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April 02, 2012 03:39 PM UTC

Monday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“If you have an important point to make, don’t try to be subtle or clever. Use a pile driver.”

–Winston Churchill


25 thoughts on “Monday Open Thread

  1. I agree that winning a recall on a presidential ballot will be a tough hill to climb. But there may be another very good reason to recall Gessler.

    If Gessler has to spend the next 6 months campaigning to save his own ass, that leaves him less time to play games trying to reduce voter participation.

    Not sure if the win is worth the effort, but that would be another advantage to a recall.

    1. I just don’t know where to start.

      I will definitely find time to foot soldier in such a gallant and worthwile endeavor, but don’t know the process.


    2. so no campaigning would be recalled.  The effort to move this boulder is all on the shoulders of those pushing the recall.  Look at the tremendous effort WI Dems, Progressives, Liberals, Unions, public service workers, … who have all been affected by Walker’s despotic actions.  Folks camped out in the capitol, there were marches in the streets, farmers formed a tractorcade blocking the streets of Madison — and with all these actions they still might not be successful turning Walker out.  

      Now show me the same outrage in CO.  There is none, except for the deluded souls @ ColPols.  Gessler’s actions might merit recall in the minds of folks really into politics but avg  Joe or Josephine aren’t watching and don’t care.  He’s not doing near enough to get the masses off their asses.  Anyone stuck on talk of a Gessler recall needs to get a clue.

      1. Recall is an un-needed diversion. Concentrate on voter registration, voter education, poll watching, voter participation. And calling Repugs the assholes they are. (Well, It makes me feel good.)

        1. The good thing about this is possibly that even talking about a recall is bringing attention to this cancer in our state government.  Maybe more will be motivated to act as hawks watching over the process and will engage in the efforts GLarry recommends to prevent Gessler from doing as much damage as he’d like to to our democratic process.

  2. ….I just got back from the annual meeting with SAMSHA on Veteran Treatment Court. 13 states, 6000+ veterans screened and matched with preliminary services (mostly here in CO), and 762 diverted from Jail time (and a criminal record) into treatment.

    Colorado leads the way with this – so much so that after Day 1 presentations, the quote of the day was “ALL our VTC programs need to be like Colorado.”

    And yet, I was ashamed for my state.

    After hearing what state services that are available in the other 12 states, I was embarrassed to explain that the sole benefit we have in Colorado for vets is a free hunting or fishing license IF you’re 100% disabled. CDMVA has 7 full-time employees working on veterans issues.

    In fact, when asked by the Deputy Director of SAMSHA, I believe I said that Colorado was a “Cheap-ass state” when it came to Veteran Programs.

    A 2008 study by CDMVA notes that Colorado is 47 out of 48 states surveyed in Veteran spending and programs. SAMSHA rates them 49th out of 50. And yet, with 5 active duty bases in the State, with the CONG one of the leading Guard units deployed to AFPAK and training helicopter pilots 24-7, there’s not a FUCKING PEEP from the Legislature on spending even a tiny amount on Veteran programs, even with the newfound money.

    They can’t even agree to support a goddamn lottery scratcher to pay a tiny amount towards mental health care, family support, veteran courts, or even job programs for our returning warriors.

    So, to use the pile driver – For all of you State Legislators who peruse this fine website…step up and take care of our returning warriors, or just cancel your phony military appreciation day.  

  3. Thankfully, I’ve been repeatedly reassured by Republican candidates and legislators that there is no war on women’s rights.

    I’m sure this is just an isolated incident…in an ongoing series of isolated incidents…like this one and this one and this one while the list of doctors targeted and murdered simultaneously grows.

       Dr. David Gunn – murdered on March 10, 1993

       Dr. John Britton – murdered on July 29, 1994

       James Barrett – murdered on July 29, 1994

       Shannon Lowney – murdered on December 30, 1994

       Lee Ann Nichols – murdered on December 30, 1994

       Robert Sanderson – murdered on January 29, 1998

       Dr. Barnett Slepian – murdered on October 23, 1998

       Dr. George Tiller – murdered on Mary 31, 2009

    But thank goodness there is no war on women. Whew. What a relief.

    1. Also:

      The Regressive Party’s war on actual job creation is a war on jobs for (among others) jobless women.

      The Regressive Party’s war on unemployment benefits is a war on benefits for (among others) unemployeed women.

      The Regressive Party’s war on civil rights is a war on the rights of (among others) women.

      The Regressive Party’s war on voter accessibility is a war on voter rights of (among others) women.

      The Regressive Party’s insistence on funneling wealth upward to the already wealthy is funneling wealth from (among others) middle- and low-income women.

      The Regressive Party’s war on Obamacare is a war on affordable health care for (among others) all women.

      The Regressive Party’s war on affordable education is a war on affordable education for (among others) women students.

