Denver Post links to COPols

Um. Am I missing something or is this weird?

Bartels linked to Colorado Pols today in a story about GOP State Chair hopeful Ryan Call and his $400 donation to Bernie Buscher.…

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  1. Ralphie says:

    about a lazy reporter using a blog for story ideas?

  2. IndyNinja says:

    You may recall a bunch of drama where the post through a fit about COPols using material from the post. Now COPols doesn’t use them (or their) allies as sources. But aparrently the post is fine going the other way.

    I guess its nice that they’re admitting it when they steal a scoop from COPols, but it still seems odd to me.

    • Ralphie says:

      It’s OK if you’re a “Real Reporter”

    • droll says:

      I think it’s a resurgence of the terrible crime, not a scoop. That diary is so old it has OQD AND Haners.

      It is odd though. And funny. And if I were this site I’d send the original letter back with manual strikes.

      You know that other thing you were worried about? I can’t post this out and out because I feel it violates this site’s gossip policy, but I’ll try to hint you through it.

      A friend of mine in a major city in another state works for the DA’s office. He thinks that someone is not being treated specially, but rather is about to be railroaded. Apparently this other state’s laws don’t preclude a much more severe charge in certain incidences. Some other guy is trying to decide if a certain someone can be charge that way. Follow?

      Not that either of these things impact either of us, but both are interesting.

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