Mark G.: 3 Days in the Pols Penalty Box

Although we are tolerant of diverse points of view and vigorous debate, we cannot allow our forums to be used to hurl discriminatory insults at other readers. This detracts from the experience of everyone who visits our site. For repeated infractions, user Mark G. is sentenced to three days in the Pols Penalty Box.

The Pols Penalty Box is a less-draconian way than banning users to calm down a flame war or enforce the very minimal policies governing this community, where users can write whatever they want during their suspension (all by themselves).

To visit the Colorado Pols Penalty Box, click here. Remember, only Penalty Boxed users may comment at the Penalty Box, and only during their suspension period. In other words, Mark G. can talk all he wants in the Penalty Box — but he can only have a conversation with himself.

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  1. MADCO says:

    results are mixed.

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