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“To achieve great things, two things are needed; a plan, and not quite enough time.”

–Leonard Bernstein

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  1. RepealAndReplace says:

    Elizabeth Warren has a plan for everything. Does she have a plan as to how to get rid of the filibuster?

    Because if not, a lot of her supporters will be in for a very big disappointment.

  2. RepealAndReplace says:

    And it looks like Warren cannot get the details of her big and bold plan straight when she discusses it…..

    • Voyageur says:

      Well, her famous Two Cents was always three percent annually annually, and is now 6 percent annually or 60 percent of net worth over $1 billion over 10 years.  Capitalism without capital.

  3. unnamed says:

    Okay.  I am now going to ask the most important debate question.  In Meme form.


  4. harrydoby says:

    Apparently, Republicans think witness intimidation should be enshrined in the Constitution somewhere:

    House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., appearing on CBS News’ “Face the Nation,” which first reported about the offer for the written testimony, rejected that as insufficient for such a critical moment as impeaching a president.

    “I think that the whistle-blower should come forward in an open hearing,” McCarthy said, suggesting that the whistle-blower also should identify the White House officials whom he cited in his complaint as criticizing Trump’s actions. “He needs to answer the questions. We need an openness that people understand this.”

    Along that line, I'm sure McCarthy would agree that providing the names, addresses, family and close associates of Grand Jury members to Mobsters and Gang leaders under investigation would ensure a fairer process.

    • kwtree says:

      Warren is electable. Per 538, Warren is increasingly popular with Democratic activists in early states. 48% to 31% Biden

      The New Yorker’s analysis of the poll you cited narrows the Biden-not-Warren voters down to a 6% segment of likely voters consisting of  of white , older,  moderate males. Like R&R, they consider Warren to be “schoolmarmish” or to “speak in the voice of their ex-wife”. So it’s a gender tax she’s paying with that particular group. 

      Fortunately, we are not dependent on moderate white males to win this election. It’s why we need a candidate who will excite younger voters, racial minorities, and women. Warren leads Biden with most of those groups…..and beats Trump the same margin as Biden does. 

      A Trump Biden debate would be brutal, a gaffeapalooza. We need someone sharp, energetic and creative as President at this critical time, and Biden just doesn’t fill that bill.


  5. JohnInDenver says:

    It is a good day for the rule of law:

    President Donald Trump’s longtime accounting firm must hand over eight years of his tax returns to New York prosecutors….  The ruling by a unanimous three-judge panel of the New York-based 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals backed the ability of prosecutors to enforce a subpoena for the returns against accounting firm Mazars

    Now to see if there are 4 Supreme Court Justices who want to listen to this case.

  6. Diogenesdemar says:

    Something to keep in mind the next time a candidate’s “plans” set your heart aflutter, or fire your outrage and righteous indignation . . . 

    The Presidency Is Not Enough

    A Democratic president might have 46 liberal-to-left-wing votes for her agenda. Even without the filibuster, this agenda would rest with relatively conservative Democrats like Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona. Sinema, Politico reports, has distanced herself from her liberal colleagues, won’t commit to supporting the Democratic nominee for president, backs the supermajority requirement for legislation — otherwise known as the legislative filibuster — and hopes to restore the supermajority requirement for judicial and executive branch nominations.

    In this best-case scenario, the next Democratic president will have to work with a Senate that has bound itself by rules that preclude party-line legislation. That president might be able to build a workaround — Senator Sanders has proposed passing a Medicare-for-All bill through the budget reconciliation process, which requires only a simple majority, but he would still have to deal with a caucus whose pivotal votes are well to the right of the White House. For anything else — like immigration reform or climate legislation — he’d have to win six or seven conservative Republican votes. If this wasn’t possible in 2009, in the midst of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, then it’s ludicrous to think it will happen at any point in the near future.

    I personally, and admittedly an abnormal and an outlier, am far more interested in a candidate’s intellect, world view, sense of history, sense of personal and moral responsibility, their sense of agency, and what sense of duty they feel and to whom, than I am any of the breathlessly debatable minutiae particulars of any “plans” they might put forth at campaign time.


    • RepealAndReplace says:

      I always knew Sinema was not exactly a team player but I didn't know she was this much of a DINO. Is she channeling Joe Lieberman?

      • MADCO says:

        She won

        statewide, in Arizona.

        WTF – are you always a dick or does it just seem that way?

        Bernie and Warren lose in AZ and pull Kelly down .

        You must want Trump reelected. Ohhhh.. I get it now. You do want that – in which case you're smart. This is how do it.

        • RepealAndReplace says:

          Either Bernie or Warren loses in AZ, and pulls Kelly down. In fact, either Bernie or Warren loses a lot of states. It will be like 1972 or 1984 again. Or worse.

          This is why we need to nominate someone who is electable.

          • Diogenesdemar says:

            You so often complain here and toss around “1972” or “McGovern” like it’s some kind of universal law and an undeniably meaningful prescient warning for today, instead of just conventional-wisdom-squawk squawking . . .

            I’m wondering which Democratic candidate in 1972, or 1984, do you think would have had a credible chance of winning those years against Nixon or Reagan? What great and superior moderate candidate did too-liberal Democratic buffoonery ignore those years?? . . . 

            . . . also, why you think The World’s Biggest Fucking Idiot 2016 – 2020, compares in any way, other than incumbency or criminality or abuse of Presidential power, to either Nixon or Reagan???

            • RepealAndReplace says:

              Numbers, Dio, numbers…..


              Out of the six battleground states (AZ, FL, MI, PA, NC, WI), Biden has a small lead over Trump in 4 of them, ties with Trump in one, and narrowly trails in one other.

              Bernie Sanders – who is probably more honest than Warren but also more extreme – leads in 3, trails in 3. Warren either trails or runs even with Trump in 5 of the 6 states, leads in only AZ.

              You are correct in that he is the Biggest Fucking Idiot in the World but that doesn't matter. There are many who will still vote for him for a variety of reasons (i.e., self-interest among many who should know better than to support him but do so because the economy is going okay, the deplorables and irredeemables who love his rants about PC-ness, the Deep State, and the Hoaxes but do not realize how much he is actually hurting them).

              And polling is unreliable because of the Hidden Trump Voter Factor. His numbers are under reflected in polling. It is like the Tom Bradley Effect back in the '80's.

  7. Diogenesdemar says:

    Well, we knew this day was coming, but still . . . 

    . . . Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    Trump Serves Notice to Quit Paris Climate Agreement

    . . . why bother with shooting just one person on Fifth Avenue, when you can almost as easily destroy an entire planet for billions, huh??????


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