BREAKING: “First Degree Homicide of the Unborn Child bill” Passes CO State House 2nd Reading

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Horrible news for women’s rights from the state House tonight.

From State Rep Daniel Kagan(D) regarding HB 12-1130:

“…we were unable to prevent the Republican majority in the House from passing on second reading the First Degree Homicide of the Unborn Child bill. Under some circumstances, it makes both termination of pregnancy and the use of the morning after pill a homicide. It also confers personhood on a newly fertilized egg.”

Pols readers may believe this bill will be stopped in the Senate. Tea Party legislators have been successful in passing 135 bills nationwide to limit women’s reproductive rights this year. To assume it cannot happen in Colorado is a dangerous assumption.

Please call your State Representatives and demand justice for Colorado women. Tell them to vote “No” on this bill, which is a partial step toward completely outlawing abortion in Colorado.…

Also, save the Date: March Against the War on Women, April 28th, 2012, at the Denver Capitol.

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Nancy Cronk is a longtime community activist and women's leader living in Arapahoe County. Six months before the historic "red sweep" election of 2014, she was recruited to run as a "placeholder" in HD37, and managed to bring in 40K from 500 small donors, and 42% of the vote -- just one point lower than the previous candidate who ran in a presidential year.

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  1. Automaticftp says:

    “undue burden” on a woman seeking an abortion.  

    • nancycronk says:

      I don’t really know how the rec list works, but I almost fell over when I saw the number of comments. Seems this story was picked up nationally. I hope Representative Kagan didn’t mind me borrowing his facebook quote after 1 a.m. (I was waiting to hear how the vote went).  

      • JeffcoBlue says:

        In the future, though, I would explicitly suggest only asking Colorado residents to contact legislators. You could actually have some Repugs claiming victim if you have thousands of Kosters jamming their phone lines.

        OTOH, maybe fuck ’em. 🙂

  2. doublel says:

    Have sent this to all my contacts.

    • nancycronk says:

      Just hanging on for news when I read Kagan’s message on facebook about 1am. I admire Daniel for leaving the floor and letting Coloradans know immediately.

      • RedGreen says:

        This vote took place at about 3 in the afternoon on Friday.  

        • nancycronk says:

          Unlike Lundberg who uses his electronics during Senate hearings… Kagan actually pays attention while at work. I’m good with the fact he doesn’t use facebook until he gets home.

          (I received a funny email from someone who works at the Capitol who claims Balmer spends a lot of time looking at dog pictures. His voting record is not impressive to this liberal, but no one can say that guy isn’t crazy about his dogs.)

  3. Ralphie says:

    If it passed on Second Reading, a voice vote, that means the leadership wants it to pass.  Third reading is a gimmee.

    It’s a waste of time writing Representatives.  Write Senators instead.

    • Gray in Mountains says:

      to bombard the governor. I don’t think he would sign it but he needs to hear from 100,000 people and the nation needs to know

    • GalapagoLarry says:

      The Senate is the firewall on this. Get in touch with your senator, no matter his/her party, and unloose a shitstorm.

      And go out and work for the Dem running for the House in your district, so we don’t have to keep going through this crap.

    • nancycronk says:

      “Don’t you dare”, which I think they will. We should contact everyone we can — Reps, Senators, the media, and the Governor.

  4. MADCO says:

    If a woman commits a homicide (terminates a pregnancy), does she get jail time or the death penalty?  

    I mean, I am sure we’re not going to convict physicians for practicing medicine are we. But the eve-il women…they need to be controlled.

    Does there have to be intent?  I.e., what if a woman does not know she has conceived, and yet the pregnancy terminates …is that manslaughter or is still homicide?

    What if a woman has something like buyer’s remorse? She decides to terminate a pregnancy with her doctor’s assistance and then changes her mind.

    Does a fertilized egg frozen in storage at one of the Colroado cryobanks get the same protection?

    Speaking of buyer’s remorse, could a convicted rapist bring an action against his victim when she terminates the pregnancy he gifted to her?

    I just don’t understand whatinhellisgoingon.

