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August 03, 2010 06:52 PM UTC

McInnis Fundraising Plunges, Maes Little Better

  • by: Colorado Pols

File this alongside freefalling poll numbers, a pullout of national support, and the threatened lawsuit against GOP gubernatorial candidate Scott McInnis–the money is drying up faster than you can say “Water! We cannot live without it.” As the Grand Junction Sentinel’s Charles Ashby reports:

Gubernatorial candidate Scott McInnis took in about half in campaign donations for the second half of July compared with the first, while his GOP rival saw a dramatic increase in the number of people contributing to his campaign.

That switch in donations corresponds with when allegations surfaced and McInnis later admitted that he had plagiarized material he wrote for a Pueblo foundation in 2004 and 2005, said Dan Maes, McInnis’ opponent in the Aug. 10 primary…

Maes pulled in about $18,000 in the last two weeks of July compared with nearly $22,000 in the first part of the month.

At the same time, McInnis collected about $35,000 in the second half of last month – about half the $69,000 he pulled in the first two weeks of July.

So basically, Dan “High Mileage” Maes can say credibly that his fundraising hasn’t tanked quite as badly. But it’s quite clear that his own dark time in the scandalverse has done its work.


John Hickenlooper nearly doubled his donations from the first half of the month, raising about $115,000 in the first two weeks, and $290,500 in the second.

It’s a mathematical expression of our Big Line, folks. There is no realistic scenario for GOP victory in this race anymore, and these numbers only supply more proof of that common knowledge.


20 thoughts on “McInnis Fundraising Plunges, Maes Little Better

    1. I’m in a whimsical mood.  Assume Maes wins the nom, but gets no traction in the general.  Knows he’s going to lose, and just wants a job ’cause his business sucks.  Offers to unify the right by becoming Tanc’s running mate.  Legally doable?

  1. The Scott McInnis and Dan Maes  campaigns are being destroyed by their potential contributors who are telling both of them to get lost.

    Despite his wide travels and appearances at GOP and Tea Party and 9.12 groups’ meetings, Maes never has impressed his potential contributors as a credible candidate. He just comes across as being in over his head, which he is.

    Now we know that he’s effectively been lying about his resume. I don’t know about anyone else, but when I hired, I checked references and never hired anyone who embellished or lied on their resumes. If I hired someone and later discovered that they had claimed experiences and competencies they didn’t have, they didn’t last long. Maes is not the kind of executive who could turn around our financially troubled state. He probably would create more problems than he’d solve.

    McInnis such a sad case. While he was in Congress, a lot of people didn’t trust him but he was so irrelevant that no one made a big deal about it. As a gubernatorial candidate, he’s in the news all the time, and his character flaws have been exposed. Everyone knows that he is unfit to be governor.

    What’s really sad is that Mike Rosen, the widely respected talk show host is rationalizing McInnis’ lying, cheating and failings. This has made it clear that Rosen is such a party hack that he would have defended Richard Nixon during the 1972 presidential election campaign and despite all of the Watergate stories that eventually forced the president to resign.

    Rosen may be one of McInnis’ most important casualties in this whole mess-along with Dick Wadhams and the GOP central committee.

  2. This is Hick vs Tank

    Lieberman and Connecticut is a great example of this – I believe the Republican there got around 5%

    Ultimately, Republicans will abandon the ticket and switch to Tank – honestly, Tank could win this, especially since (unfortunately) the majority of Colorado supports 1070 according to DP polls

    If Tank wins the 1070-loving Indies, along with all Republicans, then Hick’s got trouble

    1. If Tank stays in it’s a three way race with Tank pulling from Republican who will still get big chunk of Republican vote.  No comparison, none, with Lieberman in Connecticut.  Lieberman was an incumbent of long standing, popular with moderates and indies and the tacit backing (or at least non-interference in favor of official Dem candidate) of the Dem establishment in spite of some making polite noises about honoring the will of state Dems.  Couldn’t be more different situations.  

      1. In the Lieberman vs. Lamont vs. that Republican Guy, the Republican Party essentially endorsed Lieberman, and the Dem establishment did as you said – stayed out and/or split.

        The Republicans were key in putting Lieberman over the top, not the Dems.  The same could happen here, if it came to that.  The Republicans could distance themselves from Maes/McInnis and throw their tacit (and perhaps explicit, if Maes exits the race) support to Tancredo.  The difference in this case from Connecticut is that Dems will still be pushing their candidate.

        1. a nice chunk of the Republican vote. and strong majority of unaffiliated. And the R establishment didn’t give their candidate much either, not seeing much chance of a Lieberman loss even as an independent . He was a popular safe seat incumbent (which was still perceived as pretty safe for him even after he decided to run as an independent Dem by his own characterization at the time)  who basically won with much the same kind of voter as usual. Once again, no matter how you try to plug in Tank for Lieberman to describe the Colorado three way scenario it just doesn’t work. Situations and alignments entirely different.

    2. Tank doesn’t have a GOTV machine like the one a major party offers, nor will he have the funds to compete against Hickenlooper. I also second BlueCat, at the end of the day many Republicans will vote party line.

      1070 will not decide the election. Running a strong campaign will.  

    1. Slide the numbers about 3% to the left to compensate for Rasmussen bias and OMG!

      The only question I have is: who is selecting the new drapes? John or Helen?

      Scooter’s unfavorables are awesome and not in a good way.

  3. It’s interesting that while the number of people contributing to Maes surged, the dollars didn’t. This means the big money is sitting out the rest of the Repub. Senate primary race.

    Will the big local Repub contributors switch to Tancredo? By and large I don’t think so. I’d be pissed, too. But Tancredo is right. He’ll rake in the national (bigger) dollars and leave the Repubs. high and dry there. And he won’t have to spend a bundle in the primary to end up opposite Hickenlooper.

    Even more interesting, in the general will the big local Repub donors swallow their pride and embrace Tancredo? Will they step up down-ticket for the Repubs there?, or even sit out the whole rest of the election?

    I think Tancredo is going to be riding the 527’s in the general, with little Repub help.

  4. Looking at the cash on hand they were still very close because McInnis hasn’t really spent anything while trying to get through the scandal.  

    I would hardly say

    freefalling poll numbers

    because Scott is only down 5 to Hick and Maes 9 which really isn’t that much given the scandals they both got through and both differentials could be easily made up for the general (see Romanoff erasing a 20 point deficit in 3 weeks).

    Tancredo is killing the GOP chances.  He will not have more votes in the General if he sticks around and as a Republican I hope he does not.  Third party candidates always have an initial surge in support and then it wains as the election draws near with people realizing that voting for a third party is like throwing your vote away or voting the opposite of your values.

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