      And the list goes on. Now, turn those points around: The Regressive Party’s war on women is a war on (excluding the very rich)–all Americans.

  4. For the second time in two years a group of Michigan activists is launching a recall drive against Gov. Rick Snyder (R).

    With a reworded recall petition focused on actions Snyder has taken rather than actions Snyder is projected to take, the group Michigan Rising believes they can double the amount of signatures they received last year and force a recall referendum in November. The group is focusing the bulk of its attention on Snyder’s decision to sign “emergency manager” legislation allowing the state to take control of local governments and his budget plans.

    “Things have gotten worse,” Michigan Rising spokesman Bruce Fealk told The Huffington Post.

    The language submitted to Washtenaw County election officials specifically cites Snyder’s education, tax and local government policies. The petition claims that Snyder has hurt school children by taking $400 million out of the state school fund, which caused students to be placed in over crowded classrooms, and notes his cutting of the state’s food stamp program. It also says that Snyder has ousted elected officials with the emergency manager law and raised taxes on the poor and middle class, while cutting taxes on the wealthy and corporations.

    “He is robbing from the poor to pay the rich,” Fealk said. “It is Robin Hood in reverse.”

    The group also describes Snyder in a press release as a “corporate monster” who has failed to create jobs.

  5. I’ll miss my favorite Ranger Officer and Democrat….(from the Facebook):

    On Monday afternoon, 2 April, the Board of Trustees of the Dallas Independent School District named Mike Miles as the sole finalist for Superintendent of Schools. The vote by the Trustees begins a 21 day waiting period before a contract can be signed. Once a contract is agreed to, Miles will take the helm of the nation’s 14th largest school district on 2 July.

    Close to 100 candidates vied for the position. Miles was chosen in part because of his transformative work in the Harrison School District and across the state. Most notably, Harrison’s pay-for-performance system has gained national attention for the way the District ties teacher evaluations to student achievement results.

    Miles is in his sixth year as Superintendent of the Harrison School District. During his tenure, the District significantly narrowed achievement gaps and raised its graduation rate and test scores. Formerly a district on “Academic Watch,” the lowest state accreditation rating, Harrison is seen as a Colorado success story and one of the most innovative districts in the nation.

  6. Really, did Obama just threaten the US Constitution?

    He’s already decided to run against Congress after trying to blame them for his failures, now he’s doubling down by threatening the US Supreme Court as they consider the bill Pelosi and Obama thrust upon America without even reading it.

    US President Obama warns Supreme Court over health law

    2 April 2012 Last updated at 21:59 ET

    US President Barack Obama has warned that a rejection of his healthcare reform by the US Supreme Court would amount to “judicial activism”.

    In a rare challenge to the US high court, Mr Obama said overturning the law would hurt millions of Americans.

    Source: BBC News …. even the foreigners think you’re whacked

    I thought Obama had experience in Constitutional law? He not only signed a bill he didn’t read, nor allowed anyone else to read, but now he directly threatens the 3rd pillar of our democracy as they apply their constitutional duty to judge.

    Rookie mistakes Mr. President, rookie mistakes only force the people to ask why you blame others when you have failed to lead.

      1. The BBC reporting this clearly shows that they think you’re guy is whacked ….as in off his rocker, out of control, violating the US Constitution, et cetra.

        POTUS 101: don’t violate your oath of office.

        Threatening the Consitution because the potentially unconstitutional law he signed is being redressed by the Judiciary branch is like claiming two wrongs make a right.

        Elrushbo is going to have a freakin’ field day tomorrow with this rookie move.

    1. proclaim that complaining about judicial activism is an attack on the constitution. I thought complaining about judicial activism was an article of rightie faith.

      The President threatening to take some action against the Supreme Court if they cross him, refusing to abide by their rulings, threatening to depose or jail them would be an attack on the constitution, ‘tad. Expressing concern over a possible decision hardly rises to that level. Get yourself some smelling salts and loosen those stays.

      1. Lower courts kicked up a request for redress, SCOTUS agreed to take this case.. Obama’s SG sharted with his appearance before the court….finally closing with the begging defense.

        Listen neither Pelosi nor Obama read what their jackbooted strategists put in that turd you call ACA. Worse they never let the people see it …. they tried to roll the public with unconstitutional actions and now they can’t defend it. So what’s your guy do….he threatens the court.

        I mean Christ almighty, I thought our President had a Constituional background…you know that’s what they say he taught at Univ of Chicago. Why would he lobby for an unconstitutional bill then sign it?

        Change at any cost is not something that will get the public to give this rookiie another 4 years. He’s our President, not the school yard bully who earlier this week was caught trying to deal away our natioanl security with Putin and Medvedev.

        1. Where is the treasonous attack on the constitution? It would be so refreshing if you ever responded to what was actually the subject at hand.

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