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July 10, 2010 10:10 PM UTC

"Faux-Hawks" and Politics: They Don't Mix

  • by: Colorado Pols

Feast your eyes, dear reader, on the website banner of one Mark Barrington, yet another high-hopes GOP candidate running for HD-26 (a swing JeffCo seat held by Democrat Andy Kerr).

We’ll explain as best we can: Barrington’s logo is a green pig. The green color and the frown means (we think) that the pig is ill, perhaps from having drunk whatever formerly occupied the coffee cup the sickly green pig is holding. Note that the pig is wearing cool-guy sunglasses, so presumably we’re supposed to look up to this pig, perhaps with some sympathy over his poison coffee? Of course, if we sympathize with the cool sickly green pig, then it will be harder to explain why he’s popping out of a red “no” sign. Truthfully, we don’t know what the hell is going on here.

Oh, wait, it’s a teacup. Never mind.

Perhaps more of a long-term problem for Mr. Barrington’s political aspirations is what we can most charitably call his clown-like fashion sense. To be sure, we always advise candidate friends to seek out a good professional photographer, and make lots of photos available on your website in high quality–such photos just happen to find their way into independent mailings, commercials, etc. very nicely.

We assume when we give advice like this that they will not post unbelievably awful photos, the kind that Glamour Shots would not allow out of their shop. And yet here we are with Mark Barrington, from the 70s ‘lot lizard’ tie to trousers that seem to be pleading for a tailor because they can’t hold out much longer.

Get a room, kids.

Bad fashion sense aside, do you see his facial expression above? That will not be used positively.

Back when you were in high school, assuming you attended high school anytime between roughly 1978 and the present day, you knew this kid. He wanted to have a mohawk, but his parents wouldn’t let him shave the sides of his head. The response from some was a style known as a “faux-hawk”–hair you could make look alright for Mom, and still gel into something resembling a punk-rock hairdo when you go out on the weekends.

The thing is, once you move out of Mom’s house, you don’t have to fake it anymore.

Moving on (briefly) to the matter of Barrington’s fitness to serve, from his, uh “mission statement.”


I believe that politicians should be held accountable for their actions.  The issues and current spending will be readily available to all citizens of Colorado so they can hold me, Mark Barrington, as their representative. [Pols emphasis] I want to make sure the current monies the state has are spent in the right areas and report back to the citizens…

Constitution of Colorado

Many people do not know that there is a constitution that governs our communities in Colorado. [Pols emphasis] Not only do I want to educate Colorado residents on the Constitution but other major issues facing our communities.

You can just imagine how this will go knocking on doors this fall: “Hi, dude! I like so totally want to be your state representative! Did you know that Colorado has a constitution? I know, trip out!”

We feel as though our work is done here.


71 thoughts on ““Faux-Hawks” and Politics: They Don’t Mix

      1. and the only thing CPs editors could say is this guy is goofy, dresses oddly, bad tie, blah, blah, blah.

        Well most of us are goofy looking, we are not GQ studs like tax and spend Rep Kerr.

        With 1/6th of working Americans unemployed all of us are asking what’s been the benefit of liberal majorities increase of tax and spend policies?  Where’s the beef brothers and sisters?

            1. Would but that they focus on that… that’s fair game. The bone through the nose, the whiteface Joker, etc. etc. – not so much…

        1. Though they didn’t give it equal space they did also critique the content of his website. Looking again, it didn’t need much space to critique.

        2. Is it because you’re this guy?

          “Well most of us are goofy looking” is true, but most politicians seem to figure out how to “dress for success.” That way, their “goofy looks” aren’t a distraction. Hick’s looks haven’t held him back, but they would if he had tried pulling anything like this.

          This guy will not win this election, and sooner or later he’ll get a clue that the image he presented was not one that invited voters to take him seriously. If he has any political talent, he’ll put this behind him and move forward.

        3. It may be shallow, but we’re talking politics and in politics your image matters. If this guy gets elected and shows up with a “faux” hawk looking like a complete ass clown how can he be taken seriously? He may have great ideas but if no one is willing to listen to them because they don’t think he is a serious legislator, who suffers? Certainly not the ass clown, after all he’s collecting a paycheck. It’s his constituents that will suffer from the mistakes he makes. If this guy wants to play politics and policy with the big boys, he needs to get a big boy image.

      2. The logo means “no pork” and he is drinking tea. I cannot make sense out of his mission statement, however. I am not sure which language it is in.

          1. to represent loosening state ties to PINNACOL. State government (represented by the faux-hawked “suit”) looks lasciviously at PINNOACOL, but ain’t no one gettin’ any of that. Isn’t it obvious?

              1. And one other thing, his pants are exactly the same shade of gray as the photo backdrop. Wife’s dress, almost the same.  Anybody who has ever had his picture taken before, even at J.C. Penney’s for the family Christmas photo, should know not to do that.  Poor bastard should shoot his photographer for not saying something. Kerr wins this one hands down, of course – even without this clown as his opponent.

                1. politics and design will work together (think Shepard Fairey’s Obama print before everybody used the template).  But for now, we’re just going to get poorly designed signs, adds, and banners like Mark Barrington’s that possibly no one can take serious. Maybe this guy is trying to appeal to the younger voters with his faux-hawk…  I still doubt that it’s working.

