Tuesday Open Thread

“A liar is always lavish of oaths.”

–Pierre Corneille


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  1. Duke Cox says:

    Here we go, my friends. One more week until the worm turns, as my dad used to say. We don't know how the landscape of engagement will change…but it will be different.

    Amy Phony Barrett is in her Supreme Court office, sharpening her sword of righteousness. I hope I am wrong, of course. She was selected for a reason, though. I am not encouraged.

  2. kickshot says:

    Getting rid of (dumping in popular parlance) dump will be easy.

    The next time he heads out to fund his golf course change the locks on the WH.

    On the way back make a slight detour and dump dump at the bus station.

  3. davebarnes says:

    Today is National American Beer Day 

  4. ParkHill says:

    WOTD from Peter Pomerantsev at VOX: "The Russian Roots of the Misinformation Problem"

    This is a really good explanation for how disinformation is being used to destroy trust in basic facts. It's the Bannon "flood the zone with shit" strategy, where there are are so many competing claims of truth that people just throw up their hands and say "nobody knows what the facts really are." Of course Fox News and Trump is following that same playbook. I also see the same thing from the few right-wingers I still have in my social media feeds. 

    It’s not about proving something, it’s about casting doubt. This has always been a function of propaganda, like the tobacco companies trying to make people doubt whether their product causes cancer. But overall most political ideologies have not been about casting doubt — they’ve claimed to be telling the truth about the way the world is or should be.

    But this new propaganda is different. Putin isn’t selling a wonderful communist future. He’s saying, we live in a dark world, the truth is unknowable, the truth is always subjective, you never know what it is, and you, the little guy, will never be able to make sense of it all — so you need to follow a strong leader.

    This is the way it works now, only it’s spread from Russia across the world.


    • kickshot says:

      Maybe the way to break propaganda is to empower the 'little guy' with the ability and capacity to make the correct evaluation of truth vs. fiction.

      Educate the 'little guy' about all of the slimy techniques that Putin and dump and bannon use. A long and wide series of PSAs about how to identify propaganda would be helpful.

  5. harrydoby says:

    McConnell and Trump's desperate efforts to cling to power by brute-forcing Barrett's confirmation to the Supreme Court brings to mind the famous line from Milton's "Paradise Lost" — Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven

    Accomplishing their dystopian vision for our country hinges on their re-elections.

    Finally, the weekend also brought an unsurprising but nonetheless harrowing report from Axios. If Trump remains in power, Axios reported, he plans to fire FBI Director Christopher Wray, CIA Director Gina Haspel and Defense Secretary Mark Esper. The full Trumpification of the intelligence agencies and law enforcement will be Trump’s first order of business.

    There are no questions left in the 2020 election. A single, frenetic weekend answered them all. All that remains is to learn whether democracy or authoritarianism gains the upper hand on Nov. 3.

    • Conserv. Head Banger says:

      Authoritarianism……… I've noted occasional glimmers coming from the far right wing, dark, media, about desires to repeal the 17th and 19th amendments to the Constitution; respectively ending direct election of senators and repealing the right of women to vote.

      Elections have consequences (ref.: current makeup of the Supreme Court). I don't know anyone at this time in Arizona. If anyone here knows people there, reach out.

      Same for Nevada. I do have cousins there, but we don't talk politics. Same for North Carolina. I know only one person in NC; he's already appeared on Republican Voters Against Trump (rvat.org). 

  6. ParkHill says:

    Call me an optimist…

    I think Amy Coney Barrett will recuse herself from SCOTUS elections cases in deference to her long-term goals/reputation. I think John Roberts also has his eye on his legacy and the legitimacy of the Court.

    Trump wants to shut down Pennsylvania election count on Nov 3. (1) I'm optimistic that even the election day results will go against him. (2) In any case, SCOTUS has already permitted vote counting to continue through Friday

    • MichaelBowman says:

      The USPS postmark has long been a method to attain compliance. IRS returns, due April 15, are deemed filed and paid, even if they receive the returns/checks long after the date. In the old days compliance with court filings were treated similarly.  It’s a head scratcher why we apply a different standard for voting – and an even bigger one why we can’t get ballots from our mailbox to our local election centers in 1-2 days (looking at you Louis DeJoy)

    • Duke Cox says:

      It will be interesting to see how much she will de-legitimize the court. As one of the Dem senators said…"you have an orange cloud around you"…or to that effect. She seems to be willing to be the political pawn of Mitch McConnell and the Orange Destruction, even though it will stain her reputation…permanently.

      I do not believe our newest justice is a straightforward and honorable person. I have a handful of cash to wager that she WILL strike down the ACA…she WILL allow discrimination against gays by religious groups…she WILL strike down Roe v. Wade….she WILL NOT recuse herself from any decision.


    • ParkHill says:

      Or, not an optimist. WOT Year from Josh Marshall at TPM: "See the Corrupt Court for What It Is"

      Meanwhile, Justice Kavanaugh, himself a former Republican political operative rinsed and rebranded as a High Court Justice, issued another ruling to restrict voting access in the current election. Critically and ominously he added what amounted to a threat to use the Court to block vote counting after election day or mail-in votes altogether. Kavanaugh laundered Trump’s tweet threats into SCOTUS-ese. But the message was the same. He aped the Trump’s line about “chaos” and uncertainty if there’s no definitive result on election night even though the election night result is purely a function of election calls by media organizations. No states publish or certify election results on election night. It always takes days and usually weeks to do.

      Plus, Tierney Sneed's article: "Trump’s Justices Have Finally Spelled Out Their Hardcore Approach To Election Disputes"


      States with Election-Day ballot deadlines “want to avoid the chaos and suspicions of impropriety that can ensue if thousands of absentee ballots flow in after election day and potentially flip the results of an election,” Kavanaugh wrote. “And those States also want to be able to definitively announce the results of the election on election night, or as soon as possible thereafter.”


      She dismissed Kavanaugh’s rhetoric about court orders that could somehow “flip” the results.

      “[T]here are no results to ‘flip’ until all valid votes are counted. And nothing could be more ‘suspicio[us]’ or ‘improp[er]’ than refusing to tally votes once the clock strikes 12 on election night,” she said. “To suggest otherwise, especially in these fractious times, is to disserve the electoral process.”


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