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“You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.”

–Mark Twain

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  1. Golden Girl says:


    Michael Moore  ·

    Before the Oscars begin, if I may, in this year of Reckoning, I want to honor what is truly and unmistakably the most important film of the year. It was only 8 minutes and 46 seconds long. It was filmed by a 17-year old young woman under excruciating and courageous circumstances. She stood on a curb in Minneapolis, framed her camera perfectly, and held it steady as the murdering cop stared directly into her lens with the steely, frighteningly look of “YOU’RE NEXT.” But she wouldn’t stop. And because she didn’t, the whole world saw what Black America has witnessed for 400 years. And now we know this is a daily occurrence. And not just the murdering of Black people with guns or knees (lynching), but with poverty, hunger, awful schools, crap jobs, mass incarceration, no health care — a daily killing of body and spirit and hope. Thank you Darnella Frazier for your gift, for creating a moment of justice. Much more to do for sure. But for tonight, assuming most of the Academy would agree, please accept this virtual Oscar for your moving picture that moved billions. Some day, I hope to hand you the real thing! Many blessings to you.

  2. davebarnes says:

    Today is National Static Cling Day 

  3. Conserv. Head Banger says:

    It's too bad that Barnes couldn't give his silliness a rest for just one day, to keep the focus on Golden Girl's comment. 

  4. kwtree says:

    Senate Bill 21-062 would have prevented the violent assault and detention of Karen Garner, an elderly woman with dementia. Video, which is tough to watch, follows: 

    She was accused of stealing $14 worth of merchandise from Walmart. Under 21-062, Garner would have been identified,  ticketed, summoned to court to answer for the theft, and released. Walmart had already retrieved the merchandise when Garner was contacted. 
    Under pilot programs, a mental health worker would have been called to eith make initial contact, or to follow up with Garner. 

    • Conserv. Head Banger says:

      @kwtree: I’ve seen the video, prior to your post. Indeed, it is not a pleasant viewing. 

      No one has addressed the real problem here, as far as I’ve seen. Why was this woman out in public on her own? My question is not an attack upon her; she is the victim. But where were her guardians, if she has any? Whether family or other caregivers, she should be monitored on a regular basis. Someone failed her long before the police contact.

      • kwtree says:

        Why was she out on her own? A wild guess is that no one had identified her as needing caretaking services, or she wasn’t eligible for, or couldn’t afford them.

        In Biden’s infrastructure bill is a jobs bill, which in turn contains provisions to ramp up home health care services for people like Ms. Garner. Her dementia may be so advanced that she needs residential care, but again, someone needed to have seen that, recommended it, made it happen. That was the “failure” you point out. 

        This is an issue close to home for me; my family is dealing with an elderly relative who has been in various assisted living facilities, speent most of his savings on them, is eligible for visiting nurse services and gets them 2-3 x a week.

        He’s a pain in the neck to live with, and nobody in his extended family is volunteering to take that on. We are still looking for an appropriate placement or combo of services,ad time is running out.

        • Conserv. Head Banger says:

          "my family is dealing with an elderly relative….." Yep, life can be tough.

          My younger brother is profoundly developmentally disabled, with an estimated IQ of 20, and is non-verbal. When the state hospital in Indiana, where he had resided for 45 years, closed in 2004, he was one of the last dozen or so remaining patients to be placed. Fortunately, he got into a group home situation that has 24 hour staffing by quality people. Home health aides of that nature are sadly underpaid, and under-recognized for their dedication.

  5. The realist says:

    My question for the morning (a real-ist question!): Is there anything factual, scientific, based in reality that the Republicans are trying to convince people to believe? I can’t think of ANYTHING. They want you believe COVID is a hoax, climate change is a hoax, the election was a hoax, fossil fuels are good for you and are NOT contributing to the climate crisis, immigrants are dangerous, Biden is trying to take your guns out of your hands and the meat off your table – I could go on and on. 

    Seriously, is there anything the GOP is pushing that is factually true? Please respond here (FYI there are no prizes for your answers).

    • NOV GOP meltdown says:

      I have had this exact same thought a lot lately realist. The GOP has evolved into a giant disinformation campaign based on the fears, prejudices and hatred of an ever shrinking group of people who are mostly old white males.

      Back in the good old days they would peddle distortions, or things that were partly true.  Now they embrace outright fantasies and conspiracy theories.

    • Conserv. Head Banger says:

      Take a look at the GOP’s alternative to the Biden infrastructure bill.

      Colorado’s own Rocky Mountain Institute has viewed natural gas as a bridge fuel to a de-carbonized future. So, yes, in that regard, gas is “good for you.” Also bear in mind that oil & natural gas are used for many other things besides fuel for transportation or home heating.

      Do I excuse the oil & gas industry for some of their wayward activities? No. Does big energy need yet more leases on our public lands when industry is sitting on a couple million acres of undeveloped leases in the western US alone? Should big energy be flaring off massive amounts of greenhouse gas methane into the atmosphere instead of capturing it for use and paying royalties to the taxpayers? Answer is NO on both counts.

      Along those lines, I sat through the recent, entire, 3 1/2 hour public webinar put on by the BLM to discuss the Biden administration’s current moratorium on more energy leasing. It was quite enlightening, especially the big energy panelists saying, with straight faces, that big energy is NOT stockpiling leases.

    • Duke Cox says:

      I can honestly say, I cannot think of any way to say " yes" to your question. Obstruction of and demonization of Democratic initiatives has been their focus for so long, they don't really have any real agenda. Facts and other reality-based phenomena aren't taught in Repub school.

    • kwtree says:

      Well, there is the Amache Historic Site bill– I guess that could be seen as persuading Americans that locking up thousands of citizens based on their ethnicity is a bad thing?

  6. Mike W. says:

    I was curious what became of the committee established to promote the redistricting commission in Colorado. The link to their website, attached in their twitter profile here (no updates since the passing of Amendments Y and Z, mind you), seems to now redirect to some kind of gambling website in India.

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