appreciate the new version….

    1. A university administration that shuts down a newspaper that dares to disagree with the administration (Silver & Gold Record) and then emasculates the journalism school is not a university that supports free speech.  

  1. “Komen quietly resumes Planned Parenthood funding”

    Susan G. Komen for the Cure has quietly resumed funding for Planned Parenthood, two months after the leading U.S. breast cancer charity set off an angry and debilitating debate about abortion rights by cutting off funds to the prominent women’s health network.

    It was more like a fire storm than an angry debate and according to Komen, donations are down and Komen is struggling to regain support in such unlikely states as Louisiana and Texas.  

    The Komen reversal is a testament to the strength and sustained effort of a large, vocal majority.

    The grants are comparable in number and dollar value to what Planned Parenthood received last year, when $680,000 in Komen funds helped about 170,000 women, many of them living on low incomes in areas with few healthcare options.

    1. Anti-choice and anti-women’s health is a political loser, even in the deep South. Yes the GOP base wants laws against this. But the majority of voters, and a large majority of younger voters (ie the future) see women’s health rights as a fundamental right.

      As the GOP base gets enough people in to credibly threaten it, be it donations to Planned Parenthood, egg-mendments, or awful legislation – you then see that majority take action.

  2. Michael “Flathead” Blanchard

    Blanchard, Michael “Flathead”

    1944 ~ 2012

    A Celebration of the life of Michael “Flathead” Blanchard will be held on April 14th, 3 pm 8160 Rosemary St, Commerce City. Weary of reading obituaries noting someone’s courageous battle with death, Mike wanted it known that he died as a result of being stubborn, refusing to follow doctors’ orders and raising hell for more than six decades. He enjoyed booze, guns, cars and younger women until the day he died.

    Mike was born July 1944 in Colorado to Clyde and Ethel Blanchard. A community activist, he is noted for saving the Dr. Justina Ford house from demolition and defending those who could not defend themselves. He was a Republican delegate, life member of the NRA, founder and President of the Dead Cats MC. He loved music.

    Mike was preceded in death by Clyde and Ethel Blanchard, survived by his beloved sons Mike and Chopper, former wife Jane Transue, brother Stephen Blanchard (Susan), Uncle Don and Aunt Cynthia Blanchard(his favorite); Uncle Dill and Aunt Dot, cousins and nephews, Baba Yaga can kiss his butt. So many of his childhood friends that weren’t killed in Vietnam went on to become criminals, prostitutes and/or Democrats. He asks that you stop by and re-tell the stories he can no longer tell. As the Celebration will contain Adult material we respectfully ask that no children under 18 attend.

    Published in Denver Post on April 12, 2012

    1. … you know, showing the rugged individualism this simpleton tried to display by stubbornly engaging in stupid behavior and refusing doctor’s orders, and thereby giving the rest of us the gift of shortening his idiotic life.

        1. … then Lib should follow in his footsteps and make himself go away.

          You can make too much of a display of patting yourself on the back for taking the moral high ground, folks.

            1. …, and your use of (made-up) insinuations that Patrick Kennedy and Hickenlooper are gay to attack them, kinda speak for themselves.

              I’m not bitter at all — I just think you’re an asshole.

            2. You do nothing on this site but pour endless excrement into the discussion. You routinely insult any and all people who don’t march in lockstep with your juvenile, neo-con point of view.

              Stop whining…if you can’t take the same kind of nasty you dish out…then leave this site and never come back. I will not miss you.  

  3. Energy has become a touchstone issue in the presidential race, and groups backed by oil and coal dollars have spent far more money on ads bashing the president’s record than the Obama campaign and its allies have spent defending it, according to a new analysis by the Center for American Progress, a left-leaning Washington think tank.

    Relying on the groups’ own announcements and data provided to press clients by Kantar Media/Campaign Media Analysis Group, the Center’s Climate Progress blog calculated that in the first three and a half months of 2012, “groups including Americans for Prosperity, American Petroleum Institute, Crossroads GPS, and American Energy Alliance have spent $16,750,000 on energy attack ads.”

    In comparison, the Obama campaign and an affiliated “super PAC,” Priorities USA, “have spent at least $1.67 million defending the president’s energy record,” the analysis reported.

    bolds are mine

  4. How Green Are Electric Cars? Depends on Where You Plug In

    The California part of the story is upbeat: a hypothetical Los Angeles Leaf would be accountable for the release of an admirably low level of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, about the same as a gasoline car getting 79 miles per gallon. But the Denver car would cause as large a load of greenhouse gases to enter the atmosphere as some versions of the gasoline-powered Mazda 3, a compact sedan rated at 33 m.p.g. in combined city and highway driving by the Environmental Protection Agency. In simple terms, the effect of electric vehicles on the amount of greenhouse gases released into the environment can span a wide range, varying with the source of the electricity that charges them. California’s clean power makes the Leaf a hero; the regional mix of coal-dependent utilities serving Denver diminish the car’s benefits as a global-warming fighter.

    I still think this is the future, both because an electric car is a much better drive (that counts for a lot) and because we will move on from coal to cleaner sources which then improves the EV footprint.

      1. The amount of power it applies to each wheel is superior to the limited slip differential I had in my M3 (which is superb). It takes it each wheel right up to the edge of slipping, but not over.


    Then Barnes included this fascinating sentence: “According to a Romney adviser, his private view of immigration isn’t as anti-immigrant as he often sounded.”

