Assume a D President with D Senate and House in January 2021 – what first?

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2009 – Obama is inaugurated (to a sizeable live crowd) and had a D Senate and House.
D Senate for 15 or 16 months, D house until January 2011.

He chose healthcare and passed the ACA.

He had other big accomplishments. But ACA was the thing that he did with that D majority.

At the time, I agreed addressing healthcare was a good choice. (shouldda kept the public option, shouldda stabilized Medicare, shouldda wouldda couldda)

Assuming Biden has a D majority:

– healthcare?
– DACA/immigration reform?
– fix Social Security?
– fix Medicare?
– Fix voting rights and election security?
– restore control to COngress or weaken the office of the president
– fix the tax code?

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  1. 2Jung2Die says:

    Public health in general would be my top choice, with COVID management as a specific subset assuming it's still a problem in January. Healthcare coverage is extremely important, but COVID badly exposed American weakness and ignorance around public health practices, and it's been like having to watch a fat naked emperor complete with Nacho Cheese Doritos face makeup dance the Macarena while devouring a taco bowl and then sharting.

    • Meiner49er says:

      So much THIS. Given that we're likely to be on the tail of Wave 2 and in the throes of a recession, anything else will look shamelessly partisan.

    • MADCO says:

      OUAT, I learned and then taught others to do something called MECE* analysis.

      You are hitting on an area that cuts across everything in America which tends to suggest it's a fundamental category
      – National security (except for that Navy ship* that someone ignored on purpose, the DOD has had very low infection rates.)
      – health and well being
      – financial stability (not just personal – GDP)
      and on and on





      * MECE is a way of segmenting information into sub-elements that are mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive.

      Each element must “exclude” the other, i.e. be distinct,   and  “exhaust” the relevant field, i.e. contain everything in the field.  I have taught it as set theory (Venn diagrams), stochastic calculus, business models, and seat of the pants knowing.



  2. davebarnes says:


    An executive order repealing 100% of Fat Donnie™'s executive orders.

  3. kickshot says:

    If all of this legislation that has a 60%+ public approval is not already written and ready to pass on day 1 then it should be. 

    Recovering from the dump fiasco is going to be a long and arduous task. legislator's cannot afford to waste time.

    I would add gun safety. Give Boebert a hill to die on.


    • MADCO says:

      "gun safety"

      A surefire way to lose the midterms hugely is to legislate guns in a way that allows the R claim see, Hollywood always wants to take your guns and religion

      • kickshot says:

        Gun safety is a winner

        America is ready to tell the NRA to shove it 


        • MADCO says:

          When I saw that I thought the "more strict' wa like "generic D"

          Polls well – not so well supported in the details.

          I think the "more strict" part a lot of Americans react to is
          sure, take away
          gun access 

          high capacitiy mags/clips
          specific types of ammo
          …from those other people, but not me.

          Look at the storage laws in other places (I'm thinking Europe and Massachussets)

          Widespread support -until I gotta get a better storage solution for my gun/guns, cause then there should be exceptions

    • notaskinnycook says:

      Why do you think Congress returns on January 3rd and POTUS new term 17 days later? To give Congress a head start on piling up bills for the President to start setting things to rights.


  4. Voyageur says:

    Outlaw the designated hitter rule.


  5. NOV GOP meltdown says:

    1) On day one have Biden tour ICE detention facilities, document everything, and get a humane, non batshit crazy assessment of what is going on. Fix the problem immediately. 

    2) Repeal the Trump tax cuts for the wealthiest individuals and corporations

    3) Strengthen Obamacare. Make an allowance for an option that doesn’t involve an insurer. Maybe just a pure public option, just something a little less greedy, heartless, and barbaric.

    4) Revoke Rush Limbaugh’s National Medal of Freedom. Unprecedented yes, but maybe it can be done.

    5) Prosecute the hell out of the Trump crime family, associates, the whole cabal. Restore the rule of law by making examples of them. Bonus points for any high level perp walk. Optics would be off the chart.

    6) Reset our completely mishandled relationship with Europe.  Same with Mexico, Canada, Japan, South Korea, etc. etc. Tell Putin, Kim, Bolsonaro, etc. to fuck themselves.

