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“The palace is not safe when the cottage is not happy.”

–Benjamin Disraeli

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  1. unnamed says:

    I don't always say things stink, but when I do, I say Trump stinks.  Stay upwind my friends.

  2. Diogenesdemar says:

    President Punk-Ass’s personal attorney pours out a yuge can of his very bestest orange KKKraZy whoopass . . . 

    Rudy Giuliani’s TV Fight With Piers Morgan Goes Wildly Off The Rails
    “You sound completely barking mad,” the “Good Morning Britain” host told Donald Trump’s personal attorney. Then it got personal.

  3. Duke Cox says:

    White House chief of staff gives Ivanka Trump "credit" for photo-op where tear gas was used: 

    Ivanka was spotted transporting the Bible her dad hoisted like a WWE championship belt in a $1,540 MaxMara handbag


    President Donald Trump's widely-panned church photo-op was masterminded by senior White House adviser Ivanka Trump, according to a new report.

    White House chief of staff Mark Meadows revealed at a senior staff meeting that the photo-op was the first daughter's idea. While "others were getting credit for the church appearances," Meadows said it was Ivanka who "deserved the credit," two officials told The New York Times.

    Trump was allegedly "annoyed" after reports revealed that had been taken to the White House bunker — he now claims he was just "inspecting" it — as protesters closed in Friday on 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. As a result, Ivanka "urged" her dad to come up with a "more personal way of demonstrating toughness," The Times reported.

    Trump decided to walk to the church, which had been damaged by fire during the protests, but a plan to expand the security perimeter outside the White House had been delayed. Attorney General William Barr reportedly ordered federal forces to disperse the peaceful protesters at nearby Lafayette Park


  4. Pseudonymous says:

    Just wanted to pop in real quick.  I am in the meeting of the Independent Ethics Committee, where John Hickenlooper was subpoenaed to appear.  He did not.  This, despite having his request for a stay denied by a Denver judge last night.

    These are the remaining complaints against Hickenlooper.

    The commission has indicated that there was another pleading they received, which is likely an appeal of the judge's ruling (my guess).

    Why is Hick working so hard to avoid this?

    See you after election time. Be well.

    • MichaelBowman says:

      Whoa (or should I say Giddy Up?) 

    • harrydoby says:

      I know I'm not fully informed, but isn't Hick's issue one of logistics?  How does he confer privately with his counsel during questioning via Zoom?

      The charges also appear to be borne from fruit of a poisoned tree, IMHO.

      Is there something there?  Perhaps.  Would it result in a fine?  Perhaps so.  I guess he doesn't want to give Romanoff any ammunition before the primary.

      • MADCO says:

        There is no ammunition if there is no way to understand it

        Instead –

        I've seen this ad several times. I'm still not sure its good

        • Duke Cox says:

          First time I have seen it. I like the approach. I like the message as well. 

          I think this is far better than slick or cutesy ads produced by advertising firms or political propaganda mills. Andrews' strength is his sincerity.


          • Voyageur says:

            It's a fine piece but if it stays on you tube he's hiding his candle under a basket.  Cash is still king in politics.

            • JohnInDenver says:

              Yep …. and even on YouTube, there should have been a campaign to get more views, more likes, more comments.  Right now, the counts are  740 views; 14 likes (and 0 down thumbs, so there's that); and 1 comment.

              Is Romanoff's campaign NOT reaching out to those who donated, signed on as volunteers, and have indicated a willingness to vote for him?  If not, is it from some mis-placed sense of ethics, lack of social media advice, or or lack of capacity?


              • Duke Cox says:

                Let's ask him. 

                Hey, Andrew. You seem to be keeping a pretty low profile, some people are saying.

                Do you agree, and if so, why? If you or a campaign member could respond it would be great. I am hoping someone will pass this along to you.



      • JohnInDenver says:

        On Hickenlooper not showing up.

        EVERY platform I’ve used for interactive exchange has a mute button.  And Hickenlooper has shown the ability to stand up and walk out of camera range (and presumably away from stationary mics).    So I’d agree with the judge who said objections to the technology weren’t enough to put off the hearing.

        And a spoken or unspoken response of “I’m not going to follow court orders” ought to be more damning than even a blatant admission “yes, I got on private airplanes to go somewhere.”

      • The realist says:

        I posted on the other thread:

        "The courts of Colorado have been functioning for several months on the Webex platform. There have been advisements, dispositional hearings, sentencing, and many other kinds of hearings – just about everything except jury trials. But Hick doesn’t think it’s fair for his ethics hearing to be held on Webex."

        Actual district and county court hearings have been held for several months on Webex, since the COVID shutdown of in-person hearings. Attorneys and clients have found ways to have private meetings. It has worked. (The little) people have been found guilty, sentenced to probation, jail, prison, fines, whatever. But the "big" people can't use the same process??!


  5. harrydoby says:

    Alexandra Petri is doing her own Onion/Borowitz impression.  Here is a good one:

    Trump explains his favorite Bible stories

    Exodus: Egypt, a land of very good administration, responds correctly to a series of plagues by changing nothing about its daily lives or routines.

    Golden Calf: People are inexplicably punished for worshiping something shiny and fake.

    Lazarus: Very good illustration of how easy it is to recover if you put your mind to it and why nobody needs health coverage.

    Job: Someone is treated almost but not quite as badly as Donald Trump gets treated every day.

    Ruth: Ruth accompanies her relative Naomi to a new country in a disgraceful instance of chain migration.

    Two Corinthians: There are Corinthians, and there are two of them, for sure!

  6. harrydoby says:

    Oh great!  Our own alum, David Sirota, is at the heart of a circular firing squad that is squandering the efforts to unite the Democratic effort to defeat Trump.


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