A Walk of Shame

How are you feeling about Police Brutality in America?  Where are our leaders?  Why haven’t they spoken up?

This week we have seen protesters clash with cops in Denver, people ticketed for honking, an 84 year old woman pepper sprayed and now a group of students, seated and peaceful, being pepper sprayed.

According to David Lane, it is because they are all in collusion…

Today, attorney David Lane released open-records requests over alleged “collusion between top city or state officials and those in other cities and states to suppress the Occupy movement in violation of the First Amendment.” The State of Colorado denies this charge; the City of Denver hasn’t responded at this writing.

Yesterday, Lane told Westword’s Kelsey Whipple that he was planning both a federal injunction and an open-records request related to Occupy Denver. The injunction involved reports of Denver Police harassment against supporters of the occupation, exemplified by citations for dropping off donations and honking in support of the group at Civic Center Park. As for the open records requests, they’re motivated by the suspicion that local officials are coordinating with officials across the country to time crackdowns.


According to Lane,

“The issue is very clearly established when the cops start moving simultaneously on Oakland, New York, Denver, everywhere on the planet at the same time, and they’ve been doing this since the beginning,” says Lane, “Anytime there is action, it rises up all across the country, and it’s obvious to anyone paying attention that this is not coincidence.”

Students Pepper Sprayed that were sitting in peaceful protest…Is ths the next move on the CU or DU Campus?

Leaders, it is time to do your job…

A WALK OF SHAME! Very Powerful….

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  1. Gray in Mountains says:

    since violence of this magnitude was perpetrated against demonstrators in this country. It is as if no one passed on any lessons about the 1st Amendment.

    Are we going to have our very own Tiananmen Square moment sometime soon?

  2. ScottP says:

    I definitely think that law enforcement agencies and governments are talking to each other about the best ways to handle the Occupy protests.

    I definitely think that this has nothing to do with the message of Occupy but with the delivery of the message. If you get a ticket for jaywalking because you’re singing gospel while walking in the street it’s not because cops hate God, it’s because you’re jaywalking.

    I recommend not using your car in ANY way to protest. There are so many obscure traffic laws, no one can drive more than 1 block without committing some sort of traffic offense.

    • Whiskey Lima Juliet says:

      Democracy means we can have any law we want, but EVERYONE will be ticketed and arrested for the same offensives.  The politicans don’t get choose what they enforce.

      Secondly, this is police bruality and a police state.  There is no excuse.  Why aren’t these cops being brought up on charges for assault?  

      Military soldiers face court marshals all the time for offense during war time.  Why are the cops held to a different standard, low standard.  I want those bastards behind bars where they belong with the rest of the gangsters.

      • ScottP says:

        If I didn’t know better it would look like you think ticketing someone for honking is police brutality. :p

        The individual cops who cross the line are looked down on by other cops as well as protesters because they put everyone in danger. 99+% of the cops who contact Occupy protesters are well aware that if they do something stupid it they will not only be caught, but they will also put other officers and protesters in other cities in danger.

        • Whiskey Lima Juliet says:

          are all showing collusion.  It is happening in many cities. The police assults on campus seems to be a general feeling from law enforcement that this behavoir is OK. To do it so brazenly in front of cameras!

          • dukeco1 says:

            admitted to being on conference calls with 17 (probably more now) other mayors coordinating their efforts. I wonder who arranged the calls…Homeland Security, perhaps?

            Sounds like collusion to me.

    • Aristotle says:

      the selective way they’re enforcing honking laws is something that’s ripe for a coordinated protest. People showing up to honk and honk and see how well the cops do ticketing everyone. THAT would be a good act of civil disobedience, and it wouldn’t even go on your criminal record! (Assuming that, faced with hundred of honking cars, that they try it at all.)

  3. Middle of the Road says:

    I heard on NPR this a.m. that the weekend Occupy event went very peacefully and the Denver Police were being held up by other OWS cities as examples of how police should behave at these events.

    Not disputing anything you or Westword are reporting but I do think some credit is due to the Denver Police for handling this weekend with restraint and dignity.  

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