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May 14, 2020 03:37 PM UTC

GarCo Sheriff Refuses To Shut Down "Yosemite Samantha"

  • by: Colorado Pols
Lauren Boebert.

We wrote yesterday about the reopening of the Shooters Gill in Rifle by owner and Republican CD-3 congressional challenger Lauren Boebert, vowing “I’m not going to let the government tell me what to do” and resuming her lunch service of chicken tenders with a side of armed wait staff. KJCT-TV Grand Junction reports that Boebert has been served with a restraining order sought by Garfield County Public Health Department authorities in response to news reports, but you can still show up for sit-down service:

After receiving a cease and desist order Tuesday, and then getting a temporary restraining order on Wednesday, Shooters Grill owner Lauren Boebert decided to open up her restaurant again on Thursday morning- this time on the street…

“I’ve been patient, followed all of the proper channels, and provided services in a safe and responsible manner using the same guidelines as neighboring Mesa County restaurants,” says Boebert. “Yesterday, Governor Polis bragged to President Trump about Colorado opening, but the reality is that small business owners like me who don’t have Washington DC lobbyists are getting crushed and being treated like criminals while big box stores are open for business.”

According to Garfield County officials, Boebert continued to operate Tuesday night. She was open again Wednesday night, which is when Boebert was served with a temporary restraining order.

But in a Facebook post today, Garfield County Sheriff Lou Vallario, one of the state’s aspiring to tabloid glory politician-sheriffs and an early endorser of Boebert’s primary campaign against incumbent Rep. Scott Tipton, made it clear that “Yosemite Samantha” has little to worry about:

I was the first Sheriff she asked for an endorsement of her campaign for Congress and without hesitation I gladly did, knowing I was bucking the mainstream party. As far as I know, I am the only Sheriff pictured in her campaign material. I admire her strength, her tenacity and her courage. She challenged Presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke and told him that he was not taking her guns! I didn’t do that and neither did any of you. I like her moxie and think we need more of that in Congress. I support her willingness to challenge the illegal and unconstitutional directives we are all facing during this Covid-19 issue. She and I have spoken about the possible consequences and she’s willing to fight for her rights.

But, despite all of that, some have accused me of ignoring my responsibility to the Constitution. So, let me make this clear: I am a firm believer in our system of three co-equal branches of government and due process. These edicts issued by governors and health departments, in my opinion, violate those basic principals of our rule of law and violate our Constitution. [Pols emphasis] Many constitutional lawyers agree, as did the Wisconsin Supreme Court who recently ruled their Governor’s “Safer at home” orders UNLAWFUL!

I will not arrest anyone who violates these health orders, because the rule of law and due process are absent…

Once again, a life-or-death question of enforcing the law comes down to one sheriff’s discretion. And much like the refusal of some Colorado sheriffs to enforce the state’s new “red flag” law, this arbitrary disregard for state law could very well have deadly consequences.

Like we said yesterday, other than the likelihood of spreading pandemic disease among the Shooters Grill’s freedom-loving patrons, this little grandstand is nothing but positive in terms of Boebert’s primary bid to unseat Scott Tipton. Even though the public overwhelmingly condemns these kinds of antics in defiance of public health orders, Republican primary voters are the one segment of the electorate to whom this is heroism instead of rank stupidity. Not even the praise President Donald Trump had for Gov. Jared Polis yesterday will trouble the people Boebert wants to turn out to vote with this stunt, because in the end the “COVID resistance movement” is not about reality. It’s about finding somebody to blame for events that surpass their own comprehension.

So if you’re looking for a little adventure with your tenders, head on over to Lauren Boebert’s “COVID Cafe!” The local sheriff isn’t going to stop you because freedom, and the only people whose lives you’re risking are your own–and everyone you come in contact with. And everyone they come in contact with. And so forth.


40 thoughts on “GarCo Sheriff Refuses To Shut Down “Yosemite Samantha”

  1. Sheriff  Vallario needs to understand the difference between “principals” and “principles.” 

    Of the latter, he has none. (Exhibit A:  Don’t defend your reasons for not enforcing a restraining order by (at the very first) emphasizing how you were the first sheriff to endorse a candidate for Congress.)

