Poll: Should Rep. Laura Bradford Resign?

UPDATE: Sources tell us that the “legislative function” Rep. Laura Bradford was allegedly attending last Wednesday night was in fact a “weekly lobbyist happy hour” at the Prohibition Denver bar located at Colfax and Pennsylvania, just a few blocks from where she was stopped by police around 10PM. Developing.


Video courtesy Junction Daily Blog

KKCO-TV Grand Junction updates:

Grand Junction Republican Rep. Laura Bradford told lawmakers Monday she’s “deeply sorry” that her actions “cast a shadow on this house and the entire general assembly.”

Denver police ticketed Bradford with an illegal lane change and improper turn Wednesday night. Police say she was suspected of driving drunk but that a constitutional provision designed to protect Colorado lawmakers’ ability to travel to and from the statehouse to cast their vote prevented officers from arresting her.

Left unresolved is the conflict between the statements of the Denver Police Department and Rep. Laura Bradford over what exactly resulted in her not being arrested for DUI last Wednesday night. As Tim Hoover of the Denver paper reports this morning, Bradford claims she did not attempt to invoke legislative immunity in her conversation with officers on the scene, but DPD says officers “believed the context was clear.” Perhaps worse, nobody seems to know today what official business Bradford would have been coming from at 10PM as she claimed–FOX 31 reported Bradford had been seen drinking at a local bar Wednesday evening.

The answer to that question could blow a major hole in Laura Bradford’s pleas of good faith.

And of course, Rep. Bradford said Friday that she should be “held to the same standard as everyone else”–to which the DPD replies if she’d said so, she would have been arrested.

A poll follows: how will this one end?

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  1. AristotleAristotle says:

    whether she should resign.

    I prefer that politicians should have their day in court before being asked to resign. Obviously, the way this played out makes it virtually impossible – they didn’t take her in for the breathalyzer test, and it’s far too late to demonstrate if she was too intoxicated to drive. The best proof they could have now is if she tells them how much she drank, over what period of time, and how much time elapsed between her last drink and when she got behind the wheel.

    I think it comes down to whether this interferes with her ability to do her job as a representative. It definitely will for the short term, but if the change in perception is much deeper and becomes a long term issue, then yes, she should step down.

    • standard” she wants to be held to . . . can anyone say “implied consent”?

      I’ll let her conscience, or lack thereof, be her guide on resignation.  But, if her license hasn’t yet been suspended for vilating the implied consent civil contract, then I want to know why the hell not.  

  2. Fidel's dirt nap says:

    she invoked the law so she wouldn’t get a DWI, and now wants to insist that she didn’t receive any special treatment.

    Hyprocrisy. IOKIYAR.

    • BlueCat says:

      Kind of begs for a retort such as “At least Laura Bradford didn’t kill anyone.” I think it’s despicable that, attorney’s advice or not, Williams has never taken any responsibility (at least not in public) for getting  someone killed as her lousy judgement in not insisting that her son quit acting like a reckless moron, causing what could only have been major distraction and endangering her grandchildren and everyone else on the road, surely did. She’s damn lucky it wasn’t one or both of her own grandchildren. I wish she had had the grace to resign in contrition.

  3. The realistThe realist says:

    Wish we had more information.  With more info we’d know if she has an ongoing drinking problem that interferes with serving in the legislature.  

    She absolutely should have had to go through the entire process (breath or blood test), arrest if appropriate, perhaps losing her license.  Should she have gone to Detox instead of home by cab?  I’d like a timeline — where was she all those hours after official business ended for her that day? how much did she drink?  But without more info from the DPD and/or Rep Bradford, probably not possible to know the full story.  

    I have little sympathy for people who drive drunk – far too much tragedy results from that.

  4. ajb says:

    Should she resign? I think so.

    But if she doesn’t, then it’s up to the voters in her district to decide.  

    • Ralphie says:

      However, she might resign for other reasons.  There was talk last year that she might want to run for County Commissioner.  The pay is better and there’s less travel.  Plus, she’s been redistricted out of her district.

      It’s getting kind of late for that, however.

      Still, there’s some poetry there.  She could become the Commission’s Designated Scofflaw now that Craig Meis is term limited.

  5. Middle of the Road says:

    Doesn’t quite fit with her apology. Need something a bit more dramatic, like Beethoven.  

