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“Few men have virtue to withstand the highest bidder.”

–George Washington


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  1. MichaelBowmanMichaelBowman says:

    The national stockpile motto seems to be: Heads I win, tails you lose

    Gov. Jared Polis: FEMA took our ventilators out from under us

    Polis, a guest on CNN Friday night, told anchor Don Lemon that the state had "a lead" on a manufacturer of ventilators that would come in at a good price, and then the Federal Emergency Management Administration came in and swept them up "and we're not getting them." The order was for 500 ventilators, which would have been a substantial addition to the state's stockpile.

    So far, Colorado has requested 750 ventilators from the Strategic National Stockpile, and hasn't yet received any. The state put 750 on order, but 500 have now gone to the feds. Colorado's total need is for 10,000.

  2. Diogenesdemar says:

    America’s healthcare system is the greatest in the world . . .

    . . . said ???

    . . . says ???

    • MichaelBowmanMichaelBowman says:

      U.S. population: 327,200,000
      Global population: 7,800,000,000
      U.S. percent of global population: 4.2%
      As of 1:45AM April 5, 2020:
      U.S. COVID-19 cases: 311,616
      Global COVID-19 cases: 1,203,099
      U.S. percent of global cases: 25.9%
      When the wealthiest developed nation on the planet only makes up about 4% of the global population, and has over 25% of the cases in a global pandemic after watching the pandemic unfold for a month overseas, someone at the top of national leadership screwed up very, very badly.

      • kickshot says:

        True, true, true.

        But will it block reelection?

        Kellyanne Conway’s ugly deceptions preview the Big Lie to come

        The Big Lie that President Trump’s campaign will employ to rescue his reelection chances amid his catastrophic mishandling of the biggest U.S. public health emergency in modern times is edging into view.

        Fittingly, it is being telegraphed by the author of the perfect catchphrase of the Trump era — “alternative facts.”

        White House spinner Kellyanne Conway has offered a new defense of Trump that telegraphs the coming strategy. It doesn’t rest simply on the idea that Trump’s handling of coronavirus has been a decisive success, but also on the crucial idea that this crisis could not have been anticipated.

        • harrydobyharrydoby says:

          Trump would just as soon see us all dead.

          And most relevant, as far as history is concerned: Narcissistic personalities are weak.

          What that means, during this pandemic: Trump is genuinely afraid to lead. He can’t bring himself to make robust use of the Defense Production Act, because the buck would stop with him. (To this day, he insists states should be acquiring their own ventilators.) When asked about delays in testing, he said, “I don’t take responsibility at all.” During Friday’s news conference, he added the tests “we inherited were “broken, were obsolete,” when this form of coronavirus didn’t even exist under his predecessor.

          This sounds an awful lot like one of the three sentences that Homer Simpson swears will get you through life: “It was like that when I got here.”

          But every aspect of Trump’s crisis management has been annexed by his psychopathology. As Americans die, he boasts about his television ratings. As Americans die, he crows that he’s No. 1 on Facebook, which isn’t close to true.

          But it is true that all eyes are on him. He’s got a captive audience, an attention-addict’s dream come to life. It’s just that he, like all narcissistic personalities, has no clue how disgracefully — how shamefully, how deplorably — he’ll be enshrined in memory.

          • MichaelBowmanMichaelBowman says:

            What is old is new again…

            "You know, if I listened to him [Michael Dukakis] long enough, I would be convinced we're in an economic downturn and people are homeless and going without food and medical attention and that we've got to do something about the unemployed."
            ~Ronald Reagan

          • Early WormEarly Worm says:

            I listened to a podcast in which they interviewed a Churchill biographer. Of course, Trump is no Churchill, but it is remarkable that he appears to be the ANTI-Churchill.

            Churchill's speeches followed a pattern: 1) an honest assessment of the situation (Trump always lies), 2) provide reassurance as to what is being done to address the crisis (Trump lies and talks about himself), and 3) close with a call to action to empower people that may be feeling helpless (Trump insults the press). 

            Churchill loved to work and loved to stay informed about the details of the government response to the crisis. He sent notes to members of this government which not only challenged them but helped them understand that what they were doing was important and valued. Trump likes to speak at rallies and play golf. He hates to work and has no interest in details. He does not like or encourage anyone unless they are praising him.

            Churchill watched the bombing of London from a rooftop. He has fought in WW1 and "enjoyed" being a wartime leader. Cadet bone spurs is terrified, and everyone can see it.  He has no confidence or courage and cannot foster it in others.