      1. I wonder how that works…


        "Well, Ossifer Deputy, I am feeling that the Constitutionality of this encounter is askew, and note that the 14th Amendment guarantees me Equal Protection under the law, while the 4th and 5th afford me some Due Process rights. Furthermore, under the 1st Amendment me telling you these things is perfectly lawful and no cause to remove your TASER…" and ZZZZZZZZap. 

    1. It is also a bit confusing that the Colorado Sheriff is relying on the decision of a Wisconsin Supreme Court. 

      Here's hoping there is a follow-up on the show of defiance.  I'm uncertain if the best approach would be sending the National Guard to enforce the order or yanking the licenses.  Or perhaps there are other enforcement actions. 

  2. There have been counter-demonstrations around the country with people dressed up as the Grim Reaper having "acolytes" bring in body bags. That being said, it would be the American way to picket this lady's establishment.

  3. “And, our consolation winner, coming in second place in our first annual Covid GoFundMe Sweepstakes, with a respectable freedumb publicity total earnings of $104.37, . . .

    . . . is Shooters Grill from Rifle, Wesgonesoon!!!

    Love those cheese curds! Go Packers!

    We’re all very proud and tickled to see this steak knife set find such a really great home.”

  4. When does the CBI or AG or FBI or someone not from the county get to step in and replace the sheriff ?

    If the county voters elect someone who will not enforce the law or do whatever the sheriff is supposed to do, is recall the only legal option?

    1. We are talking about Garfield county here, Madco. It is only slightly more enlightened than Mesa county….because of Carbondale, mostly.

      We don't take kindly to no flatlander city folks messing round in our bidness. 


      1. Well, I can't argue about Mesa County although I do like living in GJ. Ray Scott and Rose Pugliese will trade seats and keep the crazy going, Janet Rowland will probably get in. The light is Kathryn Bedell but I doubt she has a chance.

    2. If voters elect someone who decides on his/her own which laws to follow and which ones to ignore then they have elected a person with a criminal mindset.

    1. I still can't help but hope she wins the primary over Tipton just to see what the R's would do about her congressional campaign

      1. I think that they’d triangulate and run Brophy for Buck’s seat in CD4, or maybe just for GOP Chair for now. Buck has pissed too many people off.
        Brophy seems “reasonable” compared to Boebert, competent compared to Buck. Brophy was. Buck’s Co S, now is an an oil and gas lobbyist, but has been posturing about mail ballots, as Michael B noted, and preaching to the GOP choir. 

        1. Be careful what you wish for, Mr. Prosser. They're more likely to pick Ray Scott or Pugliese. Tipton is a nice human being, albeit not the brightest bulb.

        2. Whenever I see Brophy in Capitol hearings he identifies as a lobbyist for the NRA. The CO SoS website shows him as such. Maybe he's O&G also?


          PS. You were correct about P. Buck being on the staircase in that photo with Bunn, Saine, Marble, Reames, Hollywood, the therapy dog, etc.

          1. My info re: Brophy was out of date. He was lobbying for Michael West Strategies with an energy portfolio, on “western state issues” from 2016-2018. . Best is a GOP powerhouse, still headed by former RNC Chair Reince Priebus.

            However, Brophy apparently left Best in 2018 and has been lobbying as Brophy Strategies, LLC, since, for various clients. The NRA apparently pays really well at $10 grand a month.

            What with all Brophy’s posturing against mail ballots, and for “reopening Colorado”, against Daylight Savings Time and the Green New Deal, it still looks to me like he’s trying to position himself for run for higher office.

            Thanks for confirming my identification of Perry Buck as one of those hanging out with the Legislative Crazy Caucus and terrorist  Brad Bunn. As a woman, I know how easy it is to drastically change appearance with hair, clothes and makeup- but height, build, and facial structure remains the same. 

            1. The staircase photo is distant and fuzzy but the similarities with plus her political leanings and attachments were convincing to me.

              Yet another R do-nothing legislator, getting paid by her constituents to do nothing. 4 out 5 of her bills were PI’d in a pandemic-shortened session.

              Working hard to preserve the minority!!!!

  5. Late news…

    It appears Garfield county, perhaps the State, has suspended or revoked the food service license of Yosemite Samantha. 

    1. Following up. I am unable to verify that information. My Cat saw the story on FOX news last night., but I can't find the story …yet.

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