  6. JeffcoBlueJeffcoBlue says:

    This is the official legislative function she used to get out of a DUI charge? A fucking LOBBYIST HAPPY HOUR AT A BAR?!

    Resign. Now…

  7. DavidThi808DavidThi808 says:

    To ask the City of Denver to charge her with DUI and then immediately plead guilty to it. That would be following through on her statement she wants to be treated the same.

    Then the question becomes, is a DUI generally considered sufficient cause to resign. I know in Boulder we had a City Council member caught driving while stoned and most in Boulder were comfortable with him serving out his term, but not running for reelection.


  8. PitaPita says:

    To be gone for three hours. 🙂

  9. VanDammerVanDammer says:

    and to her consituents.  The Leg had suspended business for the day unless they were gaveled in to belly up at the Prohibition then she misstated the circumstances and the facts.  Sorry but the weekly lobbyist happy hour is NOT official business — so perhaps she can explain that reasoning in her next presser.

  10. ArapaGOPArapaGOP says:

    Kudos to Speaker McNulty for taking quick action to remove Rep. Bradford from her committee chairmanship. If the facts continue to go against her, she may better serve her constituents by resigning, like Sen. Suzanne Williams (D) should have resigned.

    • DavidThi808DavidThi808 says:

      Kudos to the state GOP for cutting loose of her (I assume your comments mean the decision has been made).

    • Ralphie says:

      is better than none to you, right AGOP?

      What needs to be done is to make sure that no legislator can ever pull this shit again.

      And your attempted Williams analogy is self-serving and transparent.  Williams at least had her case heard by a grand jury.  Bradford didn’t even submit to a blood alcohol test.

      Better luck with your next legislator next time.

      • AristotleAristotle says:

        One of the official rules of the GOP Tool Handbook is, Never condemn or criticize a Republican without inserting a condemnation or criticism of a Democrat. Clean admissions of guilt and taking responsibility aren’t the Republican Way.

  11. Fidel's dirt nap says:

    sometimes you can dance your way out of the rap:

  12. Whiskey Lima JulietWhiskey Lima Juliet says:

    Once again, being Black in this country is just not the same as beign old, white and elected.  I am really sick of these people!  Really sick to death.

    The really messed up part is no one is going to do anything.  They will keep drinking and driving.  They will keep sleeping around.  They will keep embezzling our money.  They will keep making money off of votes in Congress (insider trading, yeah right “blind trust” run by best friends that they NEVER speak to about business and votes) sure why wouldn’t we believe that.  

    The are all organized mafia and they will do what they want.  And you will do nothing…but vote for them.

  13. Vanessa says:

    According to the Denver Post Blogspot Jan 19, 2012.  Re:  A resolution to repeal Obama care.  

    Bradford voted against the repeal.

    “Bradford later said she’d made a mistake.

    ‘I was distracted,’ she said, and voted the wrong way.”

  14. Speaking as a person who rarely forgives a Republican No.   It was stupid. Thank God there was not accident where someone was hurt. American’s are forgiving people. Leave it to Her constituients to decide this issue.


  15. ClubTwitty says:

    Rep. Laura Bradford apologized Monday, but it’s unclear for what.


    It’s hard to imagine how this ends well for her.  I wonder who the new Republican rep from Mesa County will be?  If she can hold on until Nov, I think Craig and Janet will need jobs…

  16. JeffcoBlueJeffcoBlue says:

    Must read:

    The question is: Is the wink thing really an abuse of power? Another question: Should she resign for it?

    I’d say it’s close enough. We’ll assume House Speaker Frank McNulty did, too, when he suspended her committee chairmanship. A DUI is bad. Yes, there have been far worse things. Sen. Suzanne Williams didn’t resign after a fatal accident in Texas under questionable circumstances.

    But this isn’t about getting a DUI. I’s about not getting a DUI. It’s about being above the law.


  17. Arvadonian says:

    I’m surprised that the Denver PD didn’t beat the crap out of her….but then again, she’s not black, hispanic or gay….

  18. CaninesCanines says:

    I’ve been meaning to pop in there for a beer, myself, since it’s opened. I won’t be driving there, though.

  19. Ralphie says:

    KDVR says they plan to stream it.

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