    7) Rejoin the Paris Agreement

    8) Work with people like Mitt Romney who showed courage during such a dark time and bucked the wave of Trumpism.

    9) Rename the Edmund Pettus Bridge the Honorable John Lewis Bridge. Celebrate his life and legacy.

    10) Space Force. Light it on fire, burn it to the ground, bury it, exhume it, beat it senseless, burn it again.

    A man can dream… Thanks for this thought exercise MADCO.  I feel a little better already !

    • MADCO says:

      "… can dream …"

      We better. If we don't, we might as well burn the whole thing down.

      We have to visualize and then execute.  No where in the founding docs does it say any of this will be easy.


      • NOV GOP meltdown says:

        Amen MADCO.  I am hopeful, and it looks very probable, that Dems are going to be given the keys to the kingdom.  It is highly important, vital even, that that power is utilized immediately to right a lot of wrongs, and do right by a lot of Americans and our allies as well.  You know, do what they voted you in to do. No screwing around.

    • Conserv. Head Banger says:

      @NOV GOP meltdown……..a different take……..assuming a new Administration.

      1) take a deep, really deep, breath…..

      2) look at everything regarding immigration. We need a better method of bringing in people who can actually help our economy. Australia & New Zealand do this; why not the US? Boost our support to NGOs in Central America, not the corrupt governments, to help shut off the flow of migrants. Do something about the G-D people smugglers. Fix the environmental damage caused by Trump’s Wall.

      3) DON’T REPEAL the Trump tax cuts, but be strategic. US already had one of the highest corporate tax rates in the developed world. Do a modest increase; maybe from 21% to 23%; and get rid of as many tax avoidance loopholes as possible. No more depletion allowances for big oil, as one example. Increase the annual individual earning amount subject to the payroll tax.

      4) Strengthen ObamaCare. Yes, but we also need a national good health effort. Stop paying taxes to support people who want to smoke, booze, drug, eat themselves into oblivion.

      5) Revoke Rush? Nah, that would be just as tacky as Trump giving him the award. Chalk it up to experience.

      6) Prosecute the hell…… Nope. Just free the Southern District of New York, the New York AG, and the Manhattan DA. They’ll do the rest. 

      7) Reset our relationships with all our allies. That’s a no-brainer.

      8) Rejoin the Paris Agreement, but fix it. Big polluters China and India ARE NOT developing countries.

      9) work with Mitt and any Republican who may find themselves “freed” from the insidious influence of Trump. If the Tea Party starts whining again about “deficits,” ask them where they were from 2017 to 2021. 

      10) Pettus Bridge. Yes, but let Alabama do it.

      11) Space Force? Nope, we already got plenty of dollars in the military.

      • NOV GOP meltdown says:

        CHB those are all good, sensible suggestions IMHO. 

        Regarding the repeal of tax cuts it is those pesky loopholes that make some effective tax rates close to a donut for a lot of corporations in particular.  For me it is an issue of paying your fair sure, not simply soaking the rich. There is no fiscal restraint on spending anymore, and at the same time less is going into the till, which is a recipe for disaster and needs to change. K street would have a fit of course…

        Revoking Rush – I'm just mostly disappointed that such a high honor would go to such a complete dirtbag.  He sullies the prestige of the award.

        Regarding prosecuting I should have mentioned I expect SDNY et al to do this. Any overreach on behalf of a new administration would not help the case, but there are myriad crimes from the Trump admin to investigate and prosecute. It would be nice to actually return to the rule of law.

      • gertie97 says:

        CHB, about your provision re Obamacare that no tax money would go to people whose lifestyles you deem unhealthy. Are you running for health nanny? Just who would determine who is unworthy? Are you sure you're a conservative?

        • Conserv. Head Banger says:

          @Gertie: my aversion for seeing my tax dollars going to those that I mentioned is actually a conservative position. Comes from spending a quarter century in social services work.

          Does that mean I support an appointment of a "health czar." No. I'm merely saying that the country needs a national good-health program; something like the Get Kids Outdoors program being done by Great Outdoors Colorado.

        • Duke Cox says:

          I know, right? He is really starting to sound like a socialist with all this national program talk. I agree with most of his points above. 

