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“If you have integrity, nothing else matters. If you don’t have integrity, nothing else matters.”

–Alan Simpson

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  1. davebarnes says:

    Today (Saturday) is International Condom Day.

  2. Duke Cox says:

    Holy Shit…

    The Trial of the Orange King just got much more interesting. Witnesses!

    Must see TV!

    Update…the Senate voted to allow witnesses and while the negotiations were underway, a remarkable thing happened…Chris Christie provided a rather informative and enlightened comment.
    In order to provide a show for their boss, the lawyers got nasty and attacked the House Mgrs. as fraudulent and petty.
    The Dems then decided to advance the investigation of what T***p knew…and when.

    Much more to come…they be shitting bricks at Mar-a-lago.

    • MichaelBowman says:

      Blanche’s knickers are in a twist.

      • Duke Cox says:

        Lordie, that girl is morally squishy. Blanche is so far into the bottle she can't tell which crime she is currently encouraging. 

        Graham…Cruz…McConnell…Johnson…and the rest of the Trumplican© caucus deserve to be hastened out of public office. They are an endangered specie, destined to follow their lord into political oblivion.


  3. Dano says:

    Oh yay, witnesses…delaying the inevitable. Just end this farce already! Everyone knows he will not be convicted regardless of how evidence against him there is. It's time for the country to move on and bury the 45th President's name and never say it again.

    • Duke Cox says:

      Guessing you are a Republican, Dano?

      • notaskinnycook says:

        No, he’s not, Duke. I know him, personally. He just knew there were enough cowards in the Senate Republican caucus that wouldn’t vote to convict and that stretching the trial out longer was a waste of time. The only bright spot will come if opponents in ’22. or ’24 can use their vote to beat them.

      • Dano says:

        Nope. I'm a "pox on both your corrupt houses" Independent. I'm registered with the Alliance Party nationally, but they are not yet recognized in Colorado.

        • Duke Cox says:

          No problem with those who choose to speak from a different perspective. Tell us about the Alliance party, Dano.

          I prefer to nag the Dems into being a better party. This nation needs to rebuild its middle class underpinnings. The uneven distribution of wealth has caught up to us again.

          • Gilpin Guy says:

            Looked them up Duke.  Looks like they will draw votes primarily from Dems.  "We're better than the evil Democrats because we don't hold any elected offices yet and are purer than the Virgin Mary."  Their bullet points show that they at least have an inkling about Climate Change and economic inequity.



            • Duke Cox says:

              They are a consortium of three other, already existing political parties. It appears to be a Mugwump group with their center of balance slightly left.

              I read their platform stuff. I couldn't understand what makes 'em special. Maybe Dano has a sales pitch. 

              • Gilpin Guy says:

                I suspect that they will be well funded by anonymous sources.  Love the attempt at a fresh start but usually get messy when the rubber hits the road.

                • Duke Cox says:

                  It doesn't seem like a good time to build 3rd parties, but OTOH, there will be lots of disaffected voters. Many of T***ps supporters were very squishy as Republicans or under educated Dems. 

                  Hard to say what their membership and  leadership will look like come election time, as you suggest. Could be just another group of folks trying to find a voice that suits them and will never truly exert any influence. 

                  That anonymous source may just turn out to be another billionaire egomaniac. Still waiting for Danos' pitch…


        • davebarnes says:

          This is an existential war.

          As a former Libertarian, I believe there is no place for any 3rd parties.

          The G卐P must be wiped from the face of the Earth.

          Then, we can talk about pluralities.

          • Voyageur says:

            Libertarians draw disproportionately from Republicans.  They love guns and drugs, hate taxes, ergo the gop is their two out of three ain't bad choice.   

            Lefties, however, should stick with the democrats.  Urge lefty politics and policies but in the end follow Duke's law: Vote Blue No Matter Who.

            • MichaelBowman says:

              Conservative implementation of progressive ideals is a good way to approach societal programs (when you’re dealing with old-school conservatives). For reference: George H. W. Bush acid rain cap-and-trade program. Wildly successful; a good blueprint for a national zero-carbon-emissions plan. Also: RomneyCare/ACA (when the troglodytes don’t spend every waking minute over a decade committed to destroying the framework) 

            • ParkHill says:

              Don't forget racism = 3/4.

              Libertarians have a serious White Supremacist problem; see Ron Paul and idolatry of property rights.

              Structural racism after the Civil War is to a large extent the denial of access to wealth, both accumulation and inter-generational.

    • Meiner49er says:

      Are you kidding? All these shots of cowardly Republican Senators are going to make for great campaign ads in 2022. Let the cameras roll!

