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“Compassion is not weakness, and concern for the unfortunate is not socialism.”

–Hubert H. Humphrey

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  1. davebarnes says:

    Today is Canadian Bacon Day 

  2. JohnInDenver says:

    Colorado Secretary of State published the monthly stats on registered voters.  From Nov. 1, 2020 (while the election was going) to Feb. 28, 2021, there have been changes by list clean-up (removal or downgrade to “inactive” status) and by request.  The changes in overall numbers and percentages of active voters are:

    • Democrats     -2,888, 29.99% to 29.74%
    • Republicans -21,106, 27.29% to 26.58%
    • Unaffiliated 43,917, 40.91% to 41.84%

    Apparently, elections and actions have consequences. 

    • The realist says:

      Really interesting numbers.

      • Duke Cox says:


        If 41.84% of Colorado voters are unaffiliated then they could be the plurality party…but as soon as they organize and get a platform…”whoosh” they stop being unaffiliated and become a party.

        Muy confundito para mi.

        • ParkHill says:

          Only about a 10% segment are truly independent. Once you press the so-called independent voters, they all lean Dem or lean Rep, you know who they will actually vote for.

          That is why "persuasion" doesn't move many actual voters. A very small number of R's or D's will jump ship.

          On the other hand, participation rates are quite malleable. This is what Trump, Brad Parscale and the GOP are working with. Loyalty and fear are more effective than talking about policy.

    • MattC says:

      Voters dislike the two party dominance.

      If the left wants to win and govern, or even better: legislate, we will need a vocabulary America currently lacks.

      People of all parties love the two party system because when it works, we have an answer. Majority rules – so if a D wins the electoral college, D president. When there is an R majority in the Senate, it is their turn to advise and consent or slow roll the president’s nomination.

      We do not have established ways to think about let alone talk about plurality winners. Sanders and King are unaffiliated – but, of course, caucus D.
      Would WV voters eat Mancin alive if he unaffiliated? Who would he caucus with?

      I have lived in permanent R and hard D parts of America long enough to know they both mistrust and intensely dislike the true unaffiliated.  Sixteen years of watching red Colorado become blue and Colorado lacks a 21st century water infrastructure and any plan to get one.

      The left should prepare for when the House is 35% not D or R is all I am saying.




  3. MattC says:

    President Biden is in trouble and it feels like he us unaware. Maybe the 3D chess board in the sit room is several steps ahead.

    Secretary Austin was a great choice. But I hoped he would be transitional and Biden would more enthusiastically acknowledge that the required time interval between active service and appointment was a good thing.

    Not for nothing – bringing back Secretary Mattis (only three years older than Austin) would have been great too.

    But I worry more about guys like HASC Chair Smith.
    I am all too aware that Senator Wellstone is dead and no longer clearly represented in Congress. But what good is it having D leadership if they do the same thing the R leadership would have done?

    My military training (1980 – 2002) tells me that the move now is a crushing disproportionate response to achieve two goals: elimination of the threat while establishing undoubtable military superiority.

    America is not on board. We want maskless, wide open spring break and wall street subsidies and cheap oil.


    • MattC says:

      Well- American Catholics or that archdiocese.

      The Pope had a different view, and he is the one with the hotline.

      • MichaelBowman says:

        From my daily Faithful America

        In the latest sign that top U.S. Catholic bishops are breaking from Pope Francis and playing partisan political games, the chair of their pro-life committee claims President Biden should stop calling himself "devout" — and even says the president should not take Communion.

        It's barely one month into Biden's term, yet Archbishop Joseph Naumann of Kansas City, KS, is already far more critical of the new president than he ever was of Donald Trump. In one recent interview, Naumann even praised a South Carolina priest who bragged about denying Biden Communion on the campaign trail.

        This focus on personal, single-issue, culture-war attacks might not be a surprise, but it is dangerous. From COVID-19 to climate change to family separation, Trump's policies were so deadly that Bishop John Stowe of Lexington, KY, correctly called the ex-president "anti-life."

        It's time for top U.S. bishops to stop the partisan attacks and join Pope Francis in finding common ground with President Biden. The bishops' conference must appoint a new pro-life chair — a true pastoral leader who will pay equal attention to all life issues including racial justice, immigration, climate change, and more.

  4. MichaelBowman says:

    Some light reading for the Institute on Cow Farts Belches CEO (you know who you are).

    MeatIn™or MeatOut™ the consumer market is shifting under our feet. That’s great news for those willing to adapt. 

    Proceed in outdated ways at your own peril. 

    Epic debuts Beef Barbacoa-Inspired Bar

    The Epic Beef Barbacoa-Inspired Bar is the first bar to bear the Savory Institute’s Land to Market Ecological Outcome Verifications (EOV) Seal, which illustrates the product was made using regenerative farming practices that improve soil health, biodiversity and ecosystem functions.

    “At Epic, it is our mission to improve the current agricultural system,” said Steve Rosenzweig, PhD, senior soil scientist at General Mills. “Epic’s new EOV Beef Barbacoa-Inspired Bar demonstrates General Mills’ pledge to drive positive change in our food system and ensure a sustainable future.”

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