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March 13, 2021 10:01 AM UTC

#Snowpocalypse 2021 Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

UPDATE 10:45AM: For some of you, it’s here.


It’s still coming.


23 thoughts on “#Snowpocalypse 2021 Open Thread

    1. We’re finally getting heavy snow in S Lakewood. Preppers among you should fill your tub and some gallon jugs with water, and your car with gas. Take your trash out, clean out fridge as much as possible in case power goes out.

      (These are all things you need to do anyway, except maybe the tub).

      Our utilities and regulators aren’t as corrupt as in TX, so we probably won’t get huge areas of power loss. But we will still have some scattered outages, no doubt. 

  1. One prediction site is still expecting 9-13" today, 5-8" tomorrow.  and they are showing periods of snow, then not much or nothing.  So far, it's my favorite type of snow — accumulating on the lawn, melting on pavement & concrete. 

  2. Here in GJ, we got a little rain overnight and we're supposed to get more tonight. We're jealous of you on the Front Range, but perhaps you might not need as much water siphoned off the Western Slope this summer.

    1. Will it help if we promise to send thank-you notes to Summit and Grand counties this summer?

      . . . a few firefighters to elsewhere on the western slope?

      1. Same site has now dropped the prediction to 4-7 today, holding at 5-8 tomorrow. 

        Radar shows Denver in the weird little trough, w/ snow west, snow easat, and LOTS of snow out east near the border. 

    2. We cannot drink and water our lawns with snow melt.

      Will still be stealing your water this Summer.

      Elevation of Grand Junction is 4,593 ft while Denver is 5,280 and we know that water flows uphill to money.

  3. Still not sticking to the pavement in West Wash Park. I know they magged the streets, but it’s not even sticking to our untreated walkways–yet.

    1. Same here in Park Hill.  Light, tiny flakes.  Nothing sticking on (relatively) warm pavement.  When temps fall below freezing later, then it’ll be icy and begin to stick.

      Looks like about 1 1/2 inches on the porch railing on north side of my home.

      1. Now it’s really kicking in — my estimate is 8 to 10 inches by morning

        BTW — the clock is off by 45 minutes. It is 7:25 pm at the time of this post

  4. Snowed less than two inches overnight in the "banana belt" of Colorado, melted off this morning, and has been partly cloudy. Still under a winter storm warning until midnight with an additional 4 inches in the forecast. We'll see . . . 

    1. Earlier I was considering beginning the shoveling out this evening after the wind died down a bit . . .

      . . . but, then I thought.

      So, anyway, you’re more than welcome to stop by my place in the morning and cart off as much of this white stuff as you want for your bananas!

  5. 7:30 pm … a guesstimate of 20" a bit east of I-25 and Colorado. 

    I shoveled a path at noon, thinking it would good to get PART of the work done before it stopped snowing.  With the wind this afternoon, most of that shoveled path is back ALMOST even with the rest of the snow. 

    "blizzard" warning continues at Buckley AFB until midnight, takes a break, and then we are supposed to get more snow on Tuesday…

    Nothing quite like a blizzard to get my mind off politics.

  6. Weather Underground kept reducing the amount of snow we were expecting to get today. Every time they lowered their estimate, the snow picked up and the wind blew harder. Here in Broomfield, we've got 2.5' to 3' in our yards and driveway, and it's still coming down at a good clip.

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