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July 29, 2010 09:07 PM UTC

New TV Spot Hammers McInnis

  • by: Colorado Pols

A committee called Colorado Freedom Fund is up today with a new ad that positively hammers Scott McInnis over his ongoing plagiarism scandal. We’ve heard it’s a substantial buy that will run with high penetration through the primary.

Tattooed, folks. This is the ad you knew was coming the moment this story broke.

McInnis told an audience in Fort Collins yesterday that he was definitely the “candidate for November” should he emerge the winner in the August 10th primary. Unfortunately, any Republicans entertaining the idea that McInnis might survive the primary and recover anything close to viability will see this ad, over and over, and begin to understand how wrong they are.


116 thoughts on “New TV Spot Hammers McInnis

  1. First of all it’s a Democratic 527 run by Julie Wells, but it’s smart messaging “typical politician” at general anti-incumbent feelings. If I were a Republican I would be giving Maes a crash course in don’t be stupid, because he might need it to not totally humiliate the party as the nominee.

      1. Very slowly:

        1) R honchos want McInnis to win the primary so they can force him out by cutting off his donors — and replace him with a real candidate.

        2) Dems want Maes to win b/c then they get to run against a nobody.

        3) So attacking McInnis now makes perfect sense for Dems.

        Any questions?

  2. I would wait till September, let McInnis win the primary, “weather the storm” on the plagiarism, and truly be in it till November. Then damage him so badly he’ll make Schaffer’s campaign look brilliant, but it’s too late to replace him.

    1. who is behind Colorado Freedom Fund (I try to keep up and keep the groups straight) but am assuming it’s for the primary. And ouch…that’s going to leave a mark.

    2. He is already suffering.  If he wins the primary, what are they going to use to attack him? The same plagiarism scandal?  That wouldn’t sound like a successful attack if he were to win the primary.

      1. Because that’s what It’s Me’s original post was about.

        Anyway, who is the company that made this commercial endorsing, since they chose to end with the “typical politician” line.  Who rises above the typical politician?

    1. This ad does a great job of distilling the McInnis scandal to its sordid basics.

      The coverup is always worse than the crime, and McInnis’ effort to blame his 82-year-old research assistant – and especially that ridiculous letter he drafted for the assistant to sign – was one of the worst coverups in the history of coverups.

  3. Given the flat-out crudeness of Scottie’s delicious plagiarism scandal, it’s not a terribly effective attack ad. Why?

    Because it hits too many points for a 30-second spot:

    – McInnis was paid 300k;

    – McInnis plagiarized (this is the part the spot should have emphasized);

    – McInnis tried to pass the buck;

    – His RA calls him a liar;

    – Scott McInnis the ‘typical politician’.

    Waaaaaay too many points for the average TV viewer to absorb in 30 seconds. It comes across as ‘just another atttack ad’. It could have been far more powerful: less is more when hitting your opponent.

    I for one continue to think it’s not out of the question that Scottie pulls off a primary win.

    And think CPols’ ranking his chances at 30-1 while Tanc’s are 20-1 is flat out silly.

    Entirely possible Scottie wins on 12 Aug, gives the finger to the GOP state party, and goes on to FAR outpoll Tanc in November – albeit ultimately losing to Hick.

    If only CPols wishes really WERE horses….neigh, I say.  

    1. Because it follows the basic rule – ONE idea per spot.

      The Idea: McLawyer-Plagarist is a dishonest guy.

      Copy in the spot supports the basic idea – he’s dishonest, he did these things that are dishonest, and then did MORE dishonest things.

      End – Just like all the other typical dishonest Politicians.

      HOWEVER…the mis-pronunciation of Scooter’s name kills the spot. It SCREAMS out of state lobbying group.

      If they go back and fix the VO (I’ll do it for free when I get back to Denver) this is a KILLA Spot..

      1. for all the reasons I elaborated on in my earlier post – it contains 5, if not 6, discrete points. Pity, it COULD have been SOOOOO much better. 🙁

        As for the VO, true enough. But that’s inside baseball – how many GOP primary voters do you suppose know the correct pronunciation of Scottie’s last name? Approximately 2% at most.

