Garnett trebles Suthers

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From the SoS site, for A.G. for the dates 4/8 – 4/25 we have:

Garnett raised $34,800.

Suthers raised $11,000.

It’s small potatoes but Stan Garnett raised 3 times as many potatoes as John Suthers. And this is with Suthers as the incumbent and Garnett so new to the race I don’t think he has a campaign office or official slogan yet.

Right now money raised is the best way of measuring actual support in this race. 3:1 strikes me as a blow-out.

Why 4/8 – 4/25? because that’s when Garnett announced. He wasn’t fundraising before then.


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  1. Leonard Smalls says:

    But it doesn’t mean squat. Jane Norton raised $500,000 in her first quarter and was only in the race for a month of that quarter, much like Garnett. She did not raise $1.5 million in subsequent quarters. Garnett will probably see a similar slowing.

  2. Ralphie says:

    But there’s a lot of low-hanging fruit when you first declare.

  3. dmindgo says:

    I was curious so I looked up Suthers cash-on-hand:  $195,959.70

    So, Garnett will have to raise $200,000 or more by the end of July to be ready to campaign going into the fall?  He’ll have to increase his intake to catch up to Suthers.  

  4. allyncooper says:

    But I agree with what Ralphie says. We’ll have to look at it again in 30 days.

    Be that as it may, I did catch Garnett on TV Sunday and I was impressed with his straightforward manor and differentiating himself from Suthers on the issues.

    I sincerely hope he can make a credible race out of it, because Suthers shouldn’t get a pass. AG is a more important position than most think.  

    • VoyageurVoyageur says:

      AG is a more important position than most think.  

       In the executive branch, it’s second only to the governor in power.  It’s much to important to leave to a John C. Calhoun Nullificationist Clone.

      The only difference between John Suthers and John C. Calhoun is that Calhoun didn’t embarrass South Carolina.  

  5. The realistThe realist says:

    When you hear him speak in great detail about issues, about the race, about how he distinguishes himself from his opponent, about what the AG’s office can and should be doing, it’s difficult to believe he has been in the race less than a month.  

    He mentioned that there’s a debate scheduled between the two of them at DU Law School June 2nd, I believe.  I don’t know any details but if it’s open to the public, and perhaps televised or at least taped, could help Garnett a great deal.

  6. Say Hey Kid says:

    Stan Garnett was billed as a major fundraiser.   Yet, he is only raising at a $2000 a  day rate.  Even, if he can keep this pace up he will still end up with less than $500,000 which will not be enough to win.  

  7. A-bob says:

    Suthers has been raising funds for a while, people aren’t excited to write another check for a race like this. Look at the downturn in the Treasurer race money raising

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