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September 19, 2010 06:19 PM UTC

(Agent) Dan's To-Do

  • by: ClubTwitty

(and Help Ken Buck ID his next ‘Buckpedal’ (poll) – promoted by ClubTwitty)

Time is getting short and we all know that time is mission critical.  

To be helpful to an under-appreciated staff, I wanted to provide a little list with some of the outstanding to-dos that Dan Maes has dangled out there as his campaign lurches from crisis to crisis.  Better to get these wrapped up than hanging out there like piñatas.  

! Issue press release with last Friday’s amaesing news: ‘Half Million Dollar Miracle: Dan Maes Races to the Top!

Predicting a historic fundraising surge is a bold and risky move.  Or terribly desperate.  But props to Dan if he pulled if off.

! Make public his Liberal PD personnel file to help voters understand the Serpico comparison.

! Share the email ‘trump card’ that verifies it.

Talk about your colorful and fun targets dangling temptingly in front of eager children bloggers, with promises of sweets to come!


Anyhow, the above is offered not only for the staff–as they try not to allow campaign distractions keep them from updating their résumés; but also to solicit all of yours’ suggestions–what else does Dan Maes need to get wrapped up to secure his win for The People on November 2?

Also in that spirit, I want to help identify what remains out there for Ken Buck to switch clarify shift flip flop on lie about adjust his position on?  Poll follows.  


Help Ken Buck Identify his next 'Buck Pedals!'

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37 thoughts on “(Agent) Dan’s To-Do

  1. Tom Tancredo’s 20-point ‘Contract with Colorado’

      1. I will veto any bill and oppose any referendum or initiative that seeks to increase state taxes, or temporarily or permanently relax any spending cap or Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TABOR) limit.

      2. I will rescind the executive order unionizing state government, institute a meaningful hiring freeze, reduce the number of state employees by 2012, and reduce the amount of state expenditures associated with politically appointed positions, including the Governor’s Office.

      3. I will conduct a review of state departments, agencies, boards and commissions and seek to consolidate and eliminate them where appropriate.

      4. I will veto, or refer to the public for a vote, any significant fee increase.

      5. I will support legislation (modeled on the 2007 Arizona statute) requiring all private employers to verify the employment eligibility of all new hires through mandatory participation in the federal e-verify program.

      6. I will work to reverse the massive increase in property taxes brought about by Governor Ritter’s mill levy freeze, and the car tax imposed by SB 09-108

      7. I will issue an executive order directing the Department of Local Affairs to thoroughly audit compliance with SB 06-90, and will order DOLA to deny state grants to any “sanctuary city” or any “sanctuary county.”

      8. I will veto any legislation that would curtail the constitutional right to keep and bear arms, and strenuously oppose any federal legislation or international treaty that may curtail that right.

      9. I will support legislation, and revisions to state rules, that will promote the responsible development of all sources of energy, including wind, solar hydroelectric, oil, natural gas, coal and nuclear power.

     10. I will support and promote efforts to expand school choice through additional charter schools and education vouchers.

     11. I will oppose any federal stimulus bill that grows the federal deficit.

     12. I will oppose any effort that seeks to roll back tort reforms.

     13. I will oppose federal encroachments on states’ rights protected by the Tenth Amendment.

     14. I will reinstate the Owens era ban on Taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood and other organizations that provide abortions, and I will support and defend the sanctity of human life.

     15. I will support the establishment of a reserve “rainy day fund.”

     16. I will support the enactment of mandatory minimum prison sentences for child sex predators on the first offense.

     17. I will appoint conservative judges who respect the Constitution and try to interpret laws, not make them.

     18. I will support legislation designed to reduce the impact of the Business Personal Property Tax.

     19. I will appoint reform-minded conservatives and new leaders who will bring a fresh perspective to state government.

     20. I will support efforts to reinstate a meaningful limit on state spending.

      1. Otherwise they would have banned BJWilson.83 for a clear violation – trying to impersonate someone. It’s clear that all along their goal was just to shill for Dems in the election, truth be damned.

          1. How kind of you to let me know about it. Only took two days. I thought you had banned him yesterday but then he started commenting again. Anyway, thanks for doing the right thing.

                1. and harrassment and a half dozen other offenses that you perpetrate nearly weekly, . . . so why are you still here fool?

                  And if impersonation is a bannable offense why hasn’t some donkey’s dork complained about your impersonation of him.  (Could it be that even a donkey’s dork is less of a whimpering puss than you are.)

            1. You never answered.  Probably because you didn’t read it.  A good thing maybe; you shouldn’t wade into comments at all because you’ve now taken to skating an orange jumpsuit line.

              And have asked CoPols several times since why you’re still here.  They don’t answer either.  Are you an uncomfortable family member or something?  Everyone has that one cousin who fell out a tree and hit their head.  There’s no shame in it.

    1. Just after Tancredo deports all of those darker than he… most likely he will simply loot the State coffers for his own benefit.

      I do not Trust Tanc-redibility and neither should anyone else. he Lied to get into congress then he lied to stay there. Then he lied to “not” run for Governor. then elbowed himself in.

      Sorry Tanc and buck fans you know Hickenlooper will do better for Colorado than either of the Clowns from the “can’t decide what party I belong to, what positions I hold solid or something for nothing crowd.”

      besides “Tea Parties are for little Girls with imaginary friends.”

  2. find BJ, have him teach me numbers

    find BJ, get pep talk

    find BJ, get some $-he’ll come through

    find BJ, give pep talk

    find BJ, talk about joining Secret Military together. You know, the buddy program

          1. Pols may be the only place in this universe where one is too, too many.

            (Is it too much wishful thinking that Pols as-yet-to-be-revealed new posting policy might include a provision for periodically voting someone off the island?  It was promised to include something we would enjoy.)

    1. It’s not his opinions. Usually I can’t figure out what they are. It’s not his principles. I can’t discern any. It’s not his manner. His posts usually make me want to turn off the compute, puke and never return.

      It’s all of the above — and his moniker. He may have actually changed my life: I will never, never  again accept a bj, either offered or requested.

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