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January 28, 2011 11:27 PM UTC

Gessler's old firm "very uncomfortable" with disclosing names of Gessler moonlighting clients

  • by: Jason Salzman

( – promoted by Colorado Pols)

It’s one thing for KHOW’s Caplis and Silverman show to get deep into the political weeds when the program is ground zero of the GOP soap opera around a huge political race, like the campaign for governor.

It’s another for the show to continue to hide out in the weeds on legislative issues or Scott Gessler’s moonlighting. Caplis and Silverman are doing their best to make this stuff interesting, and I hope people during drive-time are paying attention.

Once again yesterday, the show broke news about Scott Gessler’s potential moonlighting.

Gessler said the negative response from his old law firm to the idea of disclosing the names of clients may kill the idea:

“I did say that I talked to my firm about the possibility — or the old firm — about the possibility of revealing who the clients are, and you can break news right now because I’ve not told anyone this, but they are very uncomfortable with that approach. I guess I can’t blam them. And so that’s another factor I have to think about, and it may ultimately mean that I don’t do this.”


32 thoughts on “Gessler’s old firm “very uncomfortable” with disclosing names of Gessler moonlighting clients

    1. when we were kids and he thought better of some sketchy adventure his friends were planning.  He’d cover the phone and say “Mom, call out to me that I absolutely can’t go out tonight”.  He’s off the hook but it’s because, darn it, Mom has grounded him for fill-in-the-blank, not because he’s chicken.

      1. I never partied in high school because I was always “not allowed.” Truth was I was just a nerd and had insisted my parents forbid me to go…

  1. What kind of a joke is this law firm.  They are absolutely prohibited by legal ethics from giving out the names of their clients without the client’s permission.  This tells me that they simply don’t want to give out the names, but they’re stupid enough to think they actually can.  And, that’s the heart of the problem for Mr. Gessler.  He can’t provide this stuff to make anyone in the least bit comfortable with what he is doing. Find another job Mr. Gessler.  Maybe picking up trash on Saturdays would give you some perspective.  How about a greeter at WalMart.  You don’t need their lousy insurance anyway.  My law firm could use an additional person to scan closed files.  I pay $10 per hour.  You can do it any time of the day or night.  How about just simply getting a job at another law firm which doesn’t handle election law???  Frankly, you’re not entitled to another job.  You knew what the salary was when you ran and you should be stuck with it.  No whining now.  If you don’t like the salary or the benefits or the restrictions of  your job, I have a very, very Republican answer for you.  It’s the one they give all the time to  people.  QUIT AND GET ANOTHER JOB THAT SUITS YOU BETTER AND HAS RULES MORE TO YOUR LIKING.

    I just love to hang Republicans with their own BS.

  2. Considering this is his frist couple of weeks on the job, what will the next three years minus a couple of weeks be like?

    He should join the “Free Delay” movement now and then get it to change over to “Free the Gess” movement in a couple years.

    1. Plenty of jobs don’t even skate toward breaking a law.  His would, at least, push toward it. THAT’S the problem.

      The only reason the money comes in at all is because Gessler is a whiny baby. How about instead of “I didn’t plan ahead and am now making too little (stomps foot)” it’s “I feel that I am able to fulfill my duties to the state of Colorado and my fellow citizens while pursuing other interests. Such as teaching at one of our fine local universities”? See, it’s a little better now.

      Too bad it didn’t happen like that.

    2. Running an agency or department is a full time job that requires not only a lot more than 40 hours a week, but also the creative ideas you come up with when not working need to be for that job.

      A second job that doesn’t require that type of thought, like say a rafting guide – that’s fine. But any kind of job that’s going to pull creative mindshare away – no.

      1. I know more attorneys on auto pilot than rafting guides.  Which is bad for pocketbooks, but good for life.

        And yes, I’m teasing.  First because it’s one of those positions (on either side) that isn’t going to be changed.  Second because it’s so totally moot in relation to Gessler.  SoS: A Study in Political Idiocy 101 is drawing to a close.  He’s not going to have a second job.

  3. Its understandable. Gessler isn’t being smart with this moonlighting idea. If he didn’t like the pay, then he should not have run for office.

  4. Has Colorado Pols done anything to inform readers about other elected officials that have second jobs? No, I did not think so. D’s get a free pass. Why is Pols picking on Gessler, because he is a Republican?

    There are no less than 50 elected officials in Colorado that are currently working 2-3 jobs. It is wonder how they do all of this. I think they do very little at their government jobs and devoted most time and energy to secondary projects.

    Colorado Pols is so incredibly biased it is amazing they are not required to file as an issue committee and campaign committee.

    1. So has Stapleton.

      So has Dwayne Romero.

      You should really try reading the diaries and the comments some time.  It will help you avoid looking like an ignorant fool with an axe to grins.

        1. I mean it is very tough right now, especially for the well off.  Hell, even Tony Soprano had to take that second job as a waste management consultant.

    2. Your complaint, Mark G, would make more sense if they were Dems and if they had not, in fact, been discussed.  Outside of moonlighting in general, I think most of us don’t see as much of a problem with an AG teaching as with an SOS working for an election-law firm.

    3. and Dwayne Romero has never held partisan office (he was non-partisan member of the Aspen City Council), and has apparently not been an insider in either political party, although he may have or have had a political party affiliation in his voter registration as some point.

      There don’t appear to be Democrats with a moonlighting problem at this point.

  5. a very pertinent observation.

    Also pertinent, I think, is that Gessler and Stapleton likely planned from the outset to moonlight. Yet, they never mentioned it. In 2014 I expect all candidates for these constitutional offices to be asked how they plan to support themselves on their salary.  

    1. It’s a little unfortunate, but I believe Stapleton and Gessler, as well as Dwayne Romero (although Romero is forgoing a portion of his salary in lieu of his moonlighting) have set the precedent for this to be an issue for future statewide candidates and other government officials.

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