Monica Marquez Appointed to CO Supremes

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State Bill News is reporting that Monica Marquez is Governor Ritter’s choice to join the Colorado Supreme Court.  If true, Marquez will be the first latina and first openly gay person to serve on the court.…

Ritter has scheduled a 2:30 pm news conference to announce his decision.


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    • koop says:

      Because she is Hispanic like Alberto Gonzales?  Or because she’s gay like Ken Mehlman?*

      *ok, I’m sure she is gay in a very different way then Mehlman, but, you know, gay.

    • marilou says:

      because she’s a liberal without foundation.  The supreme court is already politically left. She’ll just help them out.

    • VoyageurVoyageur says:

      because the Justice she replaces, Chief Justice Mary Mullarkey, is leader of the court’s three-member “liberal” block, which includes Alex Martinex and Michael Bender.

        There are two “swing” judges, Gregory Hobbs (he who unknowingly authored Scott McInnis’ articles about water law and policy in Colorado) and Nancy Rice.  Both “call ’em as they see ’em”)

         There are two Republicans — Nathan B. Coats and Allison Eid — who can be called the conservative bloc.

        Most court opinions, however, are non -ideological and Colorado is blessed to have seven outstanding jurists on the high court.

      It’s no accident, but a result of the merit system appointment process that has avoided scandal like West Virginia’s notorious Caperton case for more than 40 years.

        If Colorado repulses the extreme right-wing cuckoo clock “Clear the Bench” campaign, we will continue to be seen as one of the national leaders in quality, non-partisan, honest judiciaries.

        Think hard — when was the last time you heard of a case involving a corrupt judge in Colorado?  

        Marquez seems likely to continue this tradition of non-partisan justice.    

  1. Ralphie says:

    She graduated from Grand Junction High.

  2. PERA hopeful says:

    Ritter should thank the nominating commission.  He had three very strong, able candidates and couldn’t go wrong with any of them.  Monica is incredibly smart and will do a great job.

  3. Majority Moderate says:

    Who cares?

    I would hope that we were past this crap by now.

    Is she a good student of the law?

    Is she fair?

    Is she smart?

  4. OuiserBoudreaux says:

    Everyone who says or implies otherwise can suck it…but good.

  5. H-man says:

    Your next Supreme Court Justice is . . .

    Think this might be about something other than who is the most qualified based on experience?

    Think the pool for qualified minorities in the Colorado judiciary is kind of thin?  

    An assistant AG?

    • Arvadonian says:

      current supreme court justices did not have any prior judicial experience…so why would is this suddenly a prerequisite only when a gay latina is appointed?  

    • Littletonian says:

      You know, just a ho-hum, unqualified candidate.

    • BridgeportJoe says:

      Without speaking to her qualifications, she’s a Deputy AG, not an Asst.  There are about 150 Asst. AGs.  They are called “line attorneys.” Many have lots of experience; some have little.  They report to First Assistant AGs.  There are about 25 of those.  Almost  all have extensive experience.  The Firsts report to the Deputies.  There are about five of those.  These are high profile, frequently political positions.  That Ms. Marquez was able to secure an appointment as one says a lot about her reputation as an attorney, as well as AG Suthers willingness to overlook (presumed — I have no idea about her political views) different politics when hiring for upper-level positions.  

    • CastleMan says:

      It is not at all unusual for lawyers without judicial experience to be appointed to the appellate bench.

      Here in Colorado, 5 of the 7 current justices of the state supreme court were appointed to that job with no prior judicial experience.

      Many members of the federal judiciary, including quite a few justices of the U.S. Supreme Court, came to the appellate bench with no judicial experience. The most recent examples from the U.S. Supreme Court are Justice Elena Kagan and the late Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist.

      Oh, yes, then there are famous and respected judges like Justice Hugo Black, Justice William O. Douglas, and Justice Louis Brandeis, just to name a few.

      Judicial experience is not the only credential that matters when it comes time to choose appellate judges.  

  6. Interlocken Loop says:

    Ideologically she is about where the person she succeeds is.  Monica Marquez is a great lawyer and an outstanding choice

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