In candidates’ own words…WaPo’s take on MB-AR fight

The AR – MB catfight has gotten nasty enough to catch the eye of the national media. The WaPo’s Dan Balz offers his thoughts on the race in a column out today.…

The column is pretty basic with its once-insider-now-outsider take on Romanof. But the candidate quotes Balz got are telling – and sum up very succinctly what the candidate view they are fighting about:

Bennett referring to Romanoff:

“in one of the most insider positions a person can hold is all of a sudden an outsider, versus an incumbent who’s not even been in office a year and a half with no prior political experience.”

Romanoff  referring to Bennet

“The national party made no secret of their distaste for this exercise in democracy….They were pretty clear they would support the incumbent…”

Not much policy difference here, but plenty of hurt ego.

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  1. denverco says:

    sums it up nicely – Romanoff is running because he felt he was entitled to the seat and wasn’t chosen. It is this very sense of entitlement that has completely turned me off on Romanoff.

    I have been very active in the Democratic party for years in Colorado and have known many volunteers and elected officials that worked endlessly for advancing the Democratic Party and progressive causes. None of these people showed the arrogance that Romanoff has showen. Yes, he has done much for the party, yet behaves like a whiny little brat when not chosen for what he felt was HIS Senate seat.

    Bennet has done an outstanding job in his less than one year as senator. If Romanoff has such a big ego and sense of entitlement, what could we expect him to accomplish in the US Senate – voting no on health care reform, perhaps because the bill did not live up to his so called perfect standards? How would Colorado benefit from that?

  2. Barron X says:


    If he could just have his own representative in the Senate, it might help get more of the progressive agenda through.  

    Why does Colorado need another Senator ?  We already have old what’s-his-name, doing who-knows-what on behalf of we-don’t-know-who.  

    Why be selfish and demand TWO Senators to represent us, when the one we already have doesn’t appear to be doing anything for our benefit ?

    2 X Zero = Zero.

    If it doesn’t pan out, turning one of our Senate seats over to the White House, we can always ask for it back in 6 years.  

    How could not being represented in one of two houses of the national legislature possibly hurt us ?  What’s the worst that could happen ?  Toxic waste dumps ?  Folks at Love Canal got juicy settlements, and didn’t need any health care.  Think of the jobs if they moved Yucca Mountain to Fremont County.  


    • Steve Harvey says:

      about your degree of interest in this Democratic primary, and your commitment to repeating the same narrative in multiple threads, attempting to persuade people of a dubious analysis.

      You insist that having a senator who works with the president is against the interests of Colorado. In the real world, where some of us reside, having a senator who has the president’s ear would be considered a coup for Colorado.

      The president of the United States isn’t our enemy (and by “our”, I mean the people of the United States in general, and the Democrats who will be voting in the upcoming Democratic primary in particular). We aren’t looking for a senator who prefers, like your fellow extremists in your closest major party (I know you don’t call yourself a Republican), to be an obstructionist, opposing the President’s agenda as this country attempts to become a progressive nation again, and not, increasingly, a relic unwilling to follow Jefferson’s admonition that we must change with changing times.

      So, given that your agenda is the opposite of that of the Democratic Party, and that you are adamant that we should choose Romanoff over Bennet, I’d say that any Democrat reading your suggestion would be wise to hear in it an implicit endorsement of Bennet, from a Democrat’s perspective.

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