  1. are priceless. I’m not going to provide them here, but the “I’m taking a dump on the Capitol steps” might be useful to some campaign or other, and the stripey shirt in front of the faux landscape might get some play too.

  2. Marky B wants all CO citizens to hold him as their rep?  I decline for fear of gettin’ hair product all over my hands.  Someone else can take my turn at holding Marky.

    1. The pig isn’t sick. It has attitude.

      I bet if you touched that pig’s old lady or his chopper he would f*** you up.

      Not sure why Barrington chose that as his logo however.

  3. wdVideoShare can not load until the following directory has been made writeable:


    Lots of things not showing up. If he would be this inept in office, heaven help us…

  4. was way back in January for $500

    Since then it’s been $25 here for food, $25 there for bank fees. He has $172 COH.

    He raised a total of around $3,500 and near as I can tell none of it in the last five months has gone to mailing or phone banks or anything related to campaigning.

    I suppose I didn’t need to look at his finance reports to see if he had a chance of winning, I could of just looked at the logo ya’ll provided.

      1. you should then support the individual’s right to choose whether or not to take drugs. Sounds more like you are saying it is ok for the Federal Government to control what we do with our own individual consciences.

        So which is it? Are you a Libertarian or not? Or is it only when it suits you, and when it is convenient to try to score a cheap point, you drop that facade like a hot rock.

  5. He’s my good friend and a great candidate

    Mark has energy and definitely a clear idea of what he wants to accomplish

    I’ve worked/helped many State Senate and House candidates, and Mark is one of the MOST sincere and hard working

    Is the pig a good choice? Ya know what… you won’t forget it and it makes his message memorable – as long as Mark can make a good sell on all the doorsteps he’s knocking on, then he can win this race – I have that faith in him

    1. The thing is the pig is such a mishmash of elements, the sunglasses, the frown, the position in front of instead of behind the “no” slash, I don’t think very many are going to get much of a message at all.  An Ed Grimley clone and a green pig with shades?  More likely to illicit a big “huh?”

      1. …keep the message simple, and most of all, MEMORABLE – again, if MB can make the sell on the doorsteps, he’ll be fine

        And for what its worth – I’ve given MB a TON of advice and he’s listened to all of it – can’t say that about every candidate – I’m excited about his candidacy and I expect great results

        Lastly – I would really like to see more ‘establishment’ Republicans helping him – JeffCo guys like Mike Kopp and Jim Kerr ought to be appearing more frequently with MB, in order to increase our chances of winning the seat

        Mike May made many trips out to HD56 when I was running and his precense DEFINITELY helped me get votes, as older voters could tell that I, as a potentially young Rep, would be guided by someone with great wisdom

        If Republicans in Colorado fail to take back the House and Senate, it’ll be because the current Republican Reps and Senators are TOO LAZY to help

        1. If Republicans in Colorado fail to take back the House and Senate, it’ll be because the current Republican Reps and Senators are TOO LAZY to help

          It will be because their message and ideas don’t resonate with the voters of this state.

        2. Ali, I’m sure your judgment is sound on some matters, but you sound totally detached from reality when it comes to Barrington. The faux-hawk is the least of his problems.

        3. That’s my point Ali.  I don’t think the message is simple or very apparent. It’s not just the weird pig.  I also don’t think this guy’s get up, hairdo and poses exactly enforce his “message” of traditionalism and conservatism either.

          Would Beaver Cleaver’s parents vote for this dude? On the other hand, would the young and hip? What’s he going for? The whole thing is lame. But then isn’t Doug Get-off-My-Lawn-or-I’ll-Kick-You-and-your-Little-Dog-Too Bruce one of your heroes? No accounting for taste.  

    2. Between “memorable” and “silly.” You need to be memorable as a candidate, but you also need voters to take you seriously.  

  6. The bad news is that Pols has given Mark more publicity in the last 48 hours than he has had in the last 7 months. The good news is… well, you know the rest.

    Mark is a nice guy. And he’s earnest and appears genuine. He shows up at all of Andy’s events and seems to spend 90% of his time talking to the diehards who wouldn’t vote for him if he were the only one on the ballot.

    On paper, Ray looked more serious two years ago. But he turned people off when he talked.

    If I recall correctly, that $500 spent early on was on some kind of toy like an i-phone or a power point projector. How buying yourself a toy while complaining about pork will play seems pretty clear.

    Still, despite his clownish facade, we in central Lakewood will take him seriously until November 3rd. Andy is out walking regularly and doing all the other things that need to be done in July to finish strong.

    1. Looking at their money raised:

      Mark – Total raised – $3,681.00    

                          COH $282.61  

      A Kerr – Total raised – $41,654.38  

                          COH $9,158.33

      it would seem to me that while it is great that he is willing to have an honest conversation with those that he disagrees with, he is talking to the wrong people.

      He should be talking with those that are persuadable.

      Instead of going to Andy’s events, he should be having his own, pounding pavement, talking on the telephone, raising money.

      I’d never say take any person lightly, but this seems like another reason why Mark will have a steep hill to climb to win, and part of me thinks that he is making the hill a little steeper by the things he is doing wrong.

  7. Carly Fiorina’s off the cuff hair comment makes national news and you guys write a story about a candidates hair…Wow.

    Grown up!

    Just another shinning example of double standard liberalism in this country….lol

  8. In related news the head of the CCU Communications Department was found by local authorities, disoriented and weeping, wandering through a Lakewood neighborhood.

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