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“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

–Albert Einstein

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  1. kwtree says:

    Katharine Graham, late, great publisher of the Washington Post, wrote:

  2. Duke Cox says:

    Here is a fact.

    The president sought assistance from a foreign government to help him win the next election, actually extorting such action with public money and witholding appropriate access.

    Did I miss something there?

    Will someone please explain to me how that can be OK? Fluffy? PP? Anyone?

    Can you please explain to me how one president gets impeached for lying about a blow job, but this one lies about EVERYTHING. That does not excuse nor forgive those lies. Put him under oath and see how well he does. He has betrayed the Constitution and the American people…

    whether you hate him or not.

    Unless you are ready to see the first American king…

    Vote Blue…No matter Who!




  3. harrydoby says:

    Robert De Niro on Trump:

    Could you find your way into the character of President Trump? I wouldn’t want to play him. He’s such an awful person. There’s nothing redeemable about him, and I never say that about any character.

    You found redemptive qualities in Travis Bickle, and you’re saying you couldn’t do the same if you were playing President Trump? I can’t compare. There’s not one moment that Trump said: “I’m sorry. I realize I’ve done something that I shouldn’t have done.” He has not one speck of redeemability in him. He’s not owed one speck of redeemability.

    People have argued that some of Trump’s rhetoric has emboldened others to make threats or enact violence. Those arguments are not a world away from ones that people made about Travis Bickle or “Joker.” Do you think those arguments hold water? They might, but Trump has people who follow him who are crazy and want to do crazy things. What we’re doing in film, it’s like a dream. We know it’s not real. There are people who will take anything to be real and that we have no control over. The president is supposed to set an example of trying to do the right thing. Not be a nasty little bitch. Because that’s what he is. He’s a petulant little punk. There’s not one thing that I see in him or his family, not any redeeming qualities. They’re out on the take. It’s like a gangster family.

  4. Pseudonymous says:

    The Democrats!

    How progressives got steamrolled in New Jersey

    In the party’s first real crack at winning the South Jersey-based district held by retiring Rep. Frank LoBiondo (R-N.J.) for more than two decades, the Democratic Party establishment — at every level — is throwing its collective weight behind Van Drew, leaving local progressives baffled, frustrated and more than a little angry.

    The race is a showcase for whether the Democratic Party nationally will tolerate politicians like Van Drew, a state senator, in the name of winning the majority in the U.S. House for the first time since 2011…

    Rep. Jeff Van Drew, anti-impeachment Democrat, expected to switch parties after Trump meeting

    Thanks DCCC!  Keep sweeping in and picking the winners!

    • RepealAndReplace says:

      Don't you see this as a good thing, Pseudy?

      If folks like Van Drew and some of his DINO cohorts leave, it will thin the herd making the screwball socialists stronger in the Democratic caucus.

      • Pseudonymous says:

        That the Democratic party and the DCCC, in particular, swept into a race that already had candidates and paid untold thousands of dollars to elect a Republican to office?  I'm fine with that.

        Democrats might not be, though.

        To have a Democratic candidate who’s already popular in the most conservative part of the congressional district is like a dream to Democrats more concerned with flipping a Republican House seat than with ideological purity. They point to Conor Lamb, the conservative Democrat who won a deep-red House district in Pennsylvania in March.

        “I think it’s a lot of the same criticism you heard about that guy,“ said Atlantic County Democratic Chairman Michael Suleiman. “Do you want a guy who’s with you 70 percent of the time? Or do you want a Republican who’s with you 0 percent of the time?”

        I mean, who wants a Republican who's with them 0 percent of the time? Dems will take that good old 70%, like with Hick, every time.

  5. MADCO says:

    Wisconsin judge's ruling could purge 200,000 from voter rolls


    Buh Bye cheeseland.

    • JohnInDenver says:

      hard to calculate the impact of the "voter" purge — 55% of the letters going to areas Clinton won doesn't mean 55% of Democrats or 55% of the Governor's vote.  Lower income and younger folks have more frequent moves and so may legitimately NOT be at the registered address.  When I've done voter registration, I'd guess nearly half of those who use the opportunity to register at their new address. 

      • RepealAndReplace says:

        JiD, I like your use of the phrase "may legitimately NOT be at the registered address"

        Is there ever a point where civic responsibility comes into play? When you move, you change your utilities, your change your address with the bank, you change your driver's license, etc., etc. Is it too much to ask someone to change their voter registration?


        • kwtree says:

          Thanks to electing Jena Griswold as Secretary of State,  and a Democratic Legislature, whenever someone applies for public benefits, or registers a car, or renews a driver’s license ( any interaction between a citizen and the State of Colorado), their voting address and registration is updated. (Unless the voter opts out). 

