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March 12, 2011 07:12 PM UTC

Stay Classy: Don't You "Feminize" Scott Renfroe's Boys!

  • by: Colorado Pols

As reported by a couple of outlets, Sen. Scott Renfroe had another of his charming “Leviticus moments” in debate yesterday–not the first, as our readers know, but here’s the video:

And even on that note I would tell you that I do think a lot of our schools are failing in the physical activity department. Especially for our boys in our schools. We’re seeing, in my opinion, I would even go to the point of calling it a ‘feminization’ of our boys with the way they’re treated in schools, on recess, and, and within, within the classroom. And that’s, that’s a huge problem!

So folks, we’ve seen an actual elementary school recess in Colorado in the not-too-distant past, and we don’t have any idea what Renfroe is talking about–no shortage of budding hyperactive manliness to be found. Is he upset about Title IX? Anti-bullying campaigns? Soy milk?

It’s also important to note that the bill, House Bill 1069, is a bill to increase physical education. You’d think that Sen. Renfroe, who looks eerily like Beavis and Butthead’s high school gym coach Mr. Buzzcut (seriously, look at him), would approve of this. But after his dire warnings about “feminization,” he voted no–“local control” apparently trumps Sen. Renfroe’s mandate to protect the boys of Colorado from…whatever it is he’s protecting them from.

But there is one lesson here for fellow Senate Republicans: any time you hear Renfroe lead off with the words “I would even go to the point of calling it,” that’s a really good signal to run away.


22 thoughts on “Stay Classy: Don’t You “Feminize” Scott Renfroe’s Boys!

    1. and his ghostwriter can’t be bothered with state politics any more. They fancy themselves as national pundits, which is another reason to question why papers are wasting newsprint on the column.

  1. seem to be related to anything I’ve heard yet from the wacko right bag of issues to get hysterical over. It doesn’t make sense in any context. Regimented physical activity leads to feminization? Leaving aside the fact that women are working out at gyms, running marathons, going though basic training,serving in war zones etc., somebody better tell the Marines they’re turning recruits into cream puffs.  

  2. Athletics in school are extremely competitive and very physical – both for boys and girls. The one difference from a generation ago is that there is a lot of co-ed teams up into middle school. But it is in no way dialed back because of the girls. What has happened is girls play the same level of very physical game as boys have played forever.

  3. The only thing I can think Renfroe is thinking in the “let boys be boys” category is that they should be able to run into the corner of the playground and either a) see who can flick the hardest or b) take turns farting to keep the group warm. An essential part of any boy’s school experience, to be sure.

    OK, OK, maybe that’s not what he means. Does anyone have any idea? Even if you don’t agree with it. I’m really stumped here.

    That whole masculine/feminine thing needs to go away. People are who they are, no amount of pink or GI Joe is going to change it. Which is fine, since it’s not so necessary anymore. Schools, I thought, are charged with preparing children for their careers and socialization. Team work! Good for both.

    1. Anyone who’s raised dogs knows that the males have more spastic energy and lack of focus, later maturation of socialization, and they’re easier to train when they’re tired.  

      The same thing is true in humans

      Perhaps this has something to do with what Renfroe said.

      1. organized activities vs random free time, or something?

        When I was in school our PE teacher gave us at least two days a week to wander. Usually had a second option if one was needed the other three days.

        I understand the need for the bill; I’m not getting the rationale for Renfroe’s opposition. PE = Girlymen

        1. Every military on earth trains with regimented physical activity.  I do see value in kids just running around and playing in place of adult directed activity. That’s how most kids spent most of their time in the 50s, 60s and there was still a lot of that in the 70s and beyond. But that doesn’t seem to be what he’s saying in this video or in the paper.

          It could be that today’s video game addicted kids don’t know how to just run around and play anymore without a PE teacher or team coach directing them but that doesn’t seem to be what he’s getting at either.  It’s a mystery, as evidenced by speculation here as to what the heck he might talking about.

        2. If you happen to think gym teachers and coaches should be drill sergeants, it COULD make sense. You know, as in, “let’s get these wimpy little, gay boys out there on the playground and make men of them”.

          Key word being gay. Homophobes like the good senator think strict regimentation and a willingness to engage in brutality equals manhood.

          I happen to have a different view.

  4. Poor him, concerned his “boys” might be turning into “girls” on the playground. His head would pop if he knew how many special forces and special ops troops were gay or transgender.

    1. Which is to say, you have to be a conspiracy-tuned wingnut to see the facts splayed out in plain day before you.  Read the Magic Chalkboard.  

      It’s all Woodrow Wilson’s fault, I suspect.  Something about a Caliphate.  And the New Black Panthers.  

  5. As i understand the bill, unless its changed since it came from the house, its not about actual PE, but time for physical activity, formerly known as recess.  This is when boys get to be boys, though I abhorr that expression.  Renfroe is, and always has been, dumb as a post.  But hey, his constituents perhaps prefer someone they would enjoy a beer with, rather than someone who makes sense on matters of policy.  We get the govt. That we deserve.  Renfroe is fine example of Repubs who say that govt is the problem and get elected and prove it.  

  6. I haven’t read the bill and my mac long ago gave up the ghost on playing videos.  But I do have an opinion.

    From an earlier age on, boys have a greater need for opportunities for gross motor activities. Girls’ verbal abilities develop earlier and better than boys.  The public school structure is more accommodating to girls than to boys.  Now that early childhood education is part of the mix, boys are placed into structured situations which don’t fit their needs.

    I don’t think they get “feminized,” I think that they wind up diagnosed with all kinds of crap which may simply be a lack of understanding of the developmental time table, both physical and mental of boys. So I think ADD is an example.  In one middle school in Denver, the kids had 25 minutes to get in line, get lunch and eat it.  No recess because not enough staff to supervise.  The problem was that most kids could barely get through the lunch line in 25 minutes.  This hurt all kids, but the boys were impacted more.

    I remember one book from when my kids were little, entitled “School can wait.”  It advocated, if I have this right, that boys should not even be in school until they are seven or eight.  

    Even his garbled comments, Renfoe may have been struggling to make a valid point.  

    1. The bill language specifically addresses this issue. As I pointed out on Friday:

      …King had the good point that allowing more energy draining activities could result in a reduction in misdiagnoses of ADD and the like (especially in boys), Renfoe counters with the theory that organized activity would “lead to the feminization of our boys.”

      I appreciate the willingness to give Renfroe the benefit of the doubt, but every single argument on this thread is a part of the bill. Renfroe’s just a moron, or illiterate. I don’t think there’s anyway around it this time.

      As an aside; my sister had the more classic boy problems in my family. Late reader, quick to punch, prone to throwing things in class. Which is why you’re right (and everyone else on this thread), there needs to be time. For everyone.

      I also pointed out on Friday that this bill cites studies and statistics inside of itself. Still not sure why that’s going to be law, but it makes the bill worth a read.

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