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September 27, 2010 03:49 PM UTC

Monday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

We live in a political world

Turning and trashing about

As soon as you’re awake

You’re trained to take

What looks like the easy way out

–Bob Dylan


123 thoughts on “Monday Open Thread

  1. The easy way out is to campaign in lies and simplistic balonga.  And when that isn’t working, stir in some fear. A little gray hair, more fear.  Tough talk.

    Comprehension is not only optional, it is actually a hindrance.  Buck, Maes. Tancredo – this is the Colorado R leadership?

  2. He can put on a show according to the daily paper that doesn’t want to be named.

    Hundreds of cowboy-boot-clad supporters, bikers and autograph-seeking preteens gathered Sunday at the Grizzly Rose Western dance hall for a Tom Tancredo fundraiser that was more traveling show than political event.


    self-proclaimed “America’s Toughest Sheriff” Joe Arpaio and television’s Duane “Dog” Chapman of “Dog the Bounty Hunter” fame.

    Tanc did make one profound (?) political statement:

    “It’s up to us to tell the federal government, ‘You can go pound sand. We’ll take care of ourselves,'”

        1. states can’t trump feds on immigration without  fundamental change going all the way through the Supremes.  As with Roe v Wade, the last thing the GOP leadership wants is what they ask for.  If they solved the immigration issues and got Roe v Wade overturned they’d be very hard pressed to come with anything half as good to motivate their base and distract from the fact that their economic policies are aimed at turning the US into a banana republic servicing the interests of a tiny wealth and power elite while keeping the rest of us poor, fearful and stupid.  

      1. Which he fully intends to keep on collecting (and nearly half of which he earned after violating his term limits pledge), in violation of one of the American Constitution Party’s key platform planks.

        What a tool.

      1. with horror about tragedies caused by crumbling infrastructure in poor third world countries and feel all smug and superior? Those things, so we thought, would never happen in  the wealthy, civilized, smart, efficient, can-do, un-corrupt USA. Thanks to what Bush senior rightly called voodoo economics those days are gone.

        1. churches and community groups to have more money so they can come together and fix levees. (And more efficiently than the federal government, too!) I can certainly decide how to divert water better with my own money than some “professional engineer.”

    1. Colbert did something that hit the committee hard, honesty and sarcasm. He was great in his role and a 2X4 to the noggins of those whose only goal is to be kneeled to.

      That Hoyer was embarrassed says a lot about how out of touch he and King are with our country.  

      1. As long as those in Congress who view themselves as royalty can blame the Colberts and the citizens for what’s wrong, they don’t have to do anything meaningful.  We are electing the wrong people for these difficult times.

        1. those are the people who are running for office, and people who might actually take a stand and try to change things rarely get elected (not never, just not often).

          1. are not always doing the candidate recruitment, vetting and selection that they need to do.  Parties are so used to being less important in the day of PAC-funded campaign ads, that they forget they have a crucial function in candidate selection (cf. the Dan Maes fiasco).

    2. I thought you might have gone to the dark side. I opened the link. Now I doubt that is what you’ve done.

      I think Markey has done a good job, though I don’t live in her district. What is your view?

          1. – I’ll sponsor a Constitutional amendment to ban abortion – I mean no I won’


            – FAIR tax is/is not a good idea, except when I said it was

            – Privatized Social Security would be a better idea

            – Amendment 62 is a good idea – nope, I meant bad.

            – We should consider raising taxes, except I meant only tax cuts should be allowed

            To be fair, we should all understand that Buck had a close primary and he had to run as far right as he could possibly even hint at.  It’s not like he meant any of the really crazy stuff – right?

        1. Do you think the Republican platform is “in the best interests” of the people of CD4? Whether or not some/many/most of those people have been bamboozled into thinking so? I keep returning to What’s the Matter with Kansas (and a lot of CD4 residents could qualify as honorary Kansasans), and the notion that the best way for Democrats to go is to behave like liberal Republicans on the theory that first and foremost, above all else, we’ve gotta get into office, even if that means dying our doggy fur bright blue. I concede there are elements of a dilemma in this.

    3. He seemed a bit squishy on a few things. But now that I’ve read your website, I’ve come to realize that he has the backbone to do what needs to be done. I’m definitely going to do everything I can to get him elected. 😉

          1. A poster provides information or references to him or herself and when that information is referenced by others, it should not be considered an attempt to out that poster?  How odd.

