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January 07, 2021 10:26 AM UTC

Let The GOP Riot Backpedal Begin

  • by: Colorado Pols
“A couple young folks got into the Capitol,” said Rep. Richard Champion (R).

Yesterday’s violent assault on the U.S. Capitol by thousands of supporters of outgoing President Donald Trump has once again completely upended national politics with less the two weeks remaining before Joe Biden is sworn into office. In less than 24 hours, Trump’s much-balleyhooed “Wild Protest” devolved from a final bit of catharsis for the defeated President and his fact-averse diehard supporters into a galvanizing moment of national unity–against Trump, and against the “post-truth” politics that resulted in yesterday’s violence after every rational investigation and court case since the election has found no evidence of election fraud that could affect the result.

As the old saying goes, “victory has a thousand fathers, but defeat is an orphan.” And in the aftermath of unprecedented violence that left four people dead and resulted in the first storming of the U.S. Capitol by hostile forces since the War of 1812, local Republicans who helped incite and even participate in yesterday’s mayhem are hard at work writing an alternative history of these disgraceful events. Yesterday, Colorado Springs Gazette editorial page editor, who was present at the rioting in D.C. yesterday Wayne Laugesen repeated the totally baseless story that “Antifa” protesters had actually broken into the Capitol, not Trump supporters.

Then yesterday evening, a GOP state representative from Colorado who was also on the scene of yesterday’s rioting had this to say to the Littleton Independent:

[Rep. Richard] Champion called the event that culminated in the storming of the House and Senate chambers “very peaceful.”

“It was very well organized and without mayhem or anything else,” Champion said by phone from a hotel room near the Capitol. “Apparently a couple young folks got into the Capitol, which we never saw.”

…Champion called the evacuation of Capitol overblown.

“I don’t think anyone was in danger,” he said. [Pols emphasis] “There was nothing I saw that warranted that kind of response.”

“There was nothing I saw that warranted that kind of response,” said Rep. Champion.

We can only hope these words were spoken before Rep. Richard Champion learned that four people died.

Not to be outdone, Rep. Mark Baisley of Douglas County, who last year made a disgrace of himself after falsely claiming health departments were “altering COVID death certificates,” has decided this must have been Antifa, it just must have! And when you’ve got no credibility to lose, connecting the dots is effortless:

It does not make any sense to me that Trump patriots would storm the US Capitol to interrupt a congressional challenge to the electoral college results. The violent and arrogant actions of this attack (scaling walls, breaking windows) matches the signature of Antifa rioters.

Rep. Baisley might want to have a talk with West Virginia Delegate Derrick Evans, one of the first high-profile Republicans who has been identified from footage inside the building and is facing calls to resign. Or with Nick Fuentes, the anti-Semitic friend of local right-wing columnist Michelle Malkin who also posted incriminating selfies from inside the building like a dumbass.

Yesterday’s disgraceful riot inside and outside the U.S. Capitol could well go down in history as the moment Trumpism died. It makes sense that as this crushing reality begins to dawn on Trump’s diehard supporters, they are going to start rewriting the history of yesterday’s events in order to save face. But the facts are irrefutable: Donald Trump called for these people to come to Washington. Trump sent them to the Capitol. And Trump refused to call the rioters off for hours as they smashed windows and rampaged through congressional offices.

If Republicans meant what they said when they said “enough is enough” after yesterday’s pro-Trump violence inside the U.S. Capitol shook the nation to its foundations, the road back to sanity starts with repudiating Wayne Laugesen, our resident Colorado “House Crazies,” and anyone else who wants to pretend this failed attempt at violent insurrection was not what it plainly was. It is their fellow Republicans who did this. There can be no reconciliation without acknowledging this truth.

Trump, and they themselves, have brought the nation to this precipice we must now all back away from.


18 thoughts on “Let The GOP Riot Backpedal Begin

  1. It's time to retire, modify, or at least seriously discredit modern use of the word "patriot." It can't factually be used in connection with attempts to overturn a blow-out election, or a punk violent occupation of a Capitol full of legitimately elected congresscritters and staffers. Bob Dylan stole Samuel Johnson's line to croak out "Patriotism is the last refuge, to which a scoundrel clings" in the fantastic song "Sweetheart Like You," but Johnson was not criticizing patriotism back in 1775 – only false patriotism. I fear Dylan may have been too prescient in "Sweetheart" by concluding "There's only one step down from here, baby, It's called the land of permanent bliss."


