Joe Barton, Meathead

We’ve written before that Republican giddiness over potential big gains in the November election won’t actually come to fruition so long as Republicans keep doing really stupid things. Like still allowing Rep. Joe Barton to speak or use a computer after last week’s “apology” to BP for the big bad federal government having the audacity to think the oil company should pay for its own oil spill.

Because as “The Washington Post” reports, Barton is a meathead:

Hours after getting a respite from House Republicans, Rep. Joe Barton (R-Tex.) has cheekily responded to criticism over his “apology to BP” by tweeting a link to an American Spectator article titled “Joe Barton was right.”

Of course, this isn’t Barton but the old “rogue staffer” who created the problem, but this is what the GOP gets for not doing more to distance itself from its ranking member on the House Energy and Commerce committee.


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  1. Go Blue says:

    I’d like to thank Republican Leader Boehner for the gift that keeps on giving:

    “Joe has done the right thing by apologizing – it’s time to move on,” Boehner told his Republican colleagues, according to multiple sources in the room.

    Yep, that’s right. The apologist did the right thing… and since you and your members agree with this apologist enough to keep him as THE ranking member on the energy committee, this issue will not go away anytime soon.

    Tone deaf.

    • GOPwarrior says:

      solves a lot of “Barton Problems”

      • parsingreality says:

        Or similar?

        Just the subsidies to these profitable, non-tax paying oil companies is a bunch.

        Then there’s the matter of maintaining The Empire’s oil supply system with the military.

        Tell the people of LA and AL and FL that they aren’t paying through the nose via economic losses.

        But, hey, righties never see the big picture.  

        • GOPwarrior says:

          We should all ride bicycles, like Mao said.

          • Gas pricing is one area where government hides the true price of oil.  If we were to ditch the subsidies, charge for all the military interventions and ship guarding duties, and present a bill for the environmental and health damages done by oil and gas, the U.S. consumer would be outraged.

            Instead we cushion the blow, allowing the country itself to absorb the damages without rectifying them, spending taxpayer dollars to enhance oil company profits while hiding the expenses…

            We as citizens largely live in a bubble, protected from the realities of the costs we are racking up and the true value of what our government does (or should) provide.

          • parsingreality says:

            Spotted a manatee cow and two pups by the water’s edge at one point.  

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