McInnis Digs In. Maes: In It to WIn It

The news gets worse for Scott McInnis, while Mr. Maes’ transgressions are so yesterday’s news.

Lawyer-lobbyist McInnis kicked down a few hundred bucks to Rolly Fischer for some background research, who–according to 7 News— claims he never knew McInnis would pass it off as his own work.  

Camp McInnis, perhaps, thought that 82 years is a long and productive life, and if someone needs tossed under the bus for the greater good…  

But apparently Fischer is not so ready to take one for the team, not a willing piece of jetsam, even calling McInnis a liar reports 7 News.

Ferrugia asked, “Rolly, is Scott McInnis lying to us?”

After some thought Fischer said, “Yes.”

The 82-year-old said, “I never knew about the foundation or any foundation Scott was associated with.”

…Fischer said he was paid a few hundred dollars per article and he believed the research was simply going to McInnis for education on water rights in Colorado in preparation for a 2008 U.S. Senate campaign.

“It was my impression Scott was looking for background information,” said Fischer.

McInnis remains in the race, according to the GJ Daily Sentinel and other sources.

“Scott is on the campaign trail, talking about jobs, economy and how to change Colorado,” Duffy said. “He’s taken responsibility for the mistake that was made. Scott is in the race to win.”

Meanwhile over at Camp Maes the mood seems a bit more upbeat, the Sentinel indicates, as Maes imagines his victory lap (keep the receipts!!!).  

“I have not asked Scott to withdraw. I will not ask Scott to withdraw. This is a personal decision for him and his family and maybe some party insiders,” Maes said. “I’m not going to kick him on his way down. He’s served our state admirably.”

Dan’s graciousness aside, an editorial chorus is rising: calling on McInnis to drop out, including the Ft. Collins Coloradoan.

Colorado is at a crossroads in the midst of an uncertain economy. Thousands of residents are without jobs, many are without hope. Colorado needs an honest, responsible leader who understands that the truth and personal integrity matter. McInnis, as seen through his actions, is not that person.

We love to excoriate plagiarists here, but dip into the cookie jar for $43,000 in ‘mileage’ and people might look the other way.  Nothing says ‘new politics’ like a little personal enrichment.  But for Maes the timing of the McInnis Meltdown is sublime.  

A blog, The State Column, notes in a diary:

Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott McInnis is searching for a political lifeline after allegations of plagiarism has harmed the campaign to an extent some say is impossible to recover from.

The questioning of Mr. McInnis’ future in politics comes after a second filing of a formal ethics complaint and continued calls for the GOP candidate to drop out of Colorado’s governor’s race.

…The politics of the allegations have thrown a close race for governor into pure and utter chaos.

Republicans, as the Politico and numerous other sources point out, are scrambling, wondering if they can head off Maes, who does not sound so inclined:

But while several top Republicans predicted it would be possible for McInnis to survive the damage to his candidacy, one GOP source tells POLITICO that some party officials have begun exploring contingency plans in the event that McInnis has to be replaced on the ballot.

…Maes claims the McInnis controversy has already boosted his fundraising efforts and said he has scheduled a meeting with state Republican Party Chairman Dick Wadhams for early next week.

“We do not know what the party’s intent is, but it does not matter to me if the party attempts to put another candidate in or not. We will stay on our plan. The people are demanding it,” Maes told POLITICO.

The notorious Colorado GOP Curse strikes again.  For now McInnis remains in damage control and claims to be staying in the race, but the pressure is already mounting and prospects are cloudy at best. Maes refuses to budge and seems to consider himself the presumptive nominee–one cannot argue with “the people.” I’m sure Hick is grateful he won’t have far to move.

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  1. allyncooper says:

    let us draw from the well on what his thoughts might be.


    No electrons were stolen from the “publication of record” for this post. Credit to davebarnes for the RMN link.

    • Froward69 says:

      Give each other a pass.

      “Mcinnis is innocent and a decent human being. his record as a republican no matter how nutty, outlandish, incompetent or of the fruitcake variety absolves him from all deviant behavior. How ever All DEMOCRATS need to be rounded up and shot for simply disagreeing with the fascist worldview held close to the heart by all true (republican) Americans.”

      or something like that.