    What exactly does that mean? Does it mean Romney said things that he doesn’t really believe? What are we supposed to make of a candidate who takes certain public positions to court one group of voters – and then tries to reassure an entirely different group of voters by leaking the fact that he doesn’t really believe what he said to win votes from the first group? How many other “private” positions does Romney hold that we don’t know about?

    1. 150 miles inside Mexico.

      Then all the way to DF and the next southern border.

      Finish the map that Knox screwed up. Pay US wages and compete on productivity.  And execute the cartels.

      I’m not holding my breath

  6. Mothers Should Be Required To Work Outside Home Or Lose Benefits

    And get this, Mitt’s willing to give women child care benefits so they can have “the dignity of work.”  

    Women who stay at home to raise their children should be given federal assistance for child care so that they can enter the job market and “have the dignity of work,” Mitt Romney said in January, undercutting the sense of extreme umbrage he showed when Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen quipped last week that Ann Romney had not “worked a day in her life.”

    What’s wrong with this picture? If you have money raising children is work but if not… Check out the video in the story which I was unable to embed.

    1. You’d think before the Romney camp went all-in attacking Barack Obama about something Obama didn’t even say, someone from Hypocritt Mitt’s team would’ve remembered that Mitt himself said the same thing three months ago.

      Not ready for prime time.

      1. at some point in the past.

        An individual mandate is a great idea, except now it’s illegal.

        My church and it’s prophet are infallible, except I wept with relief when they finally decided black people are real people.

      1. Romney’s a horrible human being with no empathy for anyone not born rich who hasn’t earned an honest dime in his life, but he’s not a Nazi.

  7. If two contradictory positions peacefully coexist in the mind of an individual that person is schizophrenic, but is it possible for an entire organization to exhibit schizophrenia?  Be the judge.

    The Colorado General Assembly has recently endorsed the following two public policy positions:

    #1 – “Colorado is in a fiscal crisis, Colorado PERA pension contracts must be breached!”

    #2 – “Colorado is not in a fiscal crisis, we are free to grant $100 million in property tax relief!”

    How is it that this glaring inconsistency is readily apparent to me, but cannot force its way into the minds of our state legislators?

    In 2000, Colorado voters amended Article X of the Colorado Constitution to allow the General Assembly, at its discretion, to exempt up to $100,000 of the value of a qualifying senior’s home from property taxation.  To qualify for the tax relief, a senior must be 65 years old or older, and must have lived in his/her home for a decade or more.  If tax relief is granted by the General Assembly, the state is required to reimburse Colorado local governments for any resulting loss of property tax revenue.

    Tax relief under this 2000 constitutional amendment is optional.  The General Assembly is not compelled to return state revenues to taxpayers while it is in breach of its contractual pension obligations.  Providing property tax relief may be laudable; however, it is a discretionary allocation of state resources.  Meeting one’s contractual and moral obligations (for example, honoring pension contracts that were earned over a thirty year period) is not discretionary.

    The General Assembly may be schizophrenic, but it is not ignorant of its pension obligations. Every year Colorado PERA pension administrators hire an actuary to determine the amount of money that must be contributed to the PERA pension in order that it remain financially sound. This figure, (the “annual required contribution”) is routinely provided to the Legislature, and has been routinely ignored by the Legislature.  The figure has grown to exceed a cumulative $3 billion.

    New heights of absurdity are reached when one learns that the Colorado General Assembly provides funding to pensions that ARE NOT its legal obligation, while simultaneously ignoring pension debts that ARE its legal obligation.  Over the last two decades the Colorado General Assembly has pumped more than half a billion dollars into pension obligations that are not its responsibility, those of local governments (old local government fire and police pension obligations).  Much of this money was sent to the local government pension plans in years during which the General Assembly ignored its own PERA annual required contributions.

    In the coming years, judges may legitimately ask “Why should the state of Colorado be permitted to breach its contractual pension obligations in years that it has provided discretionary tax relief, ignored its annual required contributions, or directed state resources to pension obligations that are not its own?”

    How can the Colorado Attorney General argue with a straight face that it is “actuarially necessary” for Colorado to breach its pension contracts, when the state is giving back tax revenue, ignoring its annual required contributions, and voluntarily paying pension obligations for other governmental entities?

    While states across the nation are enacting prospective, legal, moral pension reforms, the Colorado Legislature has adopted a retroactive pension reform bill (SB 10-001).  While states across the nation are reducing their unfunded pension liabilities (albeit slowly) the Colorado General Assembly is attempting to claw back deferred pension compensation that was earned over the past thirty years.

    The Colorado General Assembly distills the political preferences of all Coloradans.  Our character is reflected in their actions, by observing the Legislature we know ourselves better.  

    So, who are we?  The verdict is ugly.  Collectively, through our elected representatives, it appears that we will commit fraud when it is financially opportune.  We will construct elaborate rationalizations for outright theft.  We will abandon our contractual obligations when convenient.  We will be distinguished by our moral laxity.

    Friend Save Pera Cola on Facebook, Visit, Support the Colorado pension theft lawsuit!

      1. I can’t speak for all gov’t service, but military service is different than computer sales or accounting. It is, however, almost exactly like ….oh, no it’s not.

        My contract with the USAF was negotiated in an environment of one sided advantage and lopsided negotiating power.  I’d like to think they needed me so badly they would have given me the big signing bonus. But I got what I got – and that includes a pension with COLA.  Wanna change the deal- change it going forward and see how it alters the recruiting pool.

        (Hint – we did something similar before and missed recruiting goals four years in a row.)

        In short- you don’t know what you’re talking about. Sometimes it really is better to remain silent and thought a brainless, gutless, asshat than to spout off and make it so much worse.

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