  2. Since it was a widely promoted event with plenty of time for foreign agents to jump on a plane, it is conceivable that our Capital was infiltrated with persons seeking to plant bugs or steal sensitive information.  There are unverified reports that the Capitals Sensitive Compartmented Information rooms (SCIF) were breached.  Event organizers should be banned and billed for the cost of sweeping the building for bugs and reinstalling computers.  Pelosi should move to a different office to avoid the possibilities that there is an undetected bug.  Assume that professionals gained access to sensitive government offices and deployed espionage tools to further compromise and weaken our country.

    1. Since the dump campaign and all of our retail establishments are known to use the technology of grabbing cell phone info from all who pass by their beacons I hope that the same technology is in use in the Capitol and across DC, especially at yesterday's rally. If so then a list of all the people inside and outside the Capitol could be easily assembled and their locations within a foot or so and how long they were in those locations should also be available.

      It's a large volume of names but the SCIFs list would be a priority.

    2. As I understand it, at least one laptop containing classified information was stolen. I am sure there was more. Many offices were ransacked with files scattered on the floor. Why would your average knuckle-headed MAGAt be looking through files?

      There had to be numerous espionage agents in that mob. 

      1. If info on the stolen laptop was classified, depending on the level of classification the laptop will be (in order) 

        – password protected

        – 2fa protected

        – encrypted

        In addition, the US was completely hacked beyond anything anyone ever considered possible just last month. We still don’t know what’s gone or what’s left. Whatever might be found on a congressional laptop is probably out there already. The Chinese have had my fingerprints for years thanks to lax OPM security.

        Stay tuned to the situation but sedition and treason are the crimes here.


        PS: If the laptop ever boots up again, it should call home and then be easily found.

  3. Hard to imagine why Ttump didn't invite all, or at least some, of those very peaceful supporters Champion was with over to the White House for KFC and Big Macs?

  4. The disease of Trumpism still flourishes within the GOP:

    Trump greeted with cheers as he calls in to Republican National Committee meeting

    Trump briefly called in to the Republican National Committee’s winter meeting Thursday morning — and received a loud and overwhelmingly enthusiastic reception when RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel put him on speakerphone, according to people in the room.

    “We love you!” some in the room yelled.

    Addressing RNC members by phone as they held a private, members-only breakfast at the Ritz-Carlton on Amelia Island in Florida, Trump said he had heard that the news media had falsely reported he would not be speaking. He told the RNC members he wanted to speak, was sorry to miss the event and looked forward to seeing them in person.

    Trump made no mention of Wednesday’s violence at the U.S. Capitol, according to the people present, who were not authorized to speak publicly about the president’s remarks. Trump had originally intended to deliver a longer speech but is not scheduled to address the event Thursday night.


  5. Ah, but its a race to see if the Democrats can surrender first?

    Nancy Pelosi just announced that she has no intention of impeaching a President for inciting and directing an armed assault on the capitol with the intent and purpose of overturning the election results of a democracy.

    Nope, no impeachment. Upholding and defending the constitution is not worth interrupting whatever vacation Millionaire Nancy has planned.

      1. Reportedly they may have found a way that would bypass committee  and take it directly to the floor for a vote. If that plays out they could have a vote on Saturday.  That doesn’t solve the Senate problem. Georgia counties don’t have to certify before next Friday and then a day or two for Raffensberger to do his magic. That takes us to the shadows of Inauguration Day. It’ll rest in Mitch’s hands until then. 

          1. Agreed  – but until then it might just sit on Mitch’s desk. The dynamic between him snd POTUS has dramatically shifted in the last 48 hours so maybe the gloves are off? 

    1. Please cite your source for the announcement that you say Pelosi made.

      I can't find anything even close to that anywhere over the past two days.

      In fact, I am seeing the exact opposite.


  6. Quite a bit of history revision and backpedaling.  Douglas County GOP was proudly promoting "The Storm" with the usual predictable inane comments.  After the riot, it appears that post with the flyer promoting descending on the Capitol to take back a fraudulent election has been removed.

  7. Trump’s regime was never going to end any other way since the day he was elected. Just recall all the talk of a third term. If he had been reelected, we would be facing the same situation in four years and it likely would be much worse. 

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