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March 25, 2012 08:17 AM UTC

Melton Leads Todd by 22 Points in HD41 Assembly

  • by: AndrewBateman

Today, at the HD 41 Assembly in Aurora, Jovan Melton won a surprising 61% of the vote over Terry Todd, who managed to only earn 39%, despite being nominated by his wife, State Rep. Nancy Todd and outgoing Senator Suzanne Williams.

It was my pleasure and honor to nominate Melton today, after suspending my own campaign for the same position, alongside side Dr. Shelley Cohen, the President of Health Care For All Colorado, and among supporters like former Commissioner Pat Noonan, State Representative Rhonda Fields, and former Mayor Wellington Webb.

While some may call Melton’s victory an upset, I don’t believe the result is that surprising. For the last year, as I have been walking and talking to voters in the district, I heard over and over how uncomfortable the majority of them were with the idea of Todd as a representative, which is why it was no surprise to me that all of my supporters voted for Melton today, and delivered a solid victory to his campaign.

The next step, of course, is the primary election in June. But if Terry really wants to do what is best for the people of this district, he will do what I did, listen to their voices, and exit the race. Jovan is clearly the nominee that the party faithful want to advance and he should honor their opinion by stepping aside.

Or, as the folks at DenverPols put it:

The news that Melton earned the support of over 60% of delegates at today’s county assembly has shifted the dynamic of the race. It shows that the Democratic base hasn’t warmed to Todd’s talking points and is instead looking for a new kind of representation at the State Capitol.

Terry’s failure to gain the top spot on the ballot should also be of paramount concern to Nancy Todd. Because her husband based his entire campaign on their relationship, the HD-41 primary has turned into a referendum of sorts on Nancy’s leadership abilities. Although Rep. Todd doesn’t have a primary challenger in her race for SD-28, the fact that her husband isn’t finding much success capitalizing on her experience in the House is certainly cause enough to worry about what could happen in November.

Other interesting Arapahoe County Results after the jump…

HD 40 was the other big surprise of the month. After reapportionment put HD40 squarely in the “winnable” column for dems, local officers scrambled to find a candidate who could take on incumbent Cindy Acree. A couple candidates threw out their names, Grant Travis and PK Kaiser. But then the House Majority Project recruited formal principal John Buckner, who received over 70% of the vote, making him the sole candidate to qualify for the ballot.

A similar result came out of HD 38 where local organizer Donovan O’Dell’s surprise, last minute entry into the race was able to garner enough votes (almost 80%) to push James Krefft off the primary ballot and be the sole challenger for incumbent Kathleen Conti.

All told, HD 41 is now the last active primary in Arapahoe county. That is, unless one of the defeated candidates decides to petition back onto the ballot.


12 thoughts on “Melton Leads Todd by 22 Points in HD41 Assembly

  1. With probably 75% of the voting public distrustful of politicians generally — to suggest that having two in the same household is a prescription for disaster. Andrew’s endorsement of Jovan Melton, at the HD 41 Assembly was a surprise that seemed to energize supporters from both camps. An applause meter following the nominations of Melton and Todd would have told the tale. It was obvious that Melton would receive top line, though the margin was larger than I would have predicted. It seems clear that delegates are ready to see young, smart leadership for this Aurora district. I concur in that assessment.

  2. I agree with the comment in the second paragraph to this article.

    In the current political slog, it is unclear how much effort of intention will be required to successfully develop a better South Aurora, Denver, and Centennial plus State of Colorado.  The track record is in on the past eight years for HD41 as well as some other districts in the State Legislature.  I don’t buy into the HD41’s== legislator’s phrase…”That’s not the way we do it!” when speaking of phone calls, letters and petitions to the legislature by voters to encourage representatives, et al., to listen to their constituents wishes on issues and legislation.  

    The voters need to be encouraged to take the current tier of incumbents (who have been in office more than a term or two) out of play and introduce another tier to work the needs of the voters (partyism aside.  Something has to break down the current custom of legislating as life does not support such static.  Tier changes are in the order until our legislature looks and acts as constituents wish.  

    There has been a hearing problem in the third most populated city in CO’s Aurora Muni Gov., and there is a problem in the Statehouse.  It is when people start talking about swimming pools and libraries when electeds only want to talk about service jobs at rodeo arenas.  “Yah hoo” becomes a not nice mockery of residents trying to live life and voting for representatives who will take direction.

    It seems there was something of a built-in vote in the voting results of the Arapahoe County Democrats at its county assembly that they have not generated amongst their candidates activism on behalf of their own real conscience-driven issues.

    This dead weight was going to bring down all boats eventually.  Though I think in HD40, in PK Kaiser’s case, he may not be listened to as faithfully as he might by voters due to English not being his primary language (that was my thought in the City Council race debates), otherwise it is finally candidates coming in via other than the Party’s traditional referral service who might bring the discussion points for these races timely.  

    The real issue is thst most no longer are interested in the “two parties.” It is about what the people want today – because we have been left behind, as party’s went for corporate non-profit status.  There is Apple, there are military contractors, and their are the political parties, and the incumbents have not listened – far and away, most of them to the voters.

    Bottom line – SD28 needs other candidates in this race in 2012.  Need not be party affiliated.  While the city and state incentivizes corporations where libraries used to be…and the knots in the health care overhaul are brusing some fingers in other states where people are trying to figure out if health care co-ops can serve a state well, what has been needed is getting some attention now.  

    Congresswoman D. DeGette chucklingly announced at the Arap. County 2012 Assembly she realized only a couple of months ago “We are in the 21st century.”  Tee hee; tee hee.  And in true party pandering and political diversion, she added, tee hee, tee hee, the Republicans are in the Middle Ages.”  Really?  Duh huh?  Duh huh?  That old pandering Assembly speech is reallly ooolld!

