Liberal Media

Yesterday Rick Santorum held a rally in nearby Montrose. Our local reporters all trekked down Highway 50 to get the story.

Meanwhile, back in Grand Junction, I was shopping with my mother. I frequently shop and run errands with my mother on Saturdays because she doesn’t drive, and since my father passed away doesn’t have a live-in chauffer. I don’t always dress up to go shopping with my mother.

In fact, yesterday I had pulled my hair back with combs and gone out of the house without any make-up. No 63 year old woman wants to be photographed without having her hair and make-up done.

So, I was a bit conflicted when I got a call from a reporter from the local NBC affiliate, who wanted a comment from a Democrat about Santorum’s visit. I wanted the rest of the story to be told, but I didn’t want to appear in front of a camera. In the end, I decided to take one for the Party.

Our interview probably lasted for about 15 minutes in the parking lot of a WalMart store on North Avenue.  I said many outrageous things:

Why would any woman vote for a man who wants to take away birth control?

Republicans talk about jobs but get it all wrong-commercial leases of oil shale federal lands isn’t going to create any jobs in THIS century.

Why is it that Republican politicians all say that government doesn’t create jobs, yet they are all trying to get on the government payroll?

Santorum is just another Anybody-But-Romeny candidate. Romney has the money and the plan to go the distance in the primaries; he is going to be the candidate.

uess which comment they decided to use?

The good news is that they didn’t broadcast any of the footage they took in that parking lot. Maybe the reporter IS a liberal!

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