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“I am bound to tell what I am told, but not in every case to believe it.”


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  1. dwyer says:

    Charlie Brennan, in an article on Education News Colorado, says that Draper-Carson has not conceded and is waiting until all the provisional votes have been processed.  Here is the link:

    The article also states that the election division will certify

    the election results on November 16.  That makes sense if the Board of Education is going to swear in new members on the 17th.  However, the Election Division calendar still lists

    Friday, November 18th, as the date to certify the election.

    • Car 31 says:

      Draper-Carson isn’t one of those bitter candidates that will fight election results, but when the margin is just over one hunderd votes, makes sense to not conceed right away.

      Personally, I hope she wins. Jimenez hasn’t done much to back up his incumbency.

      • dwyer says:

        It is by Tina Greigo and describes the neighborhood I used to know.

      • Progressive Promoter says:

        Jimenez has been an asset to District 5 and our schools.

        As one of the founders of Northwest Neighborhood Middle Schools Now (known around District 5 as NOW), Jimenez has been a source of support and encouragement as we have worked with Skinner Middle School staff for two and a half years to create a terrific school for kids in NW Denver. In fact, Jimenez is the one who introduced us all – we had contacted him individually about the need for a quality middle school in our neighborhood and he suggested we meet to see if our visions aligned. They did and voila, a community group was born.

        Working with the very talented Skinner staff, we helped articulate our shared goals for an academically challenging, well-rounded, socio-economically diverse middle school. Jimenez helped us understand the administration and board process and politics so we could successfully secure a school improvement grant to fund a robust and non-tracked honors curriculum, continued support for interventions for struggling students, expanded arts and Spanish instruction (um, where were all those elementary dual-language graduates supposed to go…turns out nowhere, a big hole in the NW feeder pattern).

        Then NOW moved into support and marketing mode, explaining the renaissance-in-progress through our blog, the website, school tours, wine & cheese nights, “coffee talks,” presentations to feeder pattern PTA/CSC meetings, flyer updates, school swim parties, community fun days/nights and old-fashioned chatting with neighbors, friends, parents, kids on the soccer sidelines, at playgrounds, at dinner parties and in the local grocery stores’ aisles.

        And it’s working! Academic scores jumps were in the DOUBLE DIGITS and enrollment is growing. One of my own kids started there as a 6th grader this fall and loves it because the classes are challenging, she has made new friends, she was on the school softball team and she’s now in drama club. She is having the well-rounded experience we all want for our kids during the tween-early teen years.

        But it’s hard work, people – and it takes a village. Former Skinner Nicole Veltze gets a lot of credit, and current principal and former A.P. Michelle Koyama and the amazing staff bring their A game every single day. NOW folks gave up three hours every Sunday for close to a year and every other Sunday for another year and a half, not to mention the thousands of hours writing blogs, designing flyers, organizing events, sending emails, meeting with elected and administration officials and talking to everyone in the community that would listen. Jimenez was with us every step of the way, from helping us organize and strategize outreach to attending events and spreading the word, too.

        That’s not to say NOW hasn’t had our differences in opinion with Jimenez. We have disagreed on several issues. But the point is that he has been responsive and helpful, and when we have not come to consensus, he has explained his thinking and treated us with respect.

        I don’t understand where all the vitriol in this election came from…I can only assume it was promulgated from folks outside the district. Even when I disagree with Jimenez, I know he’s doing what he thinks is right for kids. There was so much crap slung in this election, it really bummed me out. But I’m trying not to dwell on it so we can move forward with building Skinner into one of  the city’s finest middle schools and help Nicole Veltze navigate a 180 degree turnaround for North High School. That’s what really counts – making great schools for Denver kids.

        • dwyer says:

          This is an excellently  written perspective.  I only wish you had posted prior to the election. As to your statement:

          I don’t understand where all the vitriol in this election came from…I can only assume it was promulgated from folks outside the district.

          My point, exactly.

          • Progressive Promoter says:

            But I did talk to folks in the neighborhood and provided similar (if less detailed) text for Jimenez to use on his website and in emails. He was there for NOW and Skinner when we needed him most and he still drops by our meetings from time to time to see how he can help.

            NOW printed up some bumperstickers you can see on our typically unremarkable parent cars up here:  “Skinner Middle School – Be The Change.”  Do the work. Send your kid/s. Build community. Be all in. That’s how we’ll effect change.

      • dwyer says:

        Education News Colorado has an update stating that Draper-Carson has conceded.

        Same link.

  2. dwyer says:

    Boyles, hard on for the police, has gone after Perlmutter.

    He is evidently pissed that Perlmutter went down to the Occupy Denver site and urged non-violence…calls him “Fast Eddie, plays the Mighty Mouse theme song and otherwise ridicules him.

    Anyone know any other reason for boyles’ hostility??

    Perlmutter should wear this as a badge of honor.

  3. VanDammer says:

    Seems greed overrules reason and why not — U.S. taxpayers to dumb and will bend over for “Too Big To Fail” again.

    Bloomberg’s Yalman Onaran has a great write up:   Selling More CDS on Europe Debt Raises Risk for U.S. Banks

    Guarantees provided by U.S. lenders on government, bank and corporate debt in those (European) countries rose by $80.7 billion to $518 billion, according to the Bank for International Settlements. Almost all of those are credit-default swaps, said two people familiar with the numbers, accounting for two-thirds of the total related to the five nations, BIS data show.

    Remember credit default swaps and AIG?  Remember convoluted exotic investment tricks tied to esoteric self-determined asset valuations?  Remember how we ate the losses but WS keeps the gains?  In just 3 years time Wall St. has tried to hit reset and play the game again but this time offshore.  It’s the European bond market instead of US real estate.    

    American lenders now on the hook for over half a trillion dollars worth of insurance on European debt mostly as credit default swaps.  If European bond issuers default well then US banks (Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Citbank, BofA) are on the hook to cover.  

    G20 partying hard in Cannes as we speak trying to keep Europe’s economic teeter from a monstrous belly flop.  Y’all ready to take the plunge again?

  4. Sir Robin says:

    why the GOP in Wisconsin passed a law that it is OK to bring guns into the Capital building, but people are being arrested for bringing camera’s into that same building?

  5. DavidThi808 says:

    Why the West is losing out to the rest

    Hands up readers who thought the future would, like an iPhone, be designed in California and only assembled in China? You were wrong. Western predominance is ending on our watch. And it’s ending not just because the rest of the world finally figured out how to download our killer apps. It’s ending because we deleted them.

    We’ve got everyone in this country jockeying for partisan and personal advantage. And very few looking at how best to address the problems of the future. Meanwhile those focused on how to succeed tomorrow are shooting ahead.

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