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May 06, 2019 06:15 AM MDT

Caldara, Gessler Rake In Recall Polis Cash

  • by: Colorado Pols

Here’s a look at the latest report of contributions and expenditures for the Official Recall Colorado Governor Jared Polis committee, as filed with the Secretary of State:

As you can see, committee has raised somewhere a little north of $20,000 so far, which is consistent with the total shown raised via the Independence Institute’s “Freedomfy” online fundraising website. As we’ve explained previously, the Independence Institute skims a 6% flat percentage cut off the top of all donations made through their platform, plus a 30 cent per-transaction fee–more than double the fees charged by GoFundMe which the campaign used before migrating to Freeedomfy. As of today, that means the $23,720 the committee has raised so far has netted $1423 in percentage fees plus $162.60 in transaction fees from 542 donors for the Independence Institute.

But looking at the expenditures from this period, Jon Caldara’s cut is just one piece of the action:

That’s right, folks! As of the latest expenditure report filed with the Secretary of State, the #1 expenditure of the Official Recall Colorado Governor Jared Polis committee is $3,000 to former Secretary of State Scott Gessler for legal fees. We wrote last month how the co-opting of this campaign by Caldara and Gessler represented a major shift in the focus of what is universally agreed to be an extreme longshot effort due to the unprecedented requirement to gather over 600,000 valid voter signatures–from a grassroots effort, at least nominally intended to actually go through with a recall, into a campaign primarily interested in grifting money off “low-information” conservatives riled up about unified Democratic control of state government.

Caldara’s growing skim and Gessler cashing the largest check written so far…doesn’t prove us wrong.


14 thoughts on “Caldara, Gessler Rake In Recall Polis Cash

  1. Ladies and gentlemen, the Official Recall Colorado Governor Jared Polis Committee, a de facto adjunct of the Colorado GOP!

    Unofficial motto: Proper spelling is for cucks.

    Official motto: Take the money.

  2. Hey dumbfucks, they can't start gathering signatures until Polis has been in office for six months. So there's nothing to spend money on yet.

    There will be soon though and you'll be eating your words.

    1. He says to a literal picture of the campaign spending money on Scott Gessler. That's not cash saved away for the recalls in a little pile kept at their firm mate, that's money being paid to the firm for "consulting services."

      And what little they are saving is going to be spent falsifying signatures, as the Republicans have done in every election in the past decade.

    2. There will be soon though and you'll be eating your words.

      Moderatus, is that a prediction? I ask because you are legendarily terrible at predictions, so much so that you predicting X is a virtual guarantee that ~X will occur.

    3. Hey, Berniece, it's the "fuck off sore loser" guy! 

      Tell me, Fluffy, which one of us you figured didn't know that and what the hell does it have to do with…well, anything?


    4. Poddy – which faction of the recallers are you rooting for? The Original Recall Colorado Governor Jared Polis Faction, or the ResistPolis Faction?

      The ORCGJP is a little crazier but has Greezy Gessler and I2I on board to smear Tom Good of Resst Polis. So I'm guessing that you're down with ORCGJP.

      They're all just making money off the recalls, and nobody has a chance in hell of recalling Polis. But there's plenty of cash to be made fleecing gullible rubes like you! Good times!

    5. Poddy, poddy, poddy – did you get a special dispensation from #WhiteRepublicanJesus to talk trash?   Your time stamp suggests you are posting this during working hours. Are you doing this from a government asset or from a bathroom stall on one of your breaks?

  3. $3,000 is chump change. The Nevilles paid Gessler ~ $16,000 for "consulting and professional fees". It's on the April 15, 2019 filing of one of the many Neville PACs:  "Values First Colorado", which reported contributions of $183,146.34 just for this quarter.  VFC's next filing is due July 15, 2019, so I guess we'll see how much Gessler has collected by then.

    They’ll keep Gessler busy with red-on-red infighting; the I2I/ Recall Colorado / Official Recall Polis faction is trying to clear the competition (the ResistPolis faction) by spreading a 2016 police report about the ResistPolis founder, Thomas Good. Popcorn for everyone!!

    Values First Colorado is also bankrolling Recall Colorado, one of the organizations seeking to recall Rochelle Galindo and other legislators. 

    Other issue committees and pots of money for the Nevilles to launder money, and we're talking millions of dollars:

    Colorado Liberty PAC

    Citizens for Secure Borders

    Western Liberty PAC

    Rearden Strategic, LLC

    Some entity is paying the petition gathering organization, Constitutional Campaigns. Colleen Dane, originally from Miami, now living in Denver, is the  agent for the recall's paid signature gatherers.

  4. Notice the Signarama payment. Assume this the same Signarama that Cory visited this week for his walking tour? Guess making signs for the GOP earns you a visit from the Senator. Wonder who else is profiting from the recall is also getting a special visit? 

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