    • Gilpin Guy says:

      He might be Duke but I'm with him on this one.  The result was preordained and the Dems were thorough and complete in the presentation of their case to the American people.  Joe Neguse shined and Trump's lawyers whined.  Trump is now the Herpes of the Republican Party.  They will have to deal with him and his evil offspring going forward.  At least it wasn't 50/50.  Dems can move forward and continue the momentum towards passage of the COVID relief package.

  4. The realist says:

    Well, no, there will be no witnesses apparently – only a statement from Herrera Beutler read into the record. Not sure what the cave was about, but here we are.

  5. MichaelBowman says:

    Land of the Free Incarcerated.  

  6. 2Jung2Die says:

    Fat Donnie from Queens skated, and no witness on Earth or in the Heavens would've made a difference. SAD!

  7. Voyageur says:

    Well. I got my first Covid shot from Kaiser today.  My wife got hers Thursday.  My first-responder son in law has had both of his.  We’re inching back to normality.

    But even after everyone has been immunized, the fact remains: Trump Stinks!

    Great God Almighty, Trump Stinks.

    • notaskinnycook says:

      Glad you got them, V. Don't be surprised, though, if in the next few days you feel like 40 miles of bad road. People in dicey health, such as you, are reported to get a more severe immune reaction than a 20-something in peak condition. It still means the vaccine is doing its job.

    • JohnInDenver says:

      Good news to hear the vaccines are getting out, and that you and your family are among the growing percentage to be in the process.

      It is sounding more and more like there will be enough doses out to have those who want them covered by July — maybe sooner, if the vaccine resistance forces stay as robust as they seem to be now.

  8. This is about holding power. The GOP can't get elected without the votes of white racists, white nationalists and members of the KKK. Don't let me hear of ONE Democrat reaching across the aisle to get in bed with these bastards. Do you hear me, @Senator Hickenlooper?  You already stood with the racists on your first vote.

    • Gilpin Guy says:

      I don't think the issue is about holding power WLJ.  My guess is it is about good governance and integrity.  If holding power is the only objective, then you are no different than a Trumper.  Think big.  We have a lot to do to make the world better.

    • kwtree says:

      True that- Hick’s vote for the Young / Cotton amendment had absolutely no real effect on immigration law. Its only function was to signal to racist Republicans: “I’m your guy, you can work with me. When you blow that dog whistle, I’ll fetch.”

      • JohnInDenver says:

        Ah, come on … Hick is being Hick, not certain how to work all the machines at first, and winding up being confused by yes meaning no, and no meaning yes, …. just ask him, he'll tell ya. https://coloradotimesrecorder.com/2021/02/hickenloopers-office-reportedly-admits-we-got-it-wrong-on-immigration-vote/34483/

        • kwtree says:

          Funny how incompetence and dithering doesn't make me (or the immigrant advocate community) feel better about Hick's vote. It has absolutely no real-world consequences, and can only be read as messaging.

          I'll stick with my interpretation. He was telling fearful whites that he's on their side against the "invaders".

          • ParkHill says:

            I'm very sure Hick is not signaling. He may wish to present as moderate, he probably wants to be a business-oriented Democrat, but he is certainly not a conservative, especially not on social issues.  

            I feel he governed Colorado as a responsible executive, representing the whole state, rather than pushing strongly for specifically liberal issues. Since the Republican Party has gone off the deep end, I don't believe that is viable anymore.

            Let's see how he actually votes. (Yes, the immigration ammendment had no consequence, so he should have stayed with the Party.)

            • Diogenesdemar says:

              Perhaps not “stay[ing] with the party” WAS precisely the signal . . . ??

            • Voyageur says:

              Going rogue on meaningless symbolic issues can actually help protect a legislator who sticks with the party on the important stuff. 

              Example: Susan Collins.  Her vote to impeach already gone Trump will let her champion the interest of the 1 per cent with impunity.

              As for Hick, wake me when it matters.

        • Diogenesdemar says:

          This is actually quite an improvement for Gov. Sen. NotGardner DoLittle . . .

          . . . instead of waiting several weeks to about-face himself like back when he did that with the Colorado Sheriffs on high-capacity magazines when he was merely a unsophisticated governor, apparently he’s going to do that self-repudiation now within only a few days of his unjustified upon-further-review crapheaded decisions???

          I guess it saves him the negative press weeks later — hick’s alearnin’ work-in-regress . . . 

          • Duke Cox says:

            Hick is a natural to be accepted into the McConnell School of Mendacity and Moral Equivocation. It doesn't matter what you actually do, it is what you pretend to be that counts.

            Hick is fundamentally dishonest.