    • Sir Robin says:

      are a distraction so that we don’t pay attention to, or completely miss, more important matters going on right under our noses.

      • nancycronk says:

        there is nothing more important.

        • rocco says:

          That peoples’ lives will be so very negatively impacted by this pure, unadulterated chicanery doesn’t even come into their calculations.

          The jaw dropping callousness with which these republicans drag society through these totally fabricated “issues” is sickening.

          Szabo’s my Rep, and she’s a co sponsor. She’s a weird sort of religious zealot and a “true believer”, and might even come close to kind of actually thinking a macabre piece of legislation like this is sorta, maybe legitimate, but deep down inside, surely she knows she goes too far.

          And yes. This is a ruse. A feint. And that these people are so low, such bottom feeders to do this, speaks volumes about their “christian values”


          We Democrats must come together in November and deliver an ass kicking to these charlatans and cons they’ll never recover from.  

  5. ScottP says:

    So before I decided to get all angry I read the bill (Here’s a link to the PDF of the bill).

    This bill is stupid. It wants to do what is already done except with more words. It’s like saying 3+2 instead of 5. We already have a law in place prosecuting criminal abortions and it’s really simple!

    Article 18-6-102. Criminal abortion.

    (1) Any person who intentionally ends or causes to be ended the pregnancy of a woman by any means other than justified medical termination or birth commits criminal abortion.

    (2) Criminal abortion is a class 4 felony, but if the woman dies as a result of the criminal abortion, it is a class 2 felony.

    That’s it! It’s simple. Why muck it up?

    There is no way this bill will cause a woman to be charged for getting an abortion or taking the morning after bill. From the bill…

    Nothing in this article shall permit the prosecution of a woman for any act or any failure to act with regard to her own pregnancy.

    The only way I see it maybe conferring personhood is the title of the article they wish to create “Offenses Against Pregnant Women and Their Unborn Children”. Why does it have to say “and Their Unborn Children”? It’s like saying someone is fat and overweight or dead and not breathing. If it’s not just wordiness, then there’s some explaining to do.

    I don’t like the “Vehicular unlawful termination of pregnancy” idea because (1) it sounds hard to prove and fairly easy to defend and (2) I picture a happy expecting couple getting into an accident with dad-to-be driving. Then I picture dad-to-be’s grief when the accident causes a miscarriage and he gets slapped with a class 4 felony on top of it.

    The only part that makes sense to me is changing criminal abortions from a class 4 to a class 3 felony. The rest of the bill is useless garbage.

    • Diogenesdemar says:

      MADCO’s question above  . . .

      Nothing in this article shall permit the prosecution of a woman for any act or any failure to act with regard to her own pregnancy.

      So how does that work? . . . I mean, I am sure we’re not going to convict physicians for practicing medicine are we.

      is . . .

      that is precisely who this “law” is intended to convict intimidate.  Hell, you don’t even have to convict ’em, just threaten them with the prospect of having their license (or their insurance) revoked . . . and voila’* . . . problem solved!

      (*OK, I know that know self-respecting GOPer . . . ha ha . . . is going to use a furrener language . . . especially surrender-monkey french . . . that’s just my little Sunday-morning joke.)

    • ScottP says:

      It looks like I was reading the bill as it was introduced and not how it exists now.

      Here’s a link to bill as it exists now…I think.

      It has less words than the original bill, but has added more stupid. The new version basically says that if you break any law regarding a vehicle or traffic in the state of Colorado and it causes a pregnancy to terminate then you can be charged with homicide or assault.

      I am picturing the ridiculous new stories now “Jane Doe was almost hit by a car while jaywalking yesterday. She barely escaped with her life by diving out of the way. Jane was pregnant and her injuries she sustained by diving out of the way caused her pregnancy to be terminated. She will be tried on homicide charges next week.”

  6. nancycronk says:

    over the anti-contraception and anti-choice bills. Here’s an LTE from a woman I know. Jean is one of many Republican women helping us with the Unite Against the War on Women March on April 28th. Well done, Jean!

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