        Suggest you climb out of your political junkie foxhole and get a much broader vantage, more relevant to actual voters, not junkies like you (and me).  🙂  

        1. and I climb out of my political junkie foxhole all the time to make commercials. Lots of them.

          The message of the spot is simple – McGinnis is dishonest. It gives multiple reasons why he’s dishonest.

          Compare this to the Udall “LEFT!” spot that ran in 2008, and it looks like Emmy material…

          1. two years later, people – at least foxhole-bound junkies like you & me – still REMEMBER the “Left, Left. Left, Left, Left” spot.

            Which is precisely my point: yesterday’s 527 anti-McInnis spot is relatively forgettable.

            I doubt that two years down the road you’ll have as visceral a memory of this spot as you still retain today of “Left”.

        2. This isn’t a good spot. It could have been done much better and should have been saved for a general election. This type of an attack ad in the general now won’t be as effective because people have now been exposed and people get tired of being bombarded by the same stuff over and over again. Couldn’t have been better timing for Scott.

          Most people have already voted so the ad is late for the primary and too early for the general as reasoned above. That’s the silver lining for McInnis, get through the primary and you’ve already beaten their attack ad. Now the real thing stopping Scott is Tancredo splitting the vote letting Hick walk into the governor’s mansion.  

  4. Listed as the registered agent; a Julie N Wells with the same address is listed as a former treasurer for the Ken Gordon SOS campaign; also sued the city of Denver on behalf of the Freedom From Religion Foundation.


      The CEA and its local affiliates gave more than $1.5 million to 527s in the past five years, including $10,000 to the conservative Colorado Leadership Fund to elect Republican candidates. But the great majority of those dollars went to seven apparently Democrat-leaning groups managed by the same registered agent and bookkeeper, Julie Wells. Wells did not respond to a request for comment.

      Among the seven groups is the Colorado Citizens’ Coalition, the recipient of $200,000 from the CEA, which lists its mission as “to provide information to Colorado citizens.” The coalition filed reports indicating it was working on behalf of 17 legislative candidates – all Democrats. The coalition and several of the other 527s – Accountability for Colorado, Main Street Colorado, 21st-Century Colorado, Colorado Values – frequently sent money back and forth to each other.

      Looks like Julie is involved with the Freedom from Religion Foundation and is also the grinch that stole Christmas


      New West Fellowship Group

      Email Address

      Established Date 06/14/2006

      Contact Person Julie Wells

      Contributions Received $1,189,940

                1. Just asking if anyone reading here already knows where the verification is.  There have been accusations on this site that he really wasn’t a police officer, just a community service officer.

                  1. And in his Congressional bio.

                    No doubt both were written by his own staffers, so it’s not an independent source.

                    True or not, it’s been repeated often enough so that it’s at least truthy.

  5. Who are the guys paying for this ad?

    Democrats hoping to face Maes?

    Tea party guys who hate McInnis?

    Just some people who dislike Scooter on general principle?

  6. If everyone is so damn sure Scott can’t beat the Hick then why are they running an ad now.  The only answer is there are those that aren’t so sure and they will do anything to knock Scott off in the Primary.  

    And no – Tanc and other crazies.  Scott is not stepping down.

    1. Welcome back.  Your hiatus was noticed.

      Glad you still have a great sense of humor.

      Scott is not stepping down.

      What a hoot of a line.  No one wants Scott to step down.  If he wins it is the most gigantic upset ever and if he face plants folks will be discussing whether he or Beauprez ran the worst campaign ever in the state of Colorado.  Jolly fun either way.  Glad to see you are in for the duration or in the case of a primary malfunction for the next week or so.

  7. This ad is absolutely the most crap-filled add that I have seen in a very long time. A mistake was made and I am not saying that it was right by any stretch of the imagination BUT, each and every person that is attacking Scott McInnis for the money that he received for the series of articles needs to remember a few things: 1) When ever we as individuals are asked to perform a service or duty we expect to get paid for it. 2) The wage that an individual is paid is determined on the value they thing that service or duty is worth. 3) Scott McInnis was paid for what the Hasan Family Foundation based on what they thought his value would be for the articles.

