McInnis is NOT Worse Than Bob Beauprez

Check out this absolute gem of a letter to the editor in this week’s Colorado Statesman, which is in reference to this column by Aaron Harber. We thought it was a joke until we read who signed the letter:

I beg your pardon! Comparing Scott McInnis and Bob Beauprez is ludicrous. McInnis’ problems are the result of character flaws, whereas the political environment and outside factors contributed as much to Congressman Beauprez’s election outcome as any policy issues or campaign strategy.

In the many years I have known Congressman Beauprez, never has anyone had the temerity to impugn his character as Mr. Aaron Harber has just done in the July 23 issue of The Statesman.

The anti-Bush climate during the 2006 campaign was entirely different from the present pro-conservative environment – to suggest otherwise is delusional. Congressman Beauprez’s integrity is firmly in place, he has not changed his mind on any values issues; he remains pro-life, conservative, and supports family and friends (did you miss Cory Voorhis’s letter about the support he received from the Congressman?).

An apology is due.

Shirley Seitz

2006 Beauprez Campaign Office Manager

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  1. Froward69 says:

    (I laughed so hard, I started crying)

    • wade norris says:

      when you consider on right wing talk radio Bob Beauprez’ name was touted as being suitable for replacing McInnis for the Republicans.

      (along with Bill Owens – believe it or not)

      • Froward69 says:

        and Bill “sell Colorado to he highest bidder” Owens?

        STILL damn funny!

        as republicans are willing to circumvent voters at every turn. even to replace one corrupt wannabe Gov with another…


  2. Go Raiders* says:

    We ran a shitty campaign and handed the Governor’s office to Bill Ritter, but at least we aren’t Scott McInnis?

  3. bigfatgirl says:

    about the Harber column is I find it only mildly critical. He doesn’t get personal or attack anyone; he simply gives his analysis of why BB lost election and how this year’s election seems to be shaping up similarly. I certainly don’t think it warrants a “I beg your pardon!” LOL!

  4. The realist says:

    Instead of “The Blueprint: How the Democrats Won Colorado,” what would the title be?  The Crying Towel: How the Repubs Lost Their Way and Lost All Respect in Colorado.”

    I’m sure there are many creative folks out there who could come up with a better title!

  5. Half Glass Full says:

    We accept your apology for wasting one minute of each of our lives reading your silly, whiny little letter.

  6. Leonard Smalls says:

    Yeah, the guy who managed to take two positions on every issue, was part of the most corrupt congress in modern history, and took money from a suspected Russian mafioso is a saint.

    • BlueCat says:

      “he has not changed his mind on any values issues;” Notice she says value issues.  If he hadn’t changed his mind on important issues in general the name Both Ways Bob wouldn’t have stuck.  I guess she means he has always been anti-choice and pro-puppies and kittens. And of course horsies and their various anatomical features.

  7. raymond1 says:

    … b/c Beaupeaz at worst ran (a) a losing campaign with (b) flip-flopping on some key issues — but McInnis has those two factors PLUS (c) plagiarism, before which he was tied or winning in some polls, and (d) suffering his loss in a pro-Republican year rather than (as Beauprez) did in a pro-Dem year. So if the question is, “who will be by far the bigger political joke, and the most despised, years from now” — the clear answer is McInnis, not Beauprez.  As McInnis once said, “I will fight no more, forever.”

  8. DaftPunk says:

    Conservatives don’t understand analogy.

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