            Oh, that’s right 180Вє

            Got it. Everyday is opposite day. Wait, I mean no day is opposite day.  

              1. Who is David?

                I don’t know any David.

                Are you saying that a poster who provides his or her “real” name  in his or her own posts cannot be “outed” in a way that violates the CoPols rules? Thats’ weird, because I remember an exchange between two fools…. oh, wait …

                it’s another “opposite” thing, right? Dangit, 180Вє, you got me again.

                1. It appears I was wrong. His screen name is DavidThi808. “David” is included in that name, just like “wilson” is included in mine. It’s just an abbreviation.

                  1. You are wilson – you were in that movie with Forrest Gump. You were sorta like Pinky & The Brain (….one of you’s a genius, the other one’s insane….)

                    I got it. So a poster who includes a name in his user name cannot be outed by assembling inf he has posted about him or herself.  I understand.    180Вє

                    1. I am definitely like the Brain, except my plan to take over the world is proceeding quite nicely. 🙂

                      How do you still not understand what outing is? When you use the real name of a person which is not contained in their screen name, it is outing. Especially if you post all of their personal information together with it, in an attempt to solicit people to sue them.

        1. Just got back from walking precincts for both of them this afternoon, actually. Almost every unaffiliated voter we talked to was voting straight Republican.

      1. Not sure one can destabilize that which is already unstable! However, Pakistan has a history, which includes any number of military coups. Suggest an office pool: wanna bet that these cross-border strikes were cleared, in some sense, with someone, at some level, in Islamabad? OTOH, there’s always the boys at ISI who may be itching for an excuse to get back to the good old days. To say nothing of the brothers ready to hit the streets. Allah Akbar and pass the AK47!

        1. Stability is a relative thing I think. Having the government topple and the nukes get into the hands of the really crazy folks over there is a terrifying thought. Far worse than anything the ISI could or would do in truth (and I readily acknowledge they are a bad lot in themselves…)

  3. from Business Insider

    Here’s what China’s doing:

    China is doing moon shots. Yes, that’s plural. When I say “moon shots” I mean big, multibillion-dollar, 25-year-horizon, game-changing investments. China has at least four going now: one is building a network of ultramodern airports; another is building a web of high-speed trains connecting major cities; a third is in bioscience, where the Beijing Genomics Institute this year ordered 128 DNA sequencers – from America – giving China the largest number in the world in one institute to launch its own stem cell/genetic engineering industry; and, finally, Beijing just announced that it was providing $15 billion in seed money for the country’s leading auto and battery companies to create an electric car industry, starting in 20 pilot cities. In essence, China Inc. just named its dream team of 16-state-owned enterprises to move China off oil and into the next industrial growth engine: electric cars.

    And here’s what we’re doing:

    Not to worry. America today also has its own multibillion-dollar, 25-year-horizon, game-changing moon shot: fixing Afghanistan.

    1. republicans would not stand for such progress.

      High speed trains


      Electric cars.

      single payer Health care

      Again republicans will not tolerate any of that “Progressiveness!”

    2. Cory supports the Personhood Amendment which will make all abortion and some birth control illegal. Cory will clearly work in Congress to make abortion illegal.

      If your sig line is ironic, it was lost on me.

      1. Because that’s really what’s hindering US economic progress, those continual terror attacks we’ve had. What’s it been, BJ — every month since 2001? Or just every year?

                  1. I was talking about you.  

                    Your conservative philosophy apparently indicates that when there’s fighting to be done in the interest of US national security someone should take the fight to the bad guys outside the US.  You’re welcome.

                    But the question I asked with respect to “over there” – is who’s next?  I can think of a hostile country, run by a loon, with nukes and likely  bio and chem weapons. Are you advocating the US should invade and occupy that country?

                    I can think of others that pose a threat – are you ready to invade and/or occupy there?

                    see chickenhawk

                    1. The 9/11 attackers trained in Afghanistan. That is why we went there. How simple to I have to make this for you?

                    2. “I have always supported Dan Maes Tom ‘Looney Tunes’ Tancredo.”