        • Diogenesdemar says:

          Ttump 2020: “What have you got to lose”?

        • Early WormEarly Worm says:

          The pandemic has changed everything, but I believe that there is one thing that has not changed. I believed, and still believe, that Trump has a good chance (more than 50%) of being re-elected, if the economy is doing well. If not, he is a dead man walking. If the stock market is down and unemployment is up, he will lose. Any spin about he heroic leadership at a time of crisis will only play to his base. 

          • JohnInDenverJohnInDenver says:

            Had the economy been robust and stayed that way, I think it would have been touch and go, and Trump would have had a chance.  He could fool enough of the people that the VIRUS was the problem, and he ought to be credited with keeping any of us safe and uninfected. 

            but now, with unemployment going up — there will be one red mark on his record of accomplishments (ending the expansion).  With the GDP report coming out and showing even further decay in the economy, there will be another.  If anyone looks at the deficit and federal debt, there will be a third. (at least $4 Trillion deficit in a single year is remarkable). 

            Since the last unemployment report's survey period ended, 10 million people have lost their jobs and applied for unemployment.  There are two more weekly reports to go.  And that DOESN'T count those who are not "employed" — gig workers and business owners.  Estimates of unemployment at the end of the reporting period range from 13% to 20%, and longer term estimates for the bottom of this go beyond the rates of the start of the Great Depression. 

            I doubt the election will be as complete a sweep as 1932 — 472 to 59 in the Electoral College.  It won't be Nixon v. McGovern — 520 to 17.  But it will be a much MUCH bigger "landslide" than 2016's Trump v. Clinton (304 to 227).

  3. Gilpin Guy says:

    If I read the numbers correctly, the Denver Post had an article that posited that by June 7th 30,000+ Coloradans would be dead from the virus.  The current death count is around 140 so that is an astronomical number over the next eight weeks.  Stay home.  This is the way.

  4. kwtreekwtree says:

    Romanoff has won 85% of county assemblies, according to a campaign email this morning. . Colorado Democratic Party County Assembly results favor Romanoff, with Dr.  Stephany Spaulding and biomedical scientist Trish Zornio battling it out for second. 

    However, congratulations to the Romanoff campaign are in order. And some snark from Pols in 1, 2, 3…

  5. MichaelBowmanMichaelBowman says:

    It seems there is a bit of a disagreement between Mr. and Mrs. B this morning: (she’s right Greg) 

  6. gertie97 says:

    Where has Voyageur gone?

    I hope you're well, V.

    • Genghis says:

      Amen to that. Give us a shout, big guy!

    • VoyageurVoyageur says:

      Voyageur is alive and well.  His problem is that he is essentially a satirist and it is hard to conjure up satirical gems in a world gone mad.  



      • Duke CoxDuke Cox says:

        Indeed, V.

        I can’t think of much to say. Every day is a new revelation in the extent to which the T***p administration can despoil our nation and its institutions.

        Peter Navarro now surfaces as a key wormtongue in the fascist overthrow of our democracy. Joining the ever hateful Steven Miller in his nonstop attacks on the freedom and safety of the rest of us. 

        I heard the OD say, “We are the federal government. We aren’t supposed to be standing on street corners, giving out tests.”

        How DOES one respond to such an utterly ignorant and foolish statement?

        • Conserv. Head Banger says:

          I’m surprised that Duke is slow on the uptake about Navarro, or maybe he forgot. There is so much ineptitude in this dumpster fire of an administration that it’s hard to keep track of it all.

          Navarro is one of Trump’s biggest advocates of tariffs and the trade wars.

          • Duke CoxDuke Cox says:

            I am not at all surprised. You didn’t read what I said.

            I have been aware of Navarro for quite some time. He is about to get a great deal more press because of this tangle with Fauci. You may quarrel with my choice of the word “surfaces”, that is quite alright. I think Navarro has been in the background of the T***pco, Inc. extravaganza until now, but is about to go front and center.

            But your comment was really only intended to insult yours truly. That is clear.

            It’s OK though, CHB. “Conservatives” are responsible for unleashing the plague of T***pism. You have big worries. If a little Duke bashing makes you feel better, I am good with it.wink

  7. Duke CoxDuke Cox says:

    Here is a big surprise…from Salon….

    Trump holds "financial interest" in pharmaceutical company that produces hydroxychloroquine: NYT

    The president himself, according to Peter Baker, Katie Rogers, David Enrich, and Maggie Haberman has a financial interest in Sanofi, the French pharmaceutical company that manufactures the drug under the brand Plaquenil.

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