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June 30, 2010 05:36 PM UTC

So Much for Them

  • by: Colorado Pols

Two GOP state house candidates announced in recent days they are dropping out of their respective races, more signs of difficulty ahead for the GOP’s main objective this year of retaking the legislature. The Fort Collins Coloradoan’s Bob Moore reports on one we mentioned last week:

Fort Collins City Council member Aislinn Kottwitz withdrew her candidacy for a Colorado House seat Tuesday, leaving Republicans searching for a challenger to state Rep. John Kefalas.

“I genuinely appreciate the overwhelming support for running. After much consideration, discussion with my family and prayer, I have come to this decision,” Kottwitz said in an e-mail to Bob McCluskey, the former state representative who is the Republican Party chairman for House District 52…

Kottwitz was the only name put forward for the Aug. 10 primary ballot at this spring’s Republican House District 52 assembly. But she never started fundraising or took other steps to advance her candidacy after the assembly.

She was elected to the City Council in April 2009.

As we said before, Republicans might have realized the potential for trouble with Aislinn Kottwitz after looking at her attendance record at the Fort Collins City Council and other boards she has served on since her election barely a year ago. Kottwitz seems to really like being elected to public office, but the work? Judging by her having missed a majority of meetings of the Poudre Fire Authority Board, and similarly bad habits on the City Council, we’d say not so much. And after all the difficulty carrying out her duties on the City Council, Kottwitz decides the best thing to do…is run for the legislature? Sorry, it’s kind of ridiculous.

But now it’s the problem of whoever Republicans choose to replace her on the ballot–he or she has got a lot of ground to make up to catch incumbent John Kefalas.

We’ve also learned that Edgar Antillon, another young and energetic GOP challenger recruited to run against Cherilyn Peniston in HD-35, has withdrawn from that race, determining after some campaigning that he “was unable to generate enough support to win.”

In both cases, the GOP has time to find new challengers, but both will start considerably behind where they would have been had Dick Wadhams done his homework and recruited serious candidates to begin with. Which leads to the next logical question, one we think you’ll be hearing as more GOP “great hopes” either drop out or are shown to be laughably poor choices in the coming weeks: is this what Democrats are supposed to be afraid of?


8 thoughts on “So Much for Them

    1. I also think he’s highly effective.  I’ve fought with him as an ally and against him as a foe — and trust me, ally is better.

         We worked hand-in-hand to pass the Ref A, regional Ref 4A twins — which greatly aided transportation, funding, among other things, the southeast light rail line and T-Rex.

        Yes, he throws a hard punch.  But at bottom, he really loves this state and I respect him greatly.   Of course, he may never forgive me for finally abandoning the GOP after only 33 years and registering as a Democrat;-)

  1. in the Kottwitz choice, then I should send him a thank you note.

    I like to see more women running for office, but just being a woman sure isn’t enough–as Sarah Palin continues to prove every day.  Seems the only answer the R’s have to the reality  that they’re the party of old, white men is to grab the few in the party who aren’t, and shove them to the fore.  So we see,in several states, women R’s making grand old fools of themselves. Not a pretty picture.  And let’s not even mention Minnesota Michelle.        

    1. do have a problem with Beauty over substance.

      They like to point out and joke that Democratic women are not (necessarily) pleasing to the eye.

      but then again I (and other clear thinking men and some women I know) want beauty in our porn stars.

      NOT in our civic leaders.

      Grey matter, matters when selecting people for important *powerful (governmental) positions.

      The conservatives cant see the difference.

      *Dominatrices… (in powerful positions) still need to be hot.

  2. Edgar Antillon is a terrific candidate – very well spoken, intelligent and a family man – kinda the antithesis of me (LOL – kidding)

    Edgar is also Latino and represents a face of the Conservative movement that is BADLY needed – I met and worked with him many times and was very excited about his race – I’m bummed he dropped out, but I know he loves his family very dearly and perhaps work and time made things difficult – nonetheless, I hope he stays on the Party radar – he will be serving in office someday, and believe me, Colorado would be lucky to have him as an elected official – he’s very honest and he loves Colorado

    I had done a TON of campaigning in Northern Colorado – honestly, Larry Carillo, of all the County Chairs in the Colorado GOP, might be the best – if not the best, he’s definitely in the top 3

    With that said, a lot of people have flirted with HD52 and its a shame that no one is stepping up – Larry has Larimer County in great shape and the precinct captains are just waiting to work hard for someone – ultimately, I don’t blame Larry, as he has had a handful of good candidates promise to run, only to back out when the going gets tough

    After spending much time in Larimer, I found Kefalas to be stronger than I thought, but he is beatable and the Republicans there are VERY hungry – it’s too bad we can’t find candidates whose fire-in-the-belly matches that of the Central Committee of Larimer and Larry Carillo

    And if Kefalas goes unopposed, then Christmas came way too early for that lucky guy – without competition to highlight any weaknesses (especially this year) Kefalas will only grow in popularity, ultimately leading to a good run for State Senate or (gulp) even CD4 – however, he seems to work hard, so credit to his hard work – if Cory Gardner wins, I would advise him to set sights on a strong challenge from Kefalas eventually (or Reisberg)

  3. At this point, both Adams and Larimer counties have likely sent their ballots to the printers. They are required to have them back from the printer by July 9th.

    If Kottwitz and Antillon have not been replaced yet, I suspect it is probably too late to get new names on the ballot.

      1. It happens so rarely I had to go back an re-read the statutes on this one. It’s CRS 1-4-1001 and 1-4-1002 if anyone cares.

        Because these were not contested primaries, the party vacancy committee can replace Antillion and Kottwitz at any time. If their name is printed on the primary ballot does not matter. Whoever the vacancy committee picks (and they can only pick one person) will then appear on the general election ballot.

        Had there been a contested primary in either race, the remaining candidate or candidates would continue onward and no vacancy committee selection would be made.

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