Top Ten Stories of 2021 #4: A Very MAGA Threesome

Lori Saine, Dave Williams, Ron Hanks.

Donald Trump lost the 2020 presidential election, but as readers know Trump remains the most powerful individual within the Republican Party today–a grip that tightened in Trump’s first year out of office as the GOP purged itself of dissenters, and enforced a litmus test on Republican candidates requiring them to maintain (or at least not publicly dispute) that the 2020 presidential election was wrongfully decided. Loyalty to Trump, hostility toward both Democrats and disloyal Republicans, and unquestioning belief in what’s become known as the “Big Lie” have effectively displaced conservative policy goals as the Republican Party’s reason for existence.

The rise of Trump and the “post-truth” politics he rode to prominence on have spawned a new wave of Republican candidates, who like Trump subsist on appeals to the lowest common denominator and have no strategic interest in making factual arguments. In some cases, like freshman GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert, Trump was the catalyst to make the jump into public life. Others, like the three 2022 candidates for federal office we’re discussing today, predate Trump but still owe their own rises to prominence to Trump’s.

Weld County Commissioner and absent-minded pistolpacker Lori Saine running in a hot GOP primary for the state’s new highly competitive CD-8, state Rep. Dave Williams challenging Doug Lamborn in CD-5, and state Rep. Ron Hanks who literally blasted his way into the U.S. Senate GOP primary, are along with Boebert running as unapologetic MAGA loyalists–who agree with Trump that there’s no “moving on” until what they believe and don’t even try to tell them different was a stolen election is overturned. Hanks and Williams have tag-teamed community meetings in El Paso County on the subject, and Hanks regularly appears in Grand Junction to support embattled Clerk Tina Peters as the wire fraud investigation against her continues. One of Saine’s final acts before exiting the state legislature in 2020 was to convene a half-baked Legislative Audit Committee hearing that ended up reaffirming Colorado’s elections are safe and secure.

The reason that none of these candidates can be written off in their respective primaries is simple: a majority of Republicans agree with them on the subject of the 2020 election. Despite a lack of any evidence, multiple counts and recounts, audits both legitimate and not so much concluding that the results are accurate, if the polling of GOP primary voters is correct this could be their single issue in 2022.

Saine, Williams, Hanks, and Boebert are all counting on it.

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  1. bullshit! says:

    Trump needs to endorse them. These are his loyal soldiers.

  2. Meiner49er says:

    Pack animals (jackals?) all of them. They smell blood and come running, even when it is one of their own.

  3. PMan says:

    Someone needs to explain to me what the deal is with all these gun photo's. I like guns and am pretty far left. Like my grandfather and father before me, I had the latest and greatest combat rifle on loan from Uncle Sam. I own a very cool Italian sporting clays gun and a way cooler German 16g side by side. For bird hunting. I'd be pissed if someone tried to take them away from me.

    Recently, I did take out the old M11 .45 cal that my father left me. He'd carried it from France to the eastern shore of the Rhine. (Worth way more than I thought!). Obviously, they both survived. All that said,

    – I do believe in universal background checks

     – I do believe pretend, and real, assault rifles should be banned

     – A five round magazine limit for civilian use is fine.

     – A law stating that guns must be stored in a safe condition is fine. Actually great. 

    Keep your heads down in the New Year!


    • NOV GOP meltdown says:

      With you PMan.  I own firearms and am a deer hunter and I believe in gun control, and getting rid of weapons that can kill a lot of people in short order. I hate going down the rabbit hole with my conservative friends about what is an assault weapon.  They ask me to define it, and I define it as a weapon that again, can kill a lot of people very quickly, and then of course..

      " well, what is a lot of people ?"

      " well, what is very quickly ?"  etc. etc.

      I think there are a lot more of us out there than we think, because we aren't the loud yahoos screaming about 2A.

      • Negev says:

        There are plenty just like you out there, commonly referred to as a FUDD.

        • Diogenesdemar says:

          Fudd you, rambo!

          . . . Whatever happened to all those “responsible gun owners”?

          I see that the nutters and their spokesmodels no longer even pretend to really believe that one . . .

          The biggest danger to your gun lobbyist grift is the millions of people who actually are “responsible” and “gun owners.”

          . . . So now it’s, Kyle Rittenhouse or bust, huh??

        • Duke Cox says:

          Who are you calling "fat, ugly, dumb, and dirty? Or if you are using the gunny definition, you are, in fact, talking about me. 

          I own 3 firearms and I know how to use them…since I was a child. I think any person who thinks they are going to engage the government in a military posture is a paranoid fool.

          If you use your military style, composite, tricked out, varmint rifle against them, they will come for you in large numbers, with much bigger guns. To imagine a 1776 style revolution in the 21st century is beyond delusional…it is dangerous…and suicidal. 


          • kwtree says:

            I prefer the Female Urinary Diversion Device definition…that’s a worthy invention if ever there was one. Any woman who has tried to find a discreet place to pee, buns out, squatting in the weeds or woods, thanks the US Army for this glorious device. 
            I’ll refresh the tree of Liberty, but not with the blood of tyrants.
            So ,  really to call someone a FUDD is a compliment, not an insult.

        • NOV GOP meltdown says:

          Negev has been triggered. Love it

  4. PMan says:


    This was meant to be a reply to kwtree’s last comment

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