Bennet Reports $2.6 Million Cash on Hand

The campaign of Sen. Michael Bennet has announced a cash on hand total of $2.6 million, or about $2 million more than both Republicans Jane Norton and Ken Buck have reported. The campaign of Democrat Andrew Romanoff is not releasing fundraising reports itself, which means that we may have to wait at least a week to find out what the Democratic challenger raised in Q2.

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  1. StrykerK2 says:

    Bennet has spent A LOT — that’s for sure.  This number shows that he is spending far more than he’s raising.

    The second question is how much of that 2.6 is available for the primary?  Pols — did the Bennet campaign state how much of this is in their primary coffer as opposed to general?  Donations from so called “double maxed” donors are only available if Bennet wins the primary.

  2. ThillyWabbit says:

    If Clinton’s endorsement had provided a big surge, Romanoff would have released his numbers, even if the quarterly total was comparatively low as expected, in order to gain fundraising momentum from the Clinton surge.

    Obviously that didn’t happen.

    • StrykerK2 says:

      I think it was the last or 2nd to last day of the quarter.  There was a followup story about an email that went out to hillary donors, which happened early July.

      • MADCO says:

        I’d have wanted the Big Dawg here earlier in the quarter.  

        Oh, wait- I’d have wanted his email earlier in the quarter and then his presence mid-way through the quarter.  

        Unless, of course, I didn’t want any stinkin’ outsiders, especially Presidents.

  3. oldbenkenobi says:

    You hardcore Bennet Groupthinkers are so in love with his pile of $ you can’t see his considerable flaws.  And to discuss those flaws is forbidden — “Negativity, man!”  I understand the importance of $ in elections, but do you understand that $ is the bane of our political system?  

    Romanoff is trying to do something about $ in elections right now.  The fierce urgency of now.  Bennet’s plan is to do something about it in the future, I guess.  Like his plan with the public option and various other things that need fixing.  

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