American Crossroads Running Anti-Bennet Ads

As our friends at “The Fix” report, another outside group is running ads to help the candidacy of Republican Senate candidate Ken Buck:

American Crossroads, the conservative outside organization that has pledged to raise upwards of $60 million for the midterm elections, is spending nearly $1 million on new television ads in the Colorado and Ohio Senate races…

The Colorado ad, funded by Crossroads GPS, a 501(c)(4) organization, hits appointed Sen. Michael Bennet (D) for a “spending spree” since coming to Congress early last year…

…American Crossroads is spending $500,000 on the Ohio ad and Crossroads GPS is dropping another $425,000 on the Colorado commercial, which is running in the Denver and Colorado Springs media markets. Both ads will run for a week.

While the group’s fundraising started slowly earlier in the year, the 527 wing reported raising $3.4 million in June alone — including $1.3 million from Public Storage Inc. Chairman B. Wayne Hughes.

Democrats have long fretted about spending from conservative-aligned groups in the final few months of the election erasing their financial edge heading into the fall. That advantage is much more pronounced on the House side — where the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has a two-to-one cash edge over its Republican counterparts — but Senate Democrats also ended June with $2 million more in the bank than the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

Buck recently hired a new campaign manager, John Swartout, who will take over the role previously held by Walt Klein, who will continue to serve as the General Consultant for the campaign. It’s a nice job if you can get it — Managing a campaign without really having to worry about fundraising.


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  1. Gray in the mountains says:

    would be if there were NOT out of staters running anti-Bennet ads. Buck must give these guys wet dreams, we’ve seen how aroused BJ gets by Buck.

  2. bjwilson83 says:

    comes back to bite the Dems. Be careful what you wish for.

  3. Ray Springfield says:

    Buck will rely on 527’s and PACS.

    We Dems just need to be glad that we have a candidate that can raise money to compete.

  4. ohwilleke says:

    funding the fake robocalls about Maes having dropped out in the GOP primary campaign?

    • My campaign manager is a democrat, and I answered her phone a couple times.

      First I got, President Obama, I was stunned, I almost hit the floor, I was just about to ask him where my check was when he was rumbling on about Senator Bennet, I realize this was a ROBO-CALL?!?!?!

      Then, another call came through. It was former President Clinton, I was just about to ask how the wedding went when he started rambling about Andy….again I was smashed.

      Is it me, or where there alot of this Robo-Calling this time around?

      BTW, when will happen if someone wins the US Senate without hitting the FEC? Guess we will have to see in November.

  5. ardy39 says:

    Can you match the employment period to the quotes below?

    1. Colorado Coalition of Land Trusts Executive Director

    2. Colorado Oil & Gas Association Vice President, Policy and Government Affairs

    3. Great Outdoors Colorado Executive Director

    A. [Swartout said] that COGCC’s new regulations “create the most expensive, time-consuming and burdensome regulatory environment in the nation, all at a time when Colorado should be fighting to keep jobs.” OGJ

    B. “This project is a great example of the landscape scale protection …” [said Swartout]. TNC

    C. “Wildlife watching is a huge industry now,” [Swartout] added. – AP via CG

    All of this lends credence to Trevor Kincaid’s observation (following Buck’s hiring of Swartout):

    “Guess he [Buck] needs someone who can keep up with his constantly changing tune.” – fake link to DPSpot

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