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“It is not enough to be busy. So are the ants. The question is: What are we busy about?”

–Henry David Thoreau


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  1. Voyageur says:

    This is national Trump Stinks day.   For that matter, every day is Trump Stinks Day.

    • MichaelBowman says:

      …and yet life in an alternative universe is flourishing:

      Poll: Nearly half of Republicans believe false narratives about Jan. 6 siege

      Republicans have their own version of reality,” Vanderbilt University public opinion expert John Geer told Reuters. “It is a huge problem. Democracy requires accountability and accountability requires evidence.”

      • Duke Cox says:

        I just encountered this phenomenon in an exchange on facebook. It is pretty frustrating when you try to explain how they have been misled, but they dismiss you out of hand. Sometimes, I honestly believe it is a reading comprehension problem.

        I am pretty disinclined to spend energy trying to educate the willfully ignorant.

        • MichaelBowman says:

          A long week in the 51st state surrounded by friends and family reinforced the poll.  Several things on their minds out here: 1): this time they’re going to get enough signatures to recall the Governor, cuz, you know, all these attacks on their freedumbs, 2): Biden is somehow worse than Trump because he calls himself a “devout Catholic” but won’t stop abortion, 3): there were only a few broken windows in the Capitol siege and the fake news media just keeps looping the same video over-and-over for false effect (you really don’t think that Moon landing was real, do you?) 4): apparently they really ‘stuck it to the libs’ by having MeatIn Day, 5): they’re going to boycott MLB, because, well, Georgia. More fake news. They aren’t trying to suppress the black vote!! It’s all a lie!  6): Biden is a divider (worst we’ve ever had) not a uniter.  7): Dems are spending money like drunken sailors (but we sure enjoyed that 84” flat screen you bought with your stimulus check, cousin!)

          • The realist says:

            I saw an agenda for a county Republican Party meeting (a county I will not name, away from the Front Range). Here's one of their agenda items:

            "How do we combat the cancel culture in _____ County?"

            I'm so glad I don't live in their depressed, warped, paranoid world.

            • MichaelBowman says:

              They’re making themselves increasingly, politically irrelevant so they’ve got their own version of cancel culture in process. For a region that nearly drowns in federal farm subsidy payments they sure hate the evil gummit. 

            • Conserv. Head Banger says:

              "How do we combat the cancel culture……."

              Well, there is the cancel culture that tries to purge and eliminate any Republican who doesn't support Trump and the "stolen election theory."

          • Duke Cox says:

            I know, right?

            It really is disheartening to think that so many people are either unable or unwilling to listen for the purpose of understanding what is being said. Is it a side effect of glyphosate we don't yet know about?

            When I was a boy, Dad taught us, "don't believe anything you hear, and only half of what you see." Then I heard someone say, "question authority". Ultimately, I wound up in the same space as John Mellencamp…"I fight authority, authority always wins."

            It seems like Trump supporters, by and large, mostly resemble geese and such. Once they imprint on an authoritarian, they NEVER question it. The only appropriate response I can summon is "tsk".

  2. JohnInDenver says:

    Thankfully, I'm rarely "busy" these days. But Thoreau offers an excellent reminder. 

    I remembered [only in general] a quote on the notion of "busy" and then used the Google to find it…

    “Never be so busy as not to think of others.”
    ― Mother Teresa

    • Mr. L. Prosser says:

      I like your sentiment about Mother Teresa but I always dismiss Thoreau. That crank spun out all kinds of crap while taking his laundry home to Momma and bringing back "a little something for dinner." As far as I'm concerned he was the 19th Century version of the guy in his parent's basement.

  3. JohnInDenver says:

    A bit of good news:  although it is too late for several Colorado newspapers, Axios reports:   Billionaires push to derail hedge fund takeover of local newspapers

  4. davebarnes says:

    Today is Bell Bottoms Day (pay attention V)

  5. The realist says:

    The Colo Congressional Redistricting Commission is meeting and discussing (right now) the chair's conspiracy theory social media posts questioning the 2020 election results and calling the coronavirus the "Chinese" virus:


    • NOV GOP meltdown says:

      He has been removed as chairman !  Still on the commission though.

      • kwtree says:

        Nice. I can accept one nutcase, one vote. Just don't want him setting agenda or priorities for the commission's work.

        • The realist says:

          Yes – Moore serving as Chair presented an unacceptable image for the new Commission. But more problems like his might still surface with other members – who knows.

          I think the worst thing was that Moore tried to minimize and reframe his conspiratorial comments (Biden didn't really win, the "chinese" virus, etc) rather than just state outright that those were his views. Saying he just wanted to motivate a conversation is not in any way believable – not a good sign that he thought it was. 

          • kwtree says:

            Right….it’s fundamentally dishonest. If you read his bio, he’s a data geek with high level military clearances. Professionally, then, he has to be working with objective, verifiable facts (unless I misunderstand “military intelligence”, which is possible).

            So I don’t even believe that he believes the shit he’s shoveling. Just another GOP opportunist like Gessler, seeking to deceive the gullible deplorables.

  6. notaskinnycook says:

    Here's some more good news, from elsewhere, Asa Hutchinson has vetoed a bill that would have forbidden any treatment of trans kids before age 18. Their legislature can override the veto with a simple majority, but the ACLU's standing by to fight this stupid law in the courts:

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