Romer Nets Mejia Endorsement

James Mejia will be endorsing Chris Romer in the Denver mayoral race. Romer has been considered the clear frontrunner from the beginning of the campaign for Denver’s next mayor, and this endorsement will only further cement that position in the run-off.

Any hopes of an “anti-Romer” coalition forming have effectively been ruined. As Pols rightly pointed out, the clout of the 29,170 votes Mejia received is undeniable. Considering Romer’s fundraising prowess and ability to hire on additional field staffers, Hancock faces an uphill battle against an opponent who will undoubtedly pick up donations and volunteers from this endorsement.

Of course, it is yet to be seen whether Mejia will actively campaign and convince his supporters to rally behind Romer.

A Mejia endorsement would have been a much needed boost to Michael Hancock’s campaign. He has been on the ropes recently, suffering from an attack from Romer’s campaign as to whether he is “pro-choice” or “pro-family planning”.

Though Mejia is reported to have talked to both candidates over the weekend, it is unclear whether he has a pre-ordained position in a potential Romer administration.

Whatya say, folks? Is there a chance that Hancock can come from behind to win this one?

Who will pick up the Mejia endorsement?

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  1. botw says:

    Mejia will endorse Romer, Eli Stokols reports.

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