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March 03, 2020 06:25 AM UTC

Super Tuesday Open Thread #1

  • by: Colorado Pols

“This election ain’t no stinkin’ TV show.”

–Bradley Whitford


39 thoughts on “Super Tuesday Open Thread #1

    1. What is wrong with Coloradans that we need giant, menacing blue monsters haunting our days and nights?

      Isn’t Tabor enough of a threat?
      You say you haz the best economy in the nation thanks to renewables and cannabis, yet you want good roads and schools, too? HA Ha ha ha haaaaaaa. 

      1. I voted for the Blue Bear. It makes me happy when I see Hick walking around in that costume. Too bad the poll didn't include the SCFD polar bear. Pat Steadman (formerly SD31) has fun in that one.

  1. 538 has a fun interactive Super Tuesday simulator. See how your predictions measure up against others, and against eventual results.

    Plenty of people seem to think that Biden will win Cali. Not I.

      1. Bernie will get the most (but not all) of California’s delegates. I expect Biden, Warren, and Bloomberg, (in that order) ,plus some of the now-dropped minor candidates, to take the rest of CA’s delegate share. 


    1. Any clue why the lady persists?

      (Ed. Note..appropriate trolls please refrain from the Kremlin connection references. I am genuinely seeking real information)

      1. I've seen two strains of thought on why Gabbard has stayed in

        * she's got some money — why not stay. She's not seriously campaigning, doesn't get noticed, gets relatively few votes — but heck, she's got nothing to lose, either

        * she really does want to campaign and preach the "no regime change wars" and only go to war when there is a clear mission.

          1. @Duke: “I honestly don’t know much about her…….”

            Powerful Pear thinks Tulsi is hot. What more do you need to know?

            😉 😉

    1. I hope they choose someone who actually listens to the guests on the show. Tremaine Lee comes to mind.

      Aside from the sexism and Godwin-like Bernie Doom references, Matthews’ egotism and plain rudeness has been on my last nerve whenever I mistakenly tune him in.

        1. Ditto., she would be great.

          Always thought it ironic he named his last segment, “Let Me Finish”…something he seldom let his guests do.

          Bye Chris…won’t miss you.


      1. Dear go fuck yourself.

        I never said anything about Klobuchar.  MADCO, did.  I expect as a joke.

        The tweet I posted is (a) from Comey and (b) clearly endorses Biden.

        When you're done fucking yourself.  Please, do it again.

            1. So, you're new "thing" is to post random tweets without any context.  This one was "Late breaking endorsement" and a tweet that includes references to Klobuchar and Biden.  Last night, it was a random tweet showing a private flight plan between White Plains, NY and Dallas, TX.  Also, with no context but a clear inference that Hillary was going to endorse Biden.

              This site is for adults (and Madcow cheeky).  Grow up and stop wasting our time.

              1. This site is for adults (and Madcow).

                Well, shit, . . .

                . . . it was fun (sorta’) while it lasted, I suppose . . . 

                . . . any chance of getting an official’s review on this call??

              2. Where have you been, itlduso? Pseudonymous often posts random tweets without context. The fun is in following the clues, as they usually do relate to some current controversy. 

                I used to enjoy your input, as you often had unique things to say. Now that it’s all Bloomberg talking points all the time, plus accusing longtime Polsters of being Bots n Trots, I find myself treating your posts as I usually do V’s random venom spurts- just keep on scrolling….

                By the way, congrats to your guy on winning the 6 delegates of  American Samoa. Now he can answer the burning question on everyone’s mind: where the f%ck  is American Samoa? 

                Ps. It’s way the heck down by Australia. No disrespect to the American Samoans- and I hope Mr. Bloomberg is lobbying very hard for y’all to have all the rights of US citizens…right?

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