          He will be a bonafide lefty before long.wink

    • RepealAndReplace says:

      Good list but a couple of the items might be problematic.

       #5 will require the new AG to litigate the legality of the pardon Trump issues to himself before he leaves office. But the new administration should do everything possible to assist the Manhattan DA in going after Trump and family in state court criminal prosecutions.

      #1 will probably be a tie between (a) dealing with the next wave of COVID-19 and the public health issues, and (b) dealing with the next downturn in the economy resulting from the ongoing COVID problem.

      Immigration reform should be near the top of the list but do more than symbolic stuff like touring the ICE jails and cages. Release those kids and get them back with their parents. And get a comprehensive reform bill with pathway to citizenship, guest-worker program, etc.

      Some of these items are no-brainers (e.g., rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement, working with people like Romney and Murkowski).

      I'd love to see them rescind giving the Medal of Freedom to that fat POS but it probably can't be done.

  6. ParkHill says:

    (1) Eliminate the Filibuster

    (2) Fair elections 
     – End the gerrymandering by Political Party 
     – All vote-by-mail
     – Voter registration 4 All
     – Eliminate disenfranchisement for felons.

    (3) Counter the Republican Class war:
     – Higher taxes for high income, wealthy and estates
     – M 4 All (cliff) or Medicare buy-in (slippery-slope).
     – $15 minimum wage, which applies to hospitality & agriculture.

    • MADCO says:

      gerrymandering by Political Party 


      Would you included ending the electoral college?

    • notaskinnycook says:

      PH, I don't necessarily want the filibuster to go away, but I do want the symbolic form to. You want to filibuster? Fine, then you stand in the well of the House and talk until you can't stand or talk anymore. No more of this "I filibuster and therefore dam up the bill indefinitely."

  7. Bartels-James says:

    1. Voter protections. National vote by mail. Allows for long-term progressive ideals to come to the fore if we can all vote.

  8. kwtree says:

    1. Immigration. Open up the detention facilities to press, families seeking their lost loved ones, social agencies, lawyers. 

    Outlaw private prison profiteering from migrant concentration camps. Start the long process of reuniting families. Restart asylum processes. Find out where the bodies are buried and identify them. 

    2. Rejoin all climate accords. Adopt Green New Deal as aspiration, and come up with a plan to get to those goals. Restore the EPA department, web page, scientific research.

    3. Start work on Medicare for All plan.

    4. Root out the traitors in the Justice Department. Charge them with crimes if it can be proven.

    5. Let R B G finally retire! Nominate some good SCOTUS judges.

    6. Voting: accessible for all. Universal mail ballots, no disguised “poll taxes”. National popular vote.

    • MADCO says:

      1. Fix what we got, and plan for immigration overhaul


      4 Disbar lawyers who broke the law or abetted or colluded to break the law


      5 ask her point blank: who you want to replace you – naminate same.


  9. JohnInDenver says:

    There obviously are a wide range of possibilities for action.

    First day (or second, if the inaugural balls are exhausting) —

     * clarify the rules on when Presidents can and cannot be prosecuted, what they can and cannot be involved in, and if they can't be, change the stature of limitations to exclude any time blocked by the exemption.

     * establish meaningful rules on adherence to Hatch Act, conflicts of interest, personal integrity of appointees, appearances for Congressional testimony, and Freedom of Information Act responses.  Make the presumption that government information is owned by the people and should be provided UNLESS there are laws authorizing the restriction.  In disputes, the courts ought to have a presumption in favor or release.  Then establish a government wide Inspector General position and appoint a sane member of the opposition to the job.

     * Commit to have nominations sent to the Senate within a month of the vacancy. Request that the Senate establish rules or pass laws binding them to consider nominees and have an up or down vote on them within the time allowed for an "Acting" officer to fill the position or six months. "The Acting" do not advance good government.  Building judicial vacancies in hopes of a new partisan power is not good for the Judicial Branch.

     * Call for a reformed budget process, making a "continuing resolutions" unnecessary and government shut-downs impossible.  If there is no new budget passed, the existing budget will continue.

     * As for policy priorities, I think public health efforts to diminish COVID-19's effects and improve medical care and insurance come first.   Restoration of the economy and making the federal government's public works programs an "employer of last resort" ought to be a close second.

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