          So “civic responsibility” is baked into the system. It’s why Colorado has the second  highest voter turnout in the nation, and one of the most secure voting systems. Five of the seven top voter turnout counties in the country were in Colorado. It’s also a large part of why Colorado is turning blue. Secretary Griswold isn’t done yet, though- she’s going after the procrastinators

          We will still have to get out the vote like never before, especially younger voters. I hope that you will be knocking doors and making calls, too, registering voters, working with the candidate or party of your choice. 

          Model the civic engagement you want all voters to practice.

          Be an active and responsible citizen yourself as though your democracy is at stake – because it is. 

        • Diogenesdemar says:

          You have a partial point, . . . 

          . . . except that voting is a constitutional right of citizenship, completely independent of one’s residential location, and driving and electrical service are not.

  6. kwtree says:

    Michael Harriot, who wrote a blazing thread on Twitter comparing the Andrew Johnson and Trump impeachments, was interviewed by Joy Reid today:

    I think Michael Bowman posted an article with the same information in it, but I can’t find it now.

    • MichaelBowman says:

      Here ya go. Happy Sunday to all of you from 38,000ft. enroute to America’s  heartland. We have some exciting news to announce tomorrow in the hemp space. Stay tuned 🌱

      • JohnInDenver says:

        Looking forward to it … particularly if it involves the diminution of the stupid dealing with law enforcement or state/federal regulation.

      • MichaelBowman says:

        Yesterday in Indianapolis we announced the formation of the nation’s first (and only) farmer-led hemp association in partnership with Farm Journal, the nations oldest and most-trusted ag media source (founded 143 years ago). There are a lot of Colorado fingerprints on this endeavor; this industry would be no where near where we are today but for the leadership of (then) Congressman Polis – and his continuing national leadership role as our governor. 

  7. Duke Cox says:

    Is there a more mealy-mouthed, weasel face in American politics than Ted Cruz?


  8. MichaelBowman says:

    So. Much. Winning. 

  9. Pseudonymous says:

    I think kids should have to go to school six days a week. 181 days is not enough if you’re a kid living in poverty in this country. #PublicEdForum

    — Michael Bennet (@MichaelBennet) December 14, 2019

    Thurston coming through with the sort of clutch policy ideas America needs.  smdh, how is he polling at only 1%???!??  Or, am I misreading, and that's who he's running for?

  10. kwtree says:

    I would have enjoyed seeing Michael Bennet espouse the six day school week ( but only for underperforming, i.e. poor kids and underfunded schools) while he was still Superintendent of Denver Public Schools. 

    Now, those fireworks from parents, students, and teachers would have been entertaining

    Multijillion dollar silver bullet curriculums don’t work to raise academic performance of kids in poverty. Changing some words around in the standards doesn’t work either. Back to basics or new age touchy feeliness, ditto.

    What works is parent and community buy in, wraparound social services, and more adults in classrooms  (improving adult-student ratio by hiring paraprofessionals, tutors, specialists, counselors, all those expensive people). Not more administrators and junior and sector and compliance specialists ….. only people who have direct contact with kids and families. Hire them, train them, pay them a living wage. Then you’ll see improved academic outcomes.

    I have seen some after school programs that at least keep the kids supervised and doing something productive while parents are still working. You have to make it a bona fide child care production with a meal or snacks, coaches for sports, tutors for academics, sponsors for clubs. And if it’s a poor neighborhood, you’re going to have to subsidize it or provide scholarships, because the kids who need it most won’t be able to afford it.

    Again, it’s the ground level people and community buy in that make the difference – not more area assistant superintendents or a fancy new curriculum with consultants(sales reps).

    Bennet should know that. But he doesn’t.

    • JohnInDenver says:

      I'm not certain which element of the plan would get the most flak … the differential impact (since he appears to think more school is needed for "a kid living in poverty in this country."  The financial cost (in Colorado, trying to save pennies, districts have gone to 4 day a week school). The impact on teachers (additional hours of instruction??). Impact on administrators (I know a principal already putting in 60-65 hours a week in 5 days plus occasional Saturday activities). Impact on students and their families? 

      It has to be in the running for "least effective" policy for this year's political cycle, making Bennet an even darker shade of toast.

  11. kwtree says:

    “Impeach and Remove” rallies in Denver and Boulder on Tuesday, December 17 at 5:30 pm. Denver’s is at the State Capitol west steps; Boulder’s starts at the bandshell. See Daily Kos for more info and updates. There are others in Aurora, Longmont, Clear Creek, and probably more locations by tomorrow. 
    There are currently over 500 pro-impeachment rallies scheduled nationwide.

    To keep our democracy, we need to take to the streets and demonstrate that ordinary people want to keep it. All event organizers are committed to peaceful nonviolence. 

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