Senator Williams’ Case Delayed

According to channel 7 in Amarillo, TX, Colorado State Senator Suzanne Williams will not find out if she will face criminal charges for the December car accident that killed a pregnant woman in December of 2010.

Reports Channel 7:…

Pronews 7 has learned that the case involving Colorado State Senator Suzanne Williams will not be presented to the 69th District Attorney’s office as expected.

District Attorney David Green said the case will not be ready to present to his office until around the end of February. Green said that the case would not be presented to a Grand Jury in February but said he is anticipating the case to be presented to a Hartley County Grand Jury in April.

Williams allegedly was the driver of a car that killed Texas Panhandle native Brianna Gomez and could face criminal charges.

What, exactly, is taking them so long?

I hate to draw baseless conclusions, but it’s really hard not to think that this is being delayed so that any potential trial that arises from the case will occur after the Colorado Senate has adjourned.

I struggle to see what more could be discovered about this case. All witnesses are accounted for, all evidence is collected. And all emotional stuff aside, it’s a pretty straight forward case.

Originally, the DA said he was going to present the case to the grand jury at the beginning of January, now it’s not until April. And this three month delay is not in the trial itself, but in simply deciding whether or not she will be charged at all.

So if not as a special courtesy (aka special treatment) for an elected official, what’s the hold up?

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  1. ThillyWabbit says:

    It’s about the deplorable state of death investigations in this country. I have no idea if that’s where the problem is, but that’s just one possibility other than special treatment. I don’t get the feeling that Amarillo, Texas would be very generous to an out of state Democrat who killed a Texan. They like to throw the book at people in Texecution Country.

  2. IndyNinja says:

    but we’re talking about a traffic accident.

    And the only person who can really say what happened and what caused it is Senator Williams.

    So regardless of any evidence available, I really don’t see any substantive criminal charges sticking, if she’s even charged at all (which I don’t think she will be).

    So either this delay is a courtesy so that Texas doesn’t look like they’re harshly prosecuting a Democrat.

    Or they are creating “evidence” in a barn somewhere right now.

    • IndyNinja says:

      That was a response to ThillyWabbit’s first comment.

      • BlueCat says:

        Why would the Texas DA have the slightest interest in doing a Colorado Dem or Colorado Dems in general any  favors.  

        It can take a lot to build a criminal case in connection with a traffic accident.  Also, there is another important witness, Williams son, who supposedly was the one with the bright idea of unbuckling and changing his sons into pjs in the moving car.  I have no idea what his condition is other than that he was seriously injured at the time so I don’t know if the delay has anything to do with a possibility of getting a statement from him.  

  3. allyncooper says:

    And of course I don’t know the specific evidence, but this does seem a little unorthodox. Why this wouldn’t go to a grand jury until April is puzzling, as is why it’s going to a grand jury in the first place.   As below, in Colorado she would likely be charged with misdemeanors. You would think only possible felonies would go to a grand jury, not misdemeanors where there would be a violation charged on a ticket and an arraignment held in front of a judge to determine if there was sufficient evidence for trial.

    In the absence of any evidence indicating alcohol or drug use, if Williams caused the accident by crossing the center line onto oncoming traffic and it happened in Colorado she would most likely be charged with:

    1.C.R.S 42-4-1402(b) Careless driving resulting in bodily injury- a class 1 misdemeanor


    2. C.R.S. 42-4-1402(c) Careless driving resulting in death – a class 1 misdemeanor

    Two counts since there was a death, and a serious bodily injury. Pure conjecture of course, I don’t know Texas law.

  4. nancycronk says:

    turn very, very, very, very slowly.  

  5. droll says:

    but came across a source with a much better explanation; the investigation isn’t finished. The date wasn’t just delayed, the case hasn’t been delivered to the DA.

    No conspiracy, just slow work and covering of one’s ass (I would assume – pardon the pun).

    I was researching the baby. Did you guys know the little guy made it? Tough kid.

    • IndyNinja says:

      The article you linked was from January 18 and is from the same source I posted. That was when they pushed the grand jury presentation that was originally scheduled for the beginning of January back to February.

      But as of a few days ago (The link and quote that I posted up top), they are now delaying it another two months into April without any explanation for the increased delay.

    • nancycronk says:

      Your sig line scares me.

  6. nancycronk says:

    may also be due to allowing time for the family to grieve, nurture that fragile little baby to good health, and allow the wounded to recuperate. A month and a half seems like forever to most of us, but when you are dealing with the loss of a loved one and recuperating from very serious injuries, it’s nothing. (My Dad died from cancer seven months ago, and my Mom still seems like she is in shock sometimes.)  

    • IndyNinja says:

      Then this would be normal. But it’s not. According to one of the clerks of the county court (when I called them last week to confirm the details) it is very unusual for it to take over four months for them to decide whether or not to file charges relating to a traffic accident. Even in accidents resulting in death, there are usually charges filed (or a statement from the DA that there won’t be any) within 3-8 weeks of the incident.

      When this case is finally presented to the grand jury, it will have been almost five months since the accident.

      This case is being handled special.  

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