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July 12, 2010 09:57 PM UTC

Primary Election Registration Deadline Today

  • by: Colorado Pols

We feel as though even mentioning this is sure to set off some flamewars, but the news is the news–today is the last day to register to vote in the primary election August 10th. We doubt this will affect much of our readership, who very much fall into the category of “likely primary voters.”

So tell your friends.


25 thoughts on “Primary Election Registration Deadline Today

  1. provided a rather large story on this last week, including an online registration tool.

    Recently moved within the state, illegal aliens with valid Colorado state IDs or just new citizens can link to this page.

    note to Illegal Aliens: additional crimes against the citizens of the United States maybe levied upon you for actions taken at Colorado governments are required to report Illegal Aliens to ICE.

    1. Illigal Aliens only speak, read and write Canadian so they wouldn’t be able to partake in your wise and warm warning about local governments taking action. It appears your heart is in the right place, but your brain, alas, is not.

      Keep on keeping on oh libarious one.  

        1. from wndaily

          INVASION USA

          Obama creates ‘protected class’ of illegals

          Look who’s suddenly ‘immune’ from mandatory detention …

          Obama administration’s immigration-enforcement agency has distributed a list outlining protected classes of illegal aliens who should not be arrested: those who are mentally ill, disabled, pregnant, elderly, nursing or caring for children or sick people.

          Except in cases of extraordinary circumstances, Immigration and Customs Enforcement policy requires federal field-office directors not to detain groups of illegal aliens who are purportedly immune from “mandatory detention,” according to an internal memo by ICE Assistant Secretary John Morton.

          “The priorities shall apply across all ICE programs and shall inform enforcement activity, detention decisions, budget requests and execution and strategic planning,” the June 30 memo states.

    2. ….and go surf the interwebz and find me ONE credible, confirmed case of an illegal immigrant who successfully voted in a Colorado election.

      When you do, I’ll match it up with a credible, confirmed case of a female Right-Wing talk show host who did the same.  

      1. you don’t think ONE illegal immigrant has ever slipped through the cracks and voted in Colorado? As for female talk show hosts, Amy Oliver.

      2. you don’t think ONE illegal immigrant has ever slipped through the cracks and voted in Colorado? As for female talk show hosts, Amy Oliver.

        1. So, such a horrific violation of Federal Law should be pre-packaged into an RNC commerical for use in every Republican’t media blitz, right?

          Except that there ISN’T one. Not one single proven case.

          Considering the political fodder such a case would produce, you’d think the Right-WIng-O-Verse would devote all the resources available to root out such a heinous violation.  

          1. There is NO documented case of this ever happening before. We’ve always been confused by this claim that illegal immigrants are voting anyway — why would they even try? Why would they risk their illegal status being uncovered in an attempt to vote?

  2. In Denver,

    The Elections Division will mail Primary Election ballots beginning July 21 to all eligible voters who are affiliated with the Democratic, Republican or Libertarian parties.

    This means that the primary election is July 22nd thru August 10th.

    What happens after July 22nd has a smaller and smaller impact on the election every day.

    There are 10+ days left in the campaign and not 28 days as some would believe.

    1. If historical patterns hold true.

      In the past (in Denver at least) during all-mail elections, more than 60% of the ballots are turned in, or arrive by mail, during the period of the last Friday prior to election day up through election day itself.

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