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July 20, 2011 11:32 pm MST

And That's Why I'm Running for Congress...Somewhere in Colorado

  • by: Colorado Pols

One of the quirks that come in a redistricting year is that the Federal Election Commission is a bit lax on requiring candidates seeking a Congressional office to actually state which office they plan to run for. Take, for example, the case of Democrat Perry Haney, a wealthy Greenwood Village chiropractor who wants to run for Congress…somewhere.

Haney has been meeting with Democrats in Colorado and in Washington D.C., telling them that he plans to run for Congress, but he won’t say where he plans to kickoff his campaign. Is it against Republican Rep. Mike Coffman (and Democratic challenger Joe Miklosi) in CD-6? Is it to take on Republican Rep. Scott Tipton in CD-3, where Democrat Sal Pace has been running full-steam ahead for months?

We visited his website, paid for by “The Perry Haney for Congress Exploratory Committee,” to “explore” that question, and it doesn’t indicate anywhere that he has decided where he will run, though a look at some of the pictures and the text makes it appear as though he’s definitely leaning more towards CD-3 than anywhere else. We did get a kick out of his issue statement “On Career Politicians,” where Haney talks, of course, about how he is not a career politician; but he’s got the career politician thing figured out, it seems, since he won’t even commit to a district.

Haney recently sent a mail piece to Democratic delegates in CD-3 that left a UPS Store P.O. Box in Grand Junction as the return address, giving more indication that he may, perhaps, choose to run in Southern and Western Colorado (though he never explicitly says in the letter that he is running for Congress in CD-3). If he does run there, he will have a lot of explaining to do about being a wealthy Denver resident with little previous involvement in politics. Haney has made several donations to Democrats over the years, but he has also donated regularly to Republicans; Haney gave Scott McInnis a $500 check in his campaign for Colorado governor in 2009, $250 to Republican Attorney General Gale Norton in 1995, and $200 to the National Republican Congressional Committee in 1996. This won’t help him earn any friends in a Democratic primary, either.

We don’t see how Haney could possibly win a Democratic primary wherever he ultimately decides to run for Congress. We hear that he does have some personal wealth that he might commit to a campaign, and he had better hope so — we don’t see him raising much money as an unknown Denverite with no natural base in CD-3 or CD-6. But maybe he’ll figure this out as part of his grand “exploration.”


28 thoughts on “And That’s Why I’m Running for Congress…Somewhere in Colorado

  1. Jared was rich and largely self funded (I know he also raised a bunch of money), but he had spent years working up to a run, including prior elective office.

    It also cracks me up the “career politician” knock.  Do people seriously want the only professionals to be non elected government employees or the paid lobbyists?  That is not a recipe for good governance in this, or Plato’s, era.

    Please don’t give me the career Doctor, Mechanic, or tight end–just give me somebody who read a few articles and thinks they can do better.

  2. All 13 of them. Judging by his Facebook page, Haney’s been quite busy meeting folks. This is definitely the first I’ve heard of him. I hope he adds some spice to whatever campaign he is thinking of running in.

  3. When he dropped the news to the DP ed board about Shaffer and Pace back in May, Hoyer also mentioned Haney as a challenger to Tipton. Although he lives somewhere near CD6, he also owns property in CD3, according to Hoyer.

      1. hurting a job creator

        Seriously, many, many chiropractors have engaged in many, many questionable practices both in business and their practice. I look forward to some indepth research.

  4. At Tuesday nights executive committee meeting, our chair, Ron Greenwell, came in with a Haney `campaign tee shirt. He had met with him a day or two before. He told Ron that he had ties to one of the towns east of Pueblo.

    We looked up his voter registration info and learned that he lives in Greenwood Village. His campaign site says Grand Junction. I presumed that he is a dino that Scott talked into giving Sal a primary.  

    1. I can’t imagine Pueblo County Dems will take too kindly to his support of a Denver Doctor over a candidate who, you know, lives in Pueblo.  

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