                      One line.  15 lines.  It doesn’t matter–cause when you are working with the skill set you demonstrate and the material you regurgitate then, well, silk purse, sow’s ear–all that.  

                    3. Kidding. But you’re not really one to talk what with Soros, Stryker, Gill, Polis, and Bridges pulling your strings.

                    4. As for Pakistan, we have conducted cross border strikes in cooperation with their government. We considered doing target strikes in Yemen too in coordination with their government. Personally though, I think we should stick to one war at a time.

                    5. I have questioned the military objectives.  Nation building is not a good idea, for example.

                      I asked where next?

                      Clearly based on your allusion to some kind of standard for when the US should use military force to achieve security objectives, there are other countries which harbor or pose a threat.   Where to next?

                      Or can your logic just be so straightforwardly simple minded – Wherever the Republican leadership chooses.

                    6. We’ve done enough fighting for a while, and we need to concentrate on things at home. Like the economy, which Obama and the Dems have screwed.

                    7. Combat ops in Iraq are over.

                      Afghanstan will be soon.

                      But you implied that your conservatism defined a standard or doctrine when the US should militarily intervene in other other countries or to achieve military objectives.  

                      ANd that both Iraq and Afghanistan met that standard.

                      I can think of other countries that are just as much or more a threat to the US – yet you do not want to engage and fight.


                    8. combat operations are not over in Iraq, as 50,000 troops are still in combat daily. Afghanistan is getting worse; just today the Taliban is trying to make a deal with Karzai because they see how impotent the U.S. is. Now is no time to be starting another war. We’re fighting the wars we are for good reason – 9/11 comes to mind. Democrats voted for the wars too.


                      I supported both.  The difference appears to be that I understand why I did and you only need a an R to say it was ok.

                    1. I wasn’t aware that I was only defending the rights of those in uniform to use the First Amendment.  Silly me, I thought that anyone was allowed to speak out on any subject.  Thanks for making it clear jp that only those of us who served may speak out on this subject.

                      So, when did you serve?

                    2. It isn’t a First Amendment issue for telling a chicken hawk pussy to shut the fuck up when he is advocating for others to go and die for a “cause” which he has no intention of supporting with his own life and limb. It is an integrity issue.

                      Yours is a bullshit response from someone who can’t tell the difference between a blogger telling a bullshit artist to shut up and the government restraining free speech. Not even a nice try.

                      And I served my country for over seven years to defend the rights of others who didn’t, but that doesn’t stop me from calling them on their bullshit.

                    3. STFU!

                      You never have anything to say that isn’t full of bile and hatred.  You can’t disagree with anyone without heaping abuse upon them and are one of the most extreme posters here.  

                      You have never had anything useful to say that didn’t include personal attacks on those who disagree with you.  

                      Yours is a bullshit response to shut up anyone who you don’t like, and disagree with.

                    4. but your rant against me is a load of shit. I have called a number of people here on what I perceive is their bullshit rhetoric, rhetoric which is usually devoid of any reason. BJ is one of the leaders in this regard. In fact, I rarely deign to respond to anything he says any more because he is immune to reason and facts.

                      But it offends me to have him sit here and talk about “fighting them over there so we don’t have to fight them here” when he has never and likely will never fight anyone anywhere. He won’t put his ass on the line and pony up so his rhetoric is pure bullshit.

                      So, go ahead and defend him if you like. It’s a free country after all and CP is a very benevolent blog site. They let people do and say almost anything here.

                    5. I don’t know where you guys get this mistaken idea that I am advocating for war. I have said several times that we should do what we need to in Afghanistan and then GET THE HECK OUT!!!

              1. Does this mean you think we should “get” Kim Jong Il?  Ahmadinejad?  Plenty of countries are misrun by corrupt despotic leaders – do you advocate we “get” them all?

                If “getting Hussein” was given as the reason for the 2003 invasion and occupation of Iraq, I doubt many AMericans would have been supportive.

              2. No WMD’s, no sponsership of terrorists (who were his enemies too), no massing of armies on any of Iraq’s borders, all add up to no threat. What a colossal waste that was, except for our interests in being able to access Iraq’s vast oil reserves.

                    1. the irony, the insanity, the pain …. if we built a solar industry there and continued importing our energy from Iraq?