  2. DavidThi808 says:

    1. Denial.

    2. Anger.

    3. Bargaining.

    4. Depression.

    5. Acceptance.

    It looks like Scott is still at stage 1.

    “Scott is on the campaign trail, talking about jobs, economy and how to change Colorado,” Duffy said. “He’s taken responsibility for the mistake that was made. Scott is in the race to win.”

  3. caroman says:

    to be a Colorado Democrat.

    And, what color drapes would you prefer, Governor Hickenlooper?

    • Laughing Boy says:

      …of how bad things really are for the Dems that a race they were probably going to win anyway becomes some sort of a faux perceived momentum shift because the R candidate (who everyone already knew was a jerk) turns out to be a jerk and has to exit the race.

      Don’t count your chickens yet – at one point Ritter was your guy in this race.  A lot can happen.

      Mr. Benson?  Mr. Brown?

      • BlueCat says:

        We’re just happy that the win will be  cheaper than we thought. More money for our other candidates. it’s more of a sign of how reliable Colorado Rs under Dickwad have become at smoothing our way, no matter what the political climate.  

      • Aristotle says:

        I haven’t seen anyone allege that this will shift momentum. But… anyone the GOP can tap will take some time to get up to speed, and if it’s true that the RGA has written off Colorado, do you seriously think that anyone – anyone – can beat Hickenlooper in November?

        The only question now is, How will this affect downticket races, and that largely depends on how this shakes out. Personally, I think the longer Scooter hangs on, the worse it will be for the GOP. I’d bet money (or at least a beer) that there’s more that will come to light – more plagiarism, more bullying that Scott did – and since the Tea Party is driving the GOP bus, I think Maes now has a real shot at winning the nomination. So much for tapping anyone else, if that should happen.

        No wonder Wadhams always tries to muscle out other ‘pubs. This must be a nightmare for him.

        • shrubHugger says:

          All this is doing is reminding alllllll those indy’s who voted the dems in office in 08, WHY they did it. Because Repubs can’t be trusted they lie us into wars, they cheat us out of our money and our environment, and they steal other people’s ideas apparently.

          So go ahead Maes et all who think this is a ‘non-issue’ for the GOP or your campaign in general. It’s NOT. This is an ugly reminder that under most conservatives’ carpets of values is enough dirt oil to fill the Grand Canyon.

          I think a lot of moderates who have a hard time swallowing the tea baggers, are going to stay home in Nov. and the Dems are going to keep the majority.  

      • bjwilson83 says:

        Republicans are getting their dirty laundry out now. Since Hickenlooper doesn’t have a primary, any dirt on him will come out later when it hurts him most.

        • TCU2011 says:

          I usually don’t agree with you and I try not to but you absolutely correct.  That is the silver lining in all this.

        • Aristotle says:

          even though you forgot to use that word. IF Hickenlooper has any dirt on him.

          McInnis has a long history of rubbing people the wrong way, being unsavory and slick, etc., so the revelation that he’s a fraud didn’t exactly knock anyone out. But Hickenlooper has no such reputation, and you can bet at least a few allegations would have come out when he first ran for mayor.

          I’m going to go out on a limb and predict that absolutely nothing will come out to tarnish Hick – not even some trifle like the “he softpedals prosecutions against illegal immigrants,” which was the worst thing the ‘pubs could throw at Ritter four years ago.

        • GottaFindaBetterUserName says:

          Hickenlooper has had years in office to get the majority of his dirty laundry aired. It’s probably not there. And for you to sit there and say, oh, it will ALL come out, and then we can WIN, it’s just shows how much you have to learn.

          But keep believing what you believe I guess.

          I just hope one day you start to realize that all arguments are not created equal and to hang everything on one minor possibility is not a good way to go.

  4. StrykerK2 says:

    his whole “well I’m not saying he should drop but maybe some other people are — ps yes I’m running and ready to be the nominee” style quote is better than anything else we’ve seen from his camp besides the assembly.

    That said, I agree that a Maes candidacy ends in Governor Hickenlooper for sure.  Awesome.

  5. Car 31 says:

    Maes states,

    I’m not going to kick him on his way down.

    But, he will place another banana peel on the floor as McInnis falls…

  6. 6thCDwatcher says:

    about Maes being “in it to win it”.

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