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“The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good.”

–Samuel Johnson


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  1. Duke Cox says:

    Excellent quotation this morning. So true… and a far cry from the mantra of our conservative brethren…"of no benefit to me".

    This is not hard to figure out.

    • MichaelBowman says:

      A little Matthew 19:16-24 would be a good for the soul this morning: 

      Riches over God's Kingdom

      In Matthew 19:16-24 we read Jesus' conversation with a rich young man. This rich young man simply asked Jesus how he could attain eternal life. Jesus, responding according to what the Law of Moses taught, gave the man a short list of commandments God gave for us to obey. Probably proud of himself, this young man responded, "All these I have kept from my youth. What do I still lack?"

      Jesus then gave him a reply no rich man who enjoys the comforts and influence of his wealth brings:

      "If you would be perfect, go and sell what you have, and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. And come, follow Me." (see Matthew 19:21)

      We know the rest is history. The young man went away discouraged because he had great possessions. He went away because he couldn't part with his riches. With his actions, he was saying "let me do all sorts of good things, just don't take away my riches."

      His riches became the god he relied on. He'd rather have temporal riches than eternal bliss with God.


  2. MADCO says:

    comedy that isn't like, you know, funny

    today's news

    Carbon dioxide levels hit new landmark at 415 ppm, highest in human history


    • MADCO says:

      Which Democratic candidate (s) will comment?
      Which will comment intelligently?

      I know a lot of people have studied the issue, and many dismiss it as not really an existential threat. Probably not for rich people.  Everyone else is at risk.

      Here's hoping the top 20% don't get to figure out now that it's only great being the top 20$ because the other 80% do all the work to keep the modern economy alive and well.


      • MichaelBowman says:

        "The poverty of our century is unlike that of any other. It is not, as poverty was before, the result of natural scarcity, but a set of priorities imposed upon the rest of the world by the rich. Consequently, the modern poor are not pitied…but written off as trash. The twentieth-century consumer economy has produced the first culture for which a beggar is a reminder of nothing."
        ~John Berger


  3. MichaelBowman says:

    Honey, you're not being ridiculed for being a Christian, you're being ridiculed for hijacking Christianity.  

    Vice President Pence to graduates: Be prepared to be ridiculed for being Christian

    “Throughout most of American history, it's been pretty easy to call yourself Christian,” Pence said. “It didn’t even occur to people that you might be shunned or ridiculed for defending the teachings of the Bible. But things are different now.”

    Pence said the graduates will be asked not just to tolerate things that violate their faith, but to endorse them.

    • JohnInDenver says:

      Virtually ANY time Christianity (or any other religion) has called people to do something other than the majority culture endorses, they have been shunned or ridiculed. 

      Abolitionists.  Those backing women's sufferage.  Prohibitionists. Pacifists, especially those active as the drums of war grew louder from 1925 to 1939.  Civil rights advocates.  Those who serve immigrants and people claiming asylum.  Those helping the homeless.  Those who campaign against the death penalty or other extremes of our criminal justice system.

      And now, any variety of Evangelical who adopts part of the agenda of the Christian dominion movement.  Pence is well positioned to profit from perceived persecution.

  4. Pseudonymous says:

    Universal health care.  Free at the point of service.  That means in rural areas, too.

    ‘Who’s going to take care of these people?’ – As emergencies rise across rural America, a hospital fights for its life

    In the past decade, emergency room visits to America’s more than 2,000 rural hospitals increased by more than 60 percent, even as those hospitals began to collapse under doctor shortages and historically low operating margins. Hospitals like Fairfax Community treat patients that are on average six years older and 40 percent poorer than those in urban hospitals, which means rural hospitals have suffered disproportionately from government cuts to Medicaid and Medicare reimbursement rates. They also treat a higher percentage of uninsured patients, resulting in unpaid bills and rising debts. A record 46 percent of rural hospitals lost money last year. More than 400 are classified by health officials as being at “high risk of imminent failure.” Hundreds more have cut services or turned over control to outside ownership groups in an attempt to stave off closure.