            • notaskinnycook says:

              Would you rather still have Conman Cory, Duke? Hick's not a straight-up Democrat, but I think he's a modest improvement. Smilin' Cory would have voted with the 43, for sure.

              • Duke Cox says:

                C, mon, skinny….where did that question come from? You already know the answer.

                Hicks' behavior is not in contrast to Corys' bullshit agenda and he doesn't get a grace period. I told my friends to give him a chance when he was first elected governor. Then, one his first actions was to replace Tresi with one the most rabid Oily Boyz in the state. From there, he continued to earn the "Frackenlooper" appellation with every dishonest decision he made….which was practically all of them.

                I have no confidence in him, skinny, but that ol' equivalency thing is unfair. Cory is far worse. I have made that clear many times.

                If Hick cared about people like me, I think I would be able to tell.



              • Black people don't have that luxury to decide which white politician will sell us out should we vote for.  Growing tired of a democratic party that thinks those are the only choices we should get.

            • Gilpin Guy says:

              Hick is fundamentally dishonest.

              This is either hyperbole or a 'little' lie.  Hickenlooper didn't run as a faux progressive ala Romanoff.  He ran as a moderate and someone who wanted to bridge the gap between the two parties.  Calling someone fundamentally dishonest because they don't exactly align with your objectives is a weak argument.  He's better than Gardner and will no doubt disappoint you again and again in the next six years but he's no Boebert.  The Democratic Party is supposed to be a big tent and not a purity contest.  Give him a chance help hustle those ten votes from other side that are needed to end a Filibuster.  He might prove useful in the long run.

              • Duke Cox says:

                I don't know how many times I am going to have to say it, GG.

                John Hickenlooper lost my trust and support early in his governorship and has never recanted his lies and apologized for his treachery. Time and accomplishment will never change that. If someday, by heavenly fiat, Hick should become Pope John, it won't change the damage done to Colorado and Coloradans by his collusion with the Oily Boyz.

                There is no statute of limitations on treachery.

                • Gilpin Guy says:

                  There is also a specific difference between losing your trust and support and being fundamentally dishonest.  One is subjective while the other is hard to prove.  Be precise in your displeasures and you will get no quarrel from me.  He's not your favorite politician.  Got it.  Fundamentally dishonest is a contestable claim.  An impeachment manager wouldn't go there.

                  • kwtree says:

                    I think that Hick was being honest when he said that he wouldn’t like being a Senator, and he wouldn’t be very good at it. 
                    He was honest when he said he’d never vote for Medicare for All or the Green New Deal. He was honest when he said repeatedly that he was “not a socialist”. 

                    Everything since then has been pandering to one audience or another. 
                    We passed over the most diverse field of Senate candidates ever to annoint the DSCC’s preferred candidate. Pols helped spread the fiction that Hickenlooper was the only candidate who could beat Cory Gardner.

                    And here we are.  Colorado’s junior Senator is a Blue Dog, who has wasted no time in signalling that he cares more about placating his GOP colleagues than standing with Coloradans of mixed-immigration status families. 

                    • Voyageur says:

                      You want some cheese

                      with that whine?

                    • Duke Cox says:

                      That was well said. 

                      I guess I am happy to stimulate conversation about the subject. I have a bias and a political grudge. I am delighted to admit it.

                      John Hickenlooper is praying for the day everyone forgets his fracking fluid cocktail publicity stunt. He wants everyone to forget his support for the Oily Boyz against front range communities. He wants us to forget his phony claims when the EPA standards were changed.

                      You want to know why we have Lauren Boebert to represent us, America? The role played by the O&G industry in CD3 in developing a Luddite culture that exalts the OilyBoyz above all else. 

                      I was engaged in the debate about the danger of fracking fluid to public health, along with my friend, the late Dr. Theo Colborn. I can tell you the impact Hickenloopers' stunt had on the issue. His support gave the industry the credibility they couldn't get from Kathy Hall making the same claim.

                      It stopped the debate. 

                      Hick has never recanted that lie. I will make sure no one forgets it.

                    • Gilpin Guy says:

                      Maybe he will evolve over the next six years so he supports the right issues for the right reasons.  Absent that, it is probable that he will be a team player on the big issues like impeachment and the COVID relief package.  I don’t miss Gardner at all and am glad John won the general.  Dems are in control even with the Blue Dogs.  That’s how big tent party’s gain the majority.

  9. Democrats are missing the ability to win at all costs. When the zombie apocalypse comes, they will be the first ones dead.

  10. davebarnes says:

    Today (Sunday) is National Ferris Wheel Day.

  11. MichaelBowman says:

    I came across this earlier today.  Wayyyyy cool: 

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