    Because he was an actual human and made a mistake (that he has owned up to and agreed to pay the money back) the outside media has been pushing their way in to get under Mr. McInnis’ skin and get him to leave the race. This primary and election should not be up to the media or the state officials. It is up to the people!!!!!!!!!!!! If the people weren’t still standing behind Mr. McInnis then maybe all of the bullcrap that is being said by Tancredo about Scott being done for good would be true. But let’s face reality for a minute here shall we: Tancredo pissed off the Republican constituents when he left the party to try and get his fifteen minutes of fame and so the Democrats know that Mr. McInnis is still a viable candidate and they have all the reason in the world to be threatened by him. If they weren’t threatened do you really believe that they would have wasted almost $200,000.00 to run this ad?

      1. When Mr. McInnis was hired by the Hasan Family Foundation in 2005 to write the articles they didn’t believe that they were getting ripped off. Now because some college kid had a bit too much free time on their hand and found the MISTAKE they do. There is a large difference. In simple terms if you are not living up to your value at a place of employment then you are going to get fired. Mr. McInnis has agreed to pay back the money and they are still not letting it go. Do your former employers that you got fired from ask for the money back that you were paid? No that is not legal!!!!!! So if Mr. McInnis has agreed to pay back the money voluntarily there should be no more issue…

        Feeling ripped off or not what they are asking for they are getting and that should be the end of it. If everyone got their money back when they felt ripped off then there would be no world of business. Companies fire or let a person go because they are not living up to their value but they don’t take back their money that they paid out to that person. Rather they cut their ties and live with the loss of funds and move on. It’s the same thing that the Hasan Family Foundation should have done too.

        1. It sounds like you’ve drunk the Mccheatin’ kool-aid. The guy is running for Senator of the United States. Only 50 U.S. citizens can be a Senator. If the guy was looking to get his dog catcher job back I might agree with you and give him some slack. But to let this slide you’ve got to be out of your mind.

              1. Pretty bad on my part, need to stop doing twenty things at once.

                That being said, you still make a ridiculous argument trying to back up your guy whose been a complete joke. Don’t know how you can post what you’ve posted with a straight face.

          1. I don’t think that I am the one that is out of my mind devilishmoderate, but rather you are. You are aware of the fact that Mr. McInnis is running to become Colorado’s next governor and not a US Senator; right? Also it is written in our US Constitution that “each state shall have two representatives in the senate” (US Constitution Article 1, Section 3, Paragraph 1) (yes that was for you mr citation needed). So if I am doing my basic math right that means that 100 US citizens get to be in the senate. Its basic math buddy go write your crap somewhere else I don’t have time for you illiterate crap either.

            1. DM makes a couple of mistakes and you’re all over them. No second chance. No attempt to look past their missteps and see what they’re really trying to say. Just insults. (Not that they’re, ahem, not justified).

              Yet, SM commits fraud and that’s all hunky-dory. No reflection at all on his capacity to serve as guv. (Though fine for a lawyer-lobbyist, eh?)

              You have interesting priorities, even for a shill.


        2. McInnis ‘accepted full responsibility’ after his dear old family friend refused to take the bullet for him.  Class.

          More McShananigans?

          In a June 16 posting on the Nonprofit Quarterly blog, Rick Cohen, who’s a former director of the Naional Committee for Responsive Philanthropy, wrote: “It’s pretty rare, we think, that foundation or academic fellows are paid as LLC’s rather than individuals.” Cohen pointed out that the Hasan Foundation’s only other fellow, “a Professor Albar Ahmad, was paid directly rather than as a corporation, albeit for only $30,000.”

          On the value returned on their generous, if off-topic, ‘Fellowship’:

          “Did you get what you paid for?” Ferrugia asked Dr. Malik Hasan.

          “No. Not even a fraction,” Hasan said. “And even what we got later on we found out that someone else had done that job, and basically that somebody else copied from some body else. It’s like a joke. A bad joke.”

          …”I certainly would not characterize the whole conduct honest,” Hasan said. “Was it dishonest? Yes. It was dishonest, dishonest. I’m a bit reluctant to point fingers, but that’s my opinion.”

