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May 07, 2019 11:15 AM UTC

Every Freak In The GOP Freakshow Gets Ready To Rally

  • by: Colorado Pols

Joey Bunch at the Phil Anschutz-owned Colorado Springs Gazette obligingly helps publicize a big-ish upcoming event for Colorado conservatives, rallies this Friday across the state to express displeasure over the full range of legislation passed by majority Democrats this year:

Organizers contend that legislators are making it more expensive to live in Colorado, while making people rely on the government and driving companies from the state.

“Hardworking, every day folks seldom ‘do’ rallies,” Kim Monson, leader of the Stand For Colorado team, said in a statement. “May 10th, Coloradans will come together to send a message to the out-of-control politicians and bureaucrats that we are watching, we care and we are concerned about the future of our state.”

The rallies are organized by long-running local right wing talk radio hosts known as the Americhicks, who host a morning show on the B-list (even by AM radio standards) AM560 KLZ. But the list of speakers for Friday’s rallies run the gamut of conservative conspiracy theorizing:

  1. Pastor Christine Uwizera-Coleman—Survivor of the Rwandan Genocide. Invocation.
  2. Don Wilson—Mayor of Monument-National Popular Vote, SB19-042
  3. Barbara Kirkmeyer—Weld County Commissioner-Oil and Gas Law, SP19-181
  4. Sheriff Steve Reams—Weld County Sheriff, The Red Flag Law, HB19-1177
  5. Giuliana Day—Concerned Citizen-Organizer Against the Hypersexualization of Our Children Law, HB19-1032.  Let kids be kids!
  6.  Amy Oliver Cooke—Executive Vice-President, Independence Institute-Energy-The Assault on Affordable, Efficient & Reliable Energy.
  7. Heather Lahdenpera—Concerned Mother-Forced Vaccinations of Our Children, HB19-1312
  8. Sue Sharkey—Chair, CU Board of Regents-Higher Education in Colorado
  9.  Natalie Menten—RTD Board Director-Assault on TABOR, the Taxpayers Bill of Rights
  10.  Heidi Ganahl—CU Regent, Free Speech on Campus
  11.  Brita Horn—Former Elected County Treasurer, Raid by Colorado of Personal Uncollected Funds
  12.  Tina Francone—Former Jefferson County Commissioner & Former RTD Board Director, Air Quality Rules, Regulations & Laws
  13. Susan Kochevar—Entrepreneur and Owner of the Historic 88 Drive In Theater-Forced Minimum Wage and Unfriendly Laws, Rules & Regulations
  14. Deb Flora—Salem Media Group-Parental Rights
  15.  Jan Cook—Co-Founder, Get Er Done Right Colorado, Forced Voter Registration, SB19-235
  16. Patti Kurgan—Former Member-Pay Equity Commission, FAMLI Leave Bill, SB19-188
  17. Kim Gilmartin— Charter School Parent
  18. Helen Raleigh— Author & Speaker, Immigration
  19. Carol Baker—Pharmacist, Prescription Drugs
  20. Kim Monson—Radio Show Host of The Americhicks with Kim Monson, Transportation
  21. Lesley Hollywood—Founder and Executive Director, Rally for Our Rights, Red Flag Law
  22. Grady Birdsong—Marine Vietnam Veteran, Author, Coopers Troopers, Veterans Issues

That looks like everybody! From “red flag” misinformation to “forced voter registration” to “hypersexualization of our children” to the “forced vaccinations,” Friday’s rallies should feature every part of the crazypants coalition aligned against Colorado Democrats who had the temerity to win an election six months ago and then legislate accordingly. Now, you may rightly wonder why people who might someday want to be considered serious contenders for higher office–here’s looking at you, Heidi Ganahl–would jump on the hypersexualized forced-vaccination crazy train?

The answer is simple: this is the Republican coalition now. And to the radicalized conservative grassroots, these disparate issues all run together in a low-information vortex of fear and loathing. The lesson of these rallies is that there’s no point in trying to compartmentalize the motivations of organizers of a possible recall against freshman Rep. Rochelle Galindo, hateful vs. “legitimate,” when conservatives make no attempt at such distinctions among themselves.

The fringe and the “mainstream” of the GOP share the stage. Let’s stop pretending they don’t.


17 thoughts on “Every Freak In The GOP Freakshow Gets Ready To Rally

  1. I hesitate to get in a high-falutin' legal argument with any organization called "Get Er Done Right Colorado," but if SB 235 allows people to:


    Is it really forced voter registration?

  2. I appreciate the new messaging strategy to put FORCED in front of every law. Yeah, its a law…

    On the way to town after being FORCED to stop at the intersection, I found myself FORCED to brake–again!–for the small children going to their FORCED schooling FORCED to cross the street on the Cross-Walk, like little conforming collectivists!  


    1. Too bad they didn’t have the FORCEsight to do this last Saturday . . . 

      . . . people who like to dress up as wookies hardly need an excuse to show up for just about any stupid event.

  3. Well, that’s one way to ensure you get twenty people to your nutter soirée . . . 

    . . . put twenty-two of ‘em on the dais.

    (Fuxsakes, didn’t we just release a flock of village idiot carrier pigeons to return home from Sin City last Friday???) 

  4. What, Dr. Chaps and his Medicine Show were unavailable for a booking?

    They did leave out a handful of the biggest freaks in the Big Tent GOP. Someone above already mentioned Laura Waters Woods. What about that nasty woman from Swink? Terry Maketa? George Brauchler? 

    Here are some names from yesterday but they are probably still preaching the same sermon:  Charlie Duke, any member of Tebedo family, Jim Welker, Kevin Lundberg, John Andrews, Dan Maes, Daryl Glenn…….

    An embarrassment of riches.

    1. Wasn't she appointed to finish someone's term, ran for her own, and lost to Leslie? Her husband ran for Justin Everett's House seat and lost the primary to Colin Larson who is something of RINO when it comes to LGBTQ issues.

  5. We seem to be missing a cake shop owner.  And shouldn't there be at least one Neville involved?

    Good thing they have lots of different locations — tough to get all of this into one rally from 4:15 to 5:30.  Should you want to participate or urge friends to show up and take pictures,  Concurrent “STAND FOR COLORADO” Rallies will occur:

    • Denver: We will meet on the West Steps of the Capitol.
    • Grand Junction: We will meet at the Old Court House (544 Road Avenue)
    • Gunnison: I.O.O.F. Park (Corner of Virginia and Main Street)
    • Alamosa: Market Street and Highway 160
    • Woodland Park—US Highway 25 and Colorado 67
    • Montrose—Demoret Park at Main and Townsend

    Anyone else find it interesting there is no rally in Colorado Springs, Greeley, or anywhere east of the Front Range?

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