                  1. Because they were not in any condition to be used.

                    The UN sanctions said he couldn’t have any, it’s true, even in an unusable state, but the stuff was not being prepared for use, and there was never any evidence that anyone was getting it ready. And the UN sanctions did not proscribe invasion and overthrow as remedy for this paltry violation.

                    Fact: overthrowing Saddam did not increase American security, and it will take a long time to see if it’s stable enough without a dictatorship to have added to that region’s security. Even if that comes to pass, you’ll be hard pressed to say that the blood and expense justified it all.

            1. He just outed Jeremiah as a bullfrog!

              And since he was a good friend of mine,

              he’s getting close to outing me.

              Well, I gotta go drink some mighty fine wine, but when I come back, I expect Gray in Muffins to have been banished to Steve Harvey’s Colorado Confluence.

    3. but we can’t get enough of the cheap Wal-Mart crap from China, can we? Or cheap off-shore labor from India.

      Tell me David, does your company use off-shore programmers? Or do you bring foreign talent here to work via the H1B program? If you answer yes to either question, then you’re part of the problem and not the solution.

      1. Most in Colorado. And all are citizens. With that said, we will use people elsewhere as we grow. Just in terms of best supporting our customers timezone-wise, we will eventually open an office in Asia and one in Europe.

        1. I hope you don’t listen to any accountants or business process consultants who tell you how much better your bottom line will be wen you can get the “same” work done at a fraction of the cost by using off-shore talent as opposed to American talent. I can also tell you from experience that the results will not be equal, regardless of the savings.

  4. I got my “sample ballot” and “blue book” from Denver Election Office and the repubs all have top line designation for the major offices.  How come?  

    Did they draw for place, is it arbitrary, or am I missing something?

    I respect that Ellis is now working for the Office and has to be non-partisan.  But, I think that this is a procedural question, not a political one.

    Thanks, all.

      1. The personal attacks have turned in to a curse and I am now probably in the beginning stages of demenia…  

        Beware, of the power of the blog curse…particularly if one has not been gifted with  the decoder ring which provides, in addition to a key to the secret messages, a cone of white light to protect from the evil curses which abound on those who dare to disagree with those who cannot be named…

        However, I really goofed.   I had a good friend a million years ago who was named Dan Ellis.  That is why I didn’t realize my mistake.

        I will find out the answer to my question, myself, post it here and then begin practicing counting backwards by 7’s from 100…

        Thank you, Ralphie, for so kindly calling my attention to the mistake.

          1. I did get some info from the Denver Election Office.  Evidently, position on the ballot is decided by a coin toss in the Secretary of State’s office.  The Republicans won the coin toss on important races.

        1. I do the same things, as does about anybody over 65.  I was serious in recommending Jean Carper’s book about 100 things you can do to hold off alzheimers and other forms of dementia.  I’m reading it now.  

            One tip — drink a glass or two of red wine a day.  (not more, or it screws you up, and red wine, not white.)  It convinced me to switch from my one-a-day beer habit to a one-a-day wine.

           And the most important thing is to stay mentally active.  So keep on blogging, mistakes and all, and even if it means you go on ragging my ass, do it — sassing you back will help me too.


  5. I just tried to write Willis with the proper number of ll’s and i’s  and the preview kept showing three ls…but it was correct in the comment box….

    Is it me, again,….or an evil presence?  This is like the movie “Gaslight.”

  6. …or is that small town:

    Jeremy N. Morlock, one of five American soldiers accused by Army investigators of taking part in the murders of three Afghan civilians this year, appeared at a hearing to determine the formal charges against him.

    Specialist Morlock was accused by the Army of taking part in all three killings during his deployment in Afghanistan’s Kandahar province…. (T)he accused ringleader, Staff Sgt. Calvin Gibbs, collected fingers and other body parts from Afghan corpses after the killings and said that he had gotten away with similar killings in Iraq….

    As Reuters reported: Morlock, from Wasilla, Alaska….


  7. Thanks for the advice.  I might add that counting backwards from 100 by 7 is the “quick and dirty” test for demenia….we have a small group which meets daily and practices, trying always to keep one step ahead of our kids with the concerned looks…

    The wine sounds great….somedays I read that cancer survivors should do the wine and other days I read that cancer survivors should never touch the stuff…and yet other days, I just drink continuously.

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