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“Revolution is engendered by an indignation with tyranny, yet is itself pregnant with tyranny.”

–William Godwin

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  1. DavidThi808 says:

    Another big concern is latency. There are companies that are still doing ok because of work in process. For example realtors might not see and substantial decrease in income for the first 4 – 6 weeks into the pandemic because they are completing deals that were closed. And then it decreases over the next 4 – 6 weeks.

    And by the same token, when we get the economy going again, and things are running smoothly and people are looking at houses again, it could be 3 months before deals are closing again. So much of the economy is going well and some segments are still in a really bad place.

    • DENependent says:

      “When” we get the economy going again? Surely the word used should be “if”. I think the likelihood of a full blown decade long depression is high. We have a lot of educational, infrastructure, and political debts in America that have been run up over 30 years and we may not have what is needed to pay them down.

      • Diogenesdemar says:

        “Science ain't an exact science with these clowns . . . ” 12 Monkeys

        Step 1 is always gonna’ be the first step.

        Without adequate testing and screening the answers to any “When?” or “If?” are going to remain “Not yet” and “Not until”.

        • DENependent says:

          I agree the first step is testing and screening.

          What I fear is that the lack of coordination or planning will mean that even if sufficient tests become available most Americans won’t be able to get tested. The pandemic crisis will drag on and on even though we could theoretically bring it to and end. And if the tests are literally not available (not just unavailable without insurance and a referral) the pandemic drags on until we have natural immunity. Either way it makes the economic situation worse.

          Right now we are on a course to having both the economic situation and the pandemic solve themselves by the long run, do nothing plan. Quite a lot of people die in the long run.

  2. Diogenesdemar says:

    It is more than just testing.

    Remember that Dr. Trump (aided by such trusted Fox News epidemiologists as Laura Ingraham) has been plugging hydroxychloroquine as a miracle cure for Covid-19. Americans have been listening: 46 percent of registered voters in a Morning Consult/Politico poll say the drug should be used as a treatment even though the National Institutes of Health is only now launching a study into its clinical effectiveness.

    Trump’s medicine-show hucksterism is already looking like more of an illusion than a breakthrough, with The Washington Post reporting that the national search for a viable treatment for Covid-19 has been “disorganized and scattershot, harming its prospects for success.”

    Meanwhile, millions of voters have been waiting for three weeks for their promised $1,200 stimulus checks. With the rent overdue in many cases and money for groceries scarce, they were undoubtedly overjoyed to learn that the delay might stretch on even longer as Treasury works to inscribe the left side of each of their checks with the words “President Donald J. Trump.”  

    As president, Trump has refused to recognize the difference between talking about something and actually seeing it done. The result, in almost every sphere of American life, has been bloviating incompetence.

    With the economy in free fall, a rational GOP president would cater to small businesses, who lean Republican and who are the bedrock of Main Street values. Owners of shops, salons, and small manufacturers took an immediate hit from the coronavirus. But when the White House rolled out the Paycheck Protection Program, it was an administrative disaster; major banks were initially incapable of processing loans, and now, the $349 billion originally allocated for the program has been almost entirely exhausted, with an estimated 700,000 unprocessed applications in limbo.

    Trump Can’t Lie His Way Out of This One

  3. MichaelBowman says:

    Posted without comment: 

    March 2020 was the first March without a school shooting in the U.S. since 2002

    March 2020 was apparently the first March in nearly two decades without a school shooting in the U.S. Schools across America have been shut down since early March as a prevention measure to slow the spread of coronavirus



  4. harrydoby says:

    George Conway and the Lincoln Project endorse Joe Biden for president — a first for them.

    Today, the United States is beset with a president who was unprepared for the burden of the presidency and who has made plain his deficits in leadership, management, intelligence and morality.

    When we founded the Lincoln Project, we did so with a clear mission: to defeat President Trump in November. Publicly supporting a Democratic nominee for president is a first for all of us. We are in extraordinary times, and we have chosen to put country over party — and former vice president Joe Biden is the candidate who we believe will do the same.

    Unlike Trump, Biden is not an international embarrassment, nor does he demonstrate malignant narcissism. A President Biden will steady the ship of state and begin binding up the wounds of a fractured country. We have faith that Biden will surround himself by advisers of competence, expertise and wisdom, not an endless parade of disposable lackeys.

    • itlduso says:

      The Lincoln Project includes Steve Schmidt.  It's always buckle up time when he starts one of his soliloquys about Trump.  He and Nicole Wallace are doing their darndest to work off the sin of foisting Sarah Palin on America. 

      • Duke Cox says:

        "OMG…What have I done?"

        Their feelings of guilt must be profound. Justifiably so, I suppose. The success of "the Caribou Barbie" was a major boost for the Tea Party cum "Orange Horde". 

  5. DavidThi808 says:

    I just found out something cool. One of our ISVs have their software (which includes our software) being used to produce the documents for the SBA loans. So Windward is a part of getting a lot of small businesses their SBA money.

    And one of our pharma customers is using our software for all the reports they need to generate around their work trying to find a COVID-19 vaccine

  6. ParkHill says:

    WOTD from Zack Beauchamp at Vox: "The coronavirus fight demands unity. But Republicans just want to own the libs."

    Without comment:

    “The contemporary Republican Party has been built to wage ideological and partisan conflict more than to manage the government or solve specific social problems,” Hopkins writes. “So perhaps it shouldn’t be shocking that an array of subjects, from what medical treatment might help COVID patients to how important it is to take measures protecting the lives of the elderly, have been drawn into the perpetual political wars.”

    This analysis draws on Hopkins’s book Asymmetric Politics: Ideological Republicans and Group Interest Democrats, coauthored with Michigan State’s Matt Grossmann. In the book, Hopkins and Grossman argue that there’s a fundamental structural difference between the Democratic and Republican parties: While the former is a coalition of social groups, the latter is primarily a vehicle for a single cohesive ideological movement.

    This difference makes it much easier for conservative Republicans to push the party to the fringes on the right than it does for leftist Democrats to do the same. But it also means that the GOP is less able to shift its policy approach to adapt to specific policy problems: It is so consumed by ideology, so preoccupied with the war on Democrats and liberals, that it cannot countenance cooperating with them to address a shared national problem. The Republican party needs a perpetual liberal enemy.

    In other countries — Canada, for example — the coronavirus has created unprecedented levels of cross-party cooperation and consensus, as everyone recognizes that it’s in the common national interest to fight the virus through mass measures like social distancing.

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