  5. Genghis says:

    Who would have guessed that the GoFundMe effort to build a section of border wall on private property might turn out to be fraudulent bullshit? Sure, the guy in charge has a history of online thievery, but hey, he's a triple amputee combat veteran, so totally legit.

    To paraphrase LBJ, give a white scumbag someone to look down upon and you won't even have to pick his pocket; he'll give up the cash willingly.

  6. Davie says:

    Looks like the Denver Mayoral Race is getting interesting.  Jamie Giellis has gotten the endorsement of both Penfield Tate and Lisa Calderon.


    They will join together as leaders to #UNITEDENVER

    Denver, CO– Lisa Calderón and Penfield Tate will join Jamie Giellis on a unity ticket for Denver Mayor against incumbent Michael Hancock on Tuesday, May 14.

    What: Rally for Unity and Change event

    When: Tuesday, May 14, 2019 at 10:30 AM

    Where: Steps of the Denver City & County Building at 1437 Bannock Street

    If their followers join together as well, that represents almost 60% of the vote.  I wonder if the settled races (like Stacy Gilmore and Chris Herndon) will suppress Hancock's turnout?

  7. MichaelBowman says:

    This industry has mastered the art of privatizing profits and socializing costs.  Are you listening, Barb?

    Study: U.S. Fossil Fuel Subsidies Exceed Pentagon Spending

    The United States has spent more subsidizing fossil fuels in recent years than it has on defense spending, according to a new report from the International Monetary Fund. 

    The IMF found that direct and indirect subsidies for coal, oil and gas in the U.S. reached $649 billion in 2015. Pentagon spending that same year was $599 billion.

  8. MichaelBowman says:

    We called it, V.  More free stuff on the way!! 

    You rugged boot-strappers are making Reagan's mythical welfare Cadillac crowd look like young girls running a street-corner lemonade stand. 

    Trump Seeks New $15 Billion Subsidy To Protect Farmers From His Own Trade War

    Trump revealed the subsidy figure in a tweet Friday. He suggested the government use the funds to buy agricultural products to ship to other nations for humanitarian aid, though setting up such a system would be extremely complicated. In his most recent budget proposal, Trump proposed eliminating three food aid programs, Politico noted.


    • MADCO says:

      It's not enough.
      What's the typical ratio between the public number and the off book or less than public number?

      • MichaelBowman says:

        That's the irony of it all. This $15bb, on top of the last $12bb, doesn't make a dent in the immediate losses and chaos *rump policies have thrust upon corn and soybean farmers – let alone the long-term damage of a market that was 30 years in the making. 

        • Davie says:

          Just wait'll he declares bankruptcy to clear the national debt.  That'll show the world what a genius businessman he is!

          • RepealAndReplace says:

            Davie, that has crossed my mind. There is chapter in the bankruptcy code for state and local governments to through bankruptcy but nothing about the federal. Yet…..

            • The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned.

              I would suggest that Trump might have a hard time selling a Federal bankruptcy.

    • RepealAndReplace says:

      I just watched this idiot farmer from Ohio being interviewed by Don Lemon. He proudly voted for Drumpf last time but he is hurting because of the tariffs. He's uncertain for whom he will vote next year but he was impressed with other stuff Drumpf did.

    • The realist says:

      And just think – the incompetent #TrumpsterFire is just getting warmed up! Imagine the possibilities of what might come next.

    • JohnInDenver says:

      re: Policy building by tweet.  Buying products in the US for shipment to "other countries" as humanitarian aid.

      1.  How much aid will he want to send to countries that, you know, actually need it versus those teetering on the brink of doing something great for the Trump family?  Will the aid go to countries our allies are currently bombing?

      2.  Anyone here think Congress will support such aid?  Congressional Research Service estimated all foreign aid was about $49 billion, and humanitarian aid was about 14% of that, or a little under $7 billion.

      3.  Any guess how much logistics capacity it would take to move $15 billion in soybeans and other tariff-blocked crops?  Any chance that nations needing humanitarian aid have the capacity to accept the aid?

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