    It is time for real candidates to step up and run, including in SD2, persons who know it is past time to park the party pandering passe phrases and for every candidate to proffer practical plans to manage revenue and build a stronger municipal and legislative infrastructure, not dependent on the tidbits left of federal pork, but local generated income with other like minded citizens.

    It is a tough one; we may not want to build our own roads w/o John Boehner and Harry Reid as friends. But then again, maybe we just should, neighbor by neighbor, with some leaders who realize this point of view may be increasingly popular.

    1. and totally not surprised. Disclosure is nice, but good diary writing is better (no comment on poorly written comments). b^.^d

      That said, I still dig Melton.

  3. Clearly Andrew is trying to make Javon’s performance at Assembly seem more impressive than it was. Step aside because a total of 91 people voted at Assembly?  The idea is ludicrous on it’s face, no one has been chosen by anything approaching a representative sampling of the district, he simply did a very good job of getting his delegates to Assembly, that’s it, good for him but hardly a towering achievement of invicibility. Terry will do what is best for the district and the city by staying in the race to prevent Denver from gaining one of Aurora’s seats.  The Denver power structure is backing and funding Javon and when push comes to shove Javon will probably put their interests in front of the district and the city he is trying to represent.

    1. If you want to argue who is backing who, I will take Jovan’s supporters over Terry’s any day. Todd is being funded almost exclusively by lobbyists and political committees representing the biggest and most corrosive special interests their are, including the Colorado Oil and Gas Association. So it make sense that he was the only one of the three of us not to take a hard stance against fracking in the debate.

      So if you want to talk about who’s going to put outside interests ahead of their district, a few minutes in Todd’s campaign finance reports makes it pretty clear who comes out bad in that discussion.

      1. Allow me to preface this; I rarely use TRACER, so it is entirely possible that I am missing something.

        However, it appears to me that Terry has received one donation from an energy PAC for $200. If he has received only $200 from a single energy PAC, your implication that he is in bed with the Oil and Gas Association is preposterous.

        Perhaps he did not take as hard a stance against fracking because he is not bound to a doctrinaire energy policy that shuns feasible sources. I’m all for clean, renewable energy, but when the choice is between coal and natural gas, responsible fracking is the sole choice for Colorado.

        Of course, a campaign run purely on rhetoric can make all sorts of outlandish claims; Terry at least has the stones to admit when we cannot let the perfect interfere with the good.  

        1. In addition to many, many contributions from people listed as lobbyists, who I bothered to look up and see who they work for (including COGA, Shell Oil, big pharmaceutical companies, and many more), you also have the allstate insurance PAC, the XCEL energy PAC, and others.

          So yes, you missed something.

  4. Andrew writes that:

    “Today, at the HD 41 Assembly in Aurora, Jovan Melton won a surprising 61% of the vote over Terry Todd.”

    And then not two paragraphs later states that:

    “While some may call Melton’s victory an upset, I don’t believe the result is that surprising.”

    This obvious pandering is designed to imply both that Terry has taken an unexpected tumble, and that Jovan has been the presumptive front-runner. While I understand that endorsements often come with emphatic support, this subservience makes one wonder how well Andrew would have withstood the rigors of the legislature.

    The notion that a 20 vote separation hands Jovan a mandate is absurd. To call for Terry to withdraw due to a vote of fewer than 100 people reeks of either naivete or fear on the part of Jovan and Andrew’s newly united front.

    Jovan knows that Terry’s deep ties to the community and lifetime of service in the district will resonate when the electorate consists of more than party activists. Perhaps Javon’s Denver power-base will give him an unbeatable war chest, but it is just as likely that Terry’s decades of involvement will give him a homegrown victory rather than one influenced by half-truths and out-of-district money.  

    1. I might concede the argument that this sample of voters wasn’t representative except that it is completely consistent with everything we’ve seen from the race. Terry got almost exactly the same percentage of votes at assembly as he did a month earlier at caucus. The only thing that changed was that I left the race and all of my supporters, all of them, went to Jovan. And if he stays in, he will receive roughly the same percentage, if not less in June. People who support one candidate or the other are doing so for very clear reasons and are not going to be changing their minds.

      1. So clearly the thousands of other registered Democrats in HD 41 should not be allowed to weigh in with their vote?  Hardly a thorough democratic process.  A majority of less than a hundred delegates is in no way representative  of how the District will vote.  You assertion about money received is not indicative of how someone will vote and you know it Andrew. Campaigns are expensive and someone who holds himself out as an “expert” would understand that.  It looks like the other guy may have been right when he was talking about you being naive.  Especially when added to the last line  about people not changing their minds.  That is what elections are about and most of the voters haven’t heard from the two candidates left in the race. You’re idea to make this race seem over didn’t work, your response about Denver power structure backing Javon wasn’t persuasive and your being his new campaign co-chair clearly points out your bias.  Piece of advice Andrew, when you’re in a hole, stop digging.

        1. Was there some criteria for caucus other than being a registered democrat that I wasn’t aware of?

          And it’s easy “bronco” to point out my supposed bias while hiding behind an alias, yet you’ve been on Terry’s side since the first post about the race showed up on this site and I would suspect that, if you were posting under a real name, that we would discover you hold a similar relationship to the candidate you support.

          I don’t believe these thing because I’m on Jovan’s team. I’m on his team because I belive these things. That’s not bias. And if you think it is, than I guess no one who votes should ever be allowed to express an opinion.

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