          Is one required to pay for fraudulent service?  Is one able to demand return of payments made for fraudulent service?  And if the demand precedes the offer to return the largess, is the latter really ‘voluntary’?

          An internal inquiry by the foundation charged that the work McInnis completed: “was only a fraction of the work he was obligated to perform under the terms of his fellowship,”

          “of the little work he did, he has admitted it was neither fully completed by him nor fully original,”

          “the foundation demands he repay all monies paid to him under the fellowship.”

          …”If you are old fashioned like me, who believes that integrity is the cornerstone of any public trust, and somebody has shown lack of integrity, they basically are giving a message to the public they can’t be trusted,” said Hasan.

          1. Like I said before; I am not saying what Mr. McInnis did was right. And I never said that the way he handled it was right either but I know that I would rather have a governor that is willing to admit a mistake (even if it took him some time) rather then blame a campaign finance error on his daughter and then plead guilty to it in court and try and pass it off to his public as an administrative error by the courts for some traffic tickets but he didn’t feel that he had the time to deal with it so he paid the fine anyway. Which in reality was because he lied about his campaign finances and he got caught and the man still hasn’t come clean about it.

            I would also rather take Mr. McInnis over someone that knowingly hired illegal immigrants that I am now paying for to sit in jail because they killed a police officer. If you don’t believe that statement all you have to do is read Just Like Us by Helen Thorpe (aka Hickelooper’s wife) and see for yourself the crap that he has allowed to go on in his business establishments.

            As far as Tancredo is concerned the man shot himself in the foot when he left the Republican party. He convinced people that he was willing to jump ship just to get his name out there more and to try and steal the thunder. There are to many die hard republicans in this state that vote on party lines for Tancredo to make much of a difference.

            So while I may be forgiving to easily as some have said; and others saying that Mr. McInnis can’t run our state because of what happened with the articles; I ask you this: You are willing to take ‘an accessory to murder’ or a ‘thief’ or a ‘power-hungry ass that jumps ship to get more attention for himself’ to run the state? Sorry but compared to those titles a ‘liar’ just seems normal to me.

      1. That subject has been brought to you sarcastically!!!!!! Did you come up with that one all on your own shrubhugger? I do have to say that it was so creative and no one but you could have thought of that besides you…

        Low blows are not the way to get to me… I actually enjoy an intellectual and factual debate and you stating that a citation is needed is nothing more then a cry for help because you have nothing more to argue with me about. You are a waste of my time and a waste of space on this board. Next time if you can’t come up with something better for one of my comments don’t bother to write on it.

        1. it ruins my typing (which already struggles due to my dyslexidigitus)

          Fine. Let me put it plainly.

          Please show me where Mr. McInnis owned up to his mistake w/o first trying to pin it on Mr. Fisher. you can’t because the only reason he ‘owned up to it” (as you passionately put it) is because Mr. Fisher publicly called him out on the snow job Scott tried to pull.

          Please explain to me how a mistake followed by blatant intentional deception demonstrate any kind of character or quality befit a person who want to be Governor of our fine state?

          Never mind. Please don’t. Save yourself the ridicule and the wasted energy. Unless my fellow polls are indeed wanting a good chuckle.  

    1. McInnis was paid 300K to spend 2 years full time on water policy and talking up the Hasan foundation. Instead he xeroxed some articles someone else wrote and ran off with the money.

      I have a hard time with the idea that we tell our children that plagiarism is a sin in school, but it’s fine in a Governor. I don’t expect perfection, but I do expect much better than this.

      As to paying it back – when is that going to happen? He keeps saying he will, but appears to be as truthful on that as on his statement that all his work was original.

      When McInnis has paid the money back and made a clear apology taking full responsibility for his actions, then come back and lecture us. Until then, have you no shame sir? Have you no shame?

      1. because she is a shill. And no, they have no shame, any more than Scott “I took all the blame only after this blew up in the media and my fall guy refused to roll over for me” McInnis does.

        1. Somewhere, someone (I think Mrs. Hasan) stated that Scooter got such a sweet deal because they were under the impression he was going to take a job as a college president (Mesa State?), and they wanted to offer a competitive salary commensurate with what that would pay. That implies they expected him to work on his fellowship full time, and they had no idea that he was actually going to take a job with a Washington law firm, which happened shortly thereafter.

          1. The memo never mentions “full time.”

            And what’s on paper is all he had to deliver.  You don’t go making up terms of an agreement after the agreement has expired.

            I can’t stand Scott.  I hope he goes down in flames.  But I also don’t like making up “facts.”

            “Implies” means nothing.  “Says” is what counts, and there’s no paper.

            1. … which is the best kind of correct.

              IIRC, no one has produced a contract. I’m not sure how much weight to give this memo – any more weight than the Hasan’s statements?

                1. didn’t ask for any money back. They expected he would work full time, but didn’t put anything in writing to hold him to it; possibly they didn’t even say so clearly when discussing it with him. Scooter, the slippery lawyer that he is, took full advantage of the situation and was able to get another job.

                  All speculation of course…

    2. You feel that as long as Hasan Foundation gets their money back this whole “mistake” should just go away?

      We should in no way look at that mistake as an indication of his work ethic? We should in no way look at him throwing Fischer under the bus as an indication of his integrity?

      I in no way believe that Tancredo cannibalizing the Republican Party is out of some noble intention but believe as you do that he is grabbing a mike and looking for a camera.

      As to this:

      …and so the Democrats know that Mr. McInnis is still a viable candidate and they have all the reason in the world to be threatened by him. If they weren’t threatened do you really believe that they would have wasted almost $200,000.00 to run this ad?

      Huh??? Are you trying to seriously say that Dems “have all the reason in the world” to believe McInnis could win? It’s a lovely thought, but do you have an actual argument to back it up? I mean other than the power of positive thinking.

  8. I am just so sick of hearing about this. It is very obvious that whoever is running this ad and the people who broke the plagarism story have realized that the only way to beat the Republicans this year is to make these emotional appeals to voters who don’t understand what they actually mean. Look into any persons past and you are going to find some dirt. Just because nothing has come out about Hickenlooper and only the campaign finance charges have come out against Maes, doesn’t mean its not going to. Do you all really think that our forefathers when they were creating this democracy wanted to create a system that could get so derailed by personal issues that it ignored everything that actually matters? Lets act like educated citizens for a minute and get off this surface-level story and talk about what matters. Lets look at the issue that face each and everyone one of us and evaluate the candidates based off of their positions on them. Politics can be an extremely helpful way of figuring out the best candidates, but not when we allow them to be completely consumed by petty gossip and the exaggeration of media driven stories.  

    1. I am glad that there are like minded people in this state that actually care about the issues as much as I do. you bring up a good point that people don’t focus on more then what they are being told on TV and that is not right. We all need to get off our butts and do some of the leg work to and then maybe just maybe there would not be such harsh party lines in this country. The only reason that any elected official goes against the other party is because they have the power to. Its high time that we get an official in office that is going to be there to fix the problems all the way around no matter what party is presenting it!!!!!!!! Thank you for your great words of wisdom and maybe one person will take something from them other then me.

      1. Scooter’s terrible on the issues too.  That he has no integrity is just further evidence of the disaster he would be as Governor.  

      2. … because you’re both campaign staff (AKA “shills”) who were told to go out and pretend to be subliterate “ordinary folks” in a desperate attempt to discredit this ad. (Okay, you’re probably not faking the “subliterate” part…)

        1. is it really so hard for you BJ to understand that there are people out there who are able to look past stupid issues like these and evaluate candidates on the benefits they would bring to a state?

          Those are the people who are supporting McInnis and its “subliterate” people like yourself who sit around all day commenting on discussion boards and think they are actually politically savvy who will put some dumbass into office like Hickenlooper or Tancredo.

          I would love to be paid one day to support a deserving candidate but for now please just realize that McInnis doesn’t need to be paying people to say good things about him. He already appeals to those of us who have half a brain and know what’s best for Colorado.  

          1. where you left the other half?

            “He already appeals to those of us who have half a brain and know what’s best for Colorado.”

            Thanks for the gut laugh Chen.

            I hope you don’t mind if I reserve your quote as one of my next potential sig lines?

            1. wow, I’m sorry I was unaware that your intelligence level is so low that I cannot use common expressions on this page. Here, let me dumb it down a little for you. When someone says those of us with half a brain in that context, what they are really saying is that YOU HAVE LESS than that. English isn’t even my first language and I can pick up on that one….

              1. “Those with half a brain….” Indicating that you have a fully functioning intact brain, but even those who are dumber than you (i.e., someone with less than adequate grey matter or ‘half a brain’) would understand and support your point. So you are,in fact, incorrect and Dioge is indeed right to claim his full belly laugh.  

                Apology accepted.  

        2. I assure you that I am not campaign staff. If I was I wouldn’t have time to be on this website arguing with you. I am a mother of two that enjoys politics and has a passion for what I believe is right for this state. So if that is an issue for you then please let me know. Not that it matters to me but if you can accuse so can I… Who’s paying you to sit on here and blog? Is it Hickenlooper- the illegal-immigrant/cop killer employer? Or the Maes- Steal from my constituents and expect no one to notice?

    2. Drilling Regulations:

      McInnis – Repeal

      Earth – Sensible regulations so we can drink our well water and not glow at night keeping each other awake.


      McInnis – Create a Department of Deportations as big as the War on Drugs and send them all back whatever the cost

      Earth – Secure our borders

      Government Integrity & Transparency

      McInnis – We don need no stinkin integrity.

      You can bet if Hickenlooper was the perp. his dubious character would be part and parcel of the conversation.  If McInnis cheats in small things how do we know that he won’t cheat in big things like the former governor of Illinois?

      Character is an issue big guy.  Just ask Charlie Rangel.

    3. Are you saying that a candidates personal integrity shouldn’t matter?

      …derailed by personal issues that it ignored everything that actually matters

      Who decides what “personal issues” fall in the public interest or not? Is tax evasion a personal issue or a public interest? Wife beating? I mean both can be considered “personal issues” but easily speak to the candidates integrity for holding public office. Any candidates that runs for public office understands that by throwing his hat in the ring he opens himself up to public scrutiny.

      My question to you Chen (or lmstrawn2010 if you’re different people) is who decides what’s actually personal and what is in the public’s interest? The only clear cut subject everyone but the right wing seems to agree on is a candidate’s family.

  9. I love the 30-1 odds this site has. McInnis has been up on Hick by 6 points the entire time and even after the week long War On Scott McInnis by the Denver Post socialists, he’s only down by 2. Tom Tancredo is the only way Scott loses. People are sick and tired of the Obama/Ritter/Hickenlooper socialist policies that are wrecking this country.  

    1. And an Amish barn raising is definitely socialist.

      And don’t forget that the school parents association is socialist.

      Man you live in a socialist society.  Probably time to book that one way ticket to Somalia.

      And everyone gets a pony for Christmas.

      I am sure you tell us where you pulled all these good poll numbers from because something this good needs to be read in person?

      1. The most truly socialist of all American institutions, and the one that has done the most to increase prosperity, equality of opportunity, and the full expression of individual liberty.

        Funny how that works.

    2. m omany people are caught up in the emotional that they forget the raw numbers. Down 2 is within a margin of error. Statisticians call that a tie.

      The timing of the ad is curious though. Dems want to face Maes because they know he can’t win and with Tanc in the race we would have two extreme right wing choices. Makes Hick very appealing in a pretty middle of the road state like ours.

      Big attack ad buy? Sounds like someone has seen the numbers and is a bit scared. But that’s just my analysis of it.

  10. While McInnis did make some big mistakes he’s still the strongest candidate to beat Hick.  The Dems know this too, that’s why they’re big 527 just spent all this money to attack McInnis, you don’t see them attacking Maes or Tancredo.

    Scott is still the best candidate we have and the best option for Colorado, I wish everyone would just drop the plagerism thing.  Yes it was a mistake, show me a politician that